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 Chapter 4: Into the Wild

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Chapter 4: Into the Wild Empty
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Captian’s Log
Beatrice Pillan
Date: Summer 15th day, year 1590
The sun sets and I can see the Port burn. A false dawn that marks the end of hundreds of lives. Among those dead is the man that I once served under and whose blood is on my hands, Hideki Kurosama.
What I have just experience over these past few days reminds me of the war…. And what I have done in the name of the Monarchy. We had no idea the power of the Kobold Army when the war first started. Their ships were more advanced in the early days. We had to out sail and out maneuver the enemy but it didn’t work. Our warships just couldn’t pull it off. We were working on building new warships that could match them for strength but we would have to hold the enemy off for three months. The war seemed lost…
It was then some of us realized that if you can’t beat the enemy on their terms then we were going to have to change the terms. We started to ambush the enemy, attacked supply lines, anything we could do the knock the enemy of balance we did it. But some of us took our tactics too far.
Sgt. Kurosama was our unit leader. We had made a small port on Kai our base of operations. Our job was simple; divert the enemy assault on the southern front. Unfortunately, we also had to deal with the locals…. The Ogres of Kai hated that the Gnome military began to take advantage of their optimal geographical position and lack of government.
Sadly, the gnome government demanded that we complete our mission by any means. Sgt. Kurosama took that order to heart. I can no longer see the fires of port Shingen and fatigue is forcing me to rest.

Date: Summer 16th day, year 1590
I’ve had the nightmare again… The events on Kai have reminded me of the crimes that I have committed. The same dream over and over. The enemy is using the community on the shore line to prevent us from firing. The captain commands us to fire. We hesitate. The Sgt. Knocks me out of the way and takes the flint from my hands. He lights the first cannon and the ball strikes the enemy.
I watch as my sister helps me up and we and the other firing teams begin our volley. We hit the enemy but many of our shots impact into the village. The enemy returns fire but because of our surprise assault their crew is in disarray. They floundered and surrender as one of our shots hits their mast. The day is ours but as cost the lives of civilians. We still rejoice but our celebrations are cut short.
The captain commands to continue the volley until the enemy is sunk. I protest saying that the enemy is taking water and will be downed shortly. I explain the rules of war and plead for the lives of civilians. I am silenced by a strike to the head. I awake to the sounds of canons and see my Sister and crewmates bombard the enemy ship and village behind it with hot iron.
I spent the day performing my duties and training the refugees basic seamanship. Today at Breakfast Penny told me that I drink too much. I find it amusing considering if it weren’t for the alcohol I would not have made it these past days.

Date: Summer 23rd day, year 1590
We have finally arrived on Violet Isle. We are letting off the refugees so they can make their way to Ao Kawamura. I’ve sent Penny, Griffen, Cassie, Kaho, and Orphee to escort them and ensure that they survive. I have felt better over these past days.
Thank the gods that we have made our way from Kai. I can smell the calm seas of Oshu. I forgot how peaceful the Ruby Isles could be. They are some of the few communities composed mostly of humans. In the meantime while I wait for Penny and the others I will try to get more familiar with the Hound’s Tooth. She is bigger than my former ship and will require some getting used to.


Logbook of Rai Valotau
Entry 1:
These Leonin are too easily impressed. Then again the poor bastards haven’t invented hover sails let alone lava tubes. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I show them what one does; that they would naturally want to know how to make more.
The one they called Tessitore seemed awfully impressed with my demonstration. I went from a prison cell to a room in the royal grounds within a day. He explained that his nation faces threats from all sides and that I will share my knowledge freely or suffer and have it taken from me. I found his lack of scientific curiosity disturbing but his resources appealing. I agreed to share my knowledge for comfortable living and freedom once the work was completed.
He has now set me up with a lab on an Island to the north. I have a support staff of 6 leonin and 12 catfolk. I must admit the caste system that these people have suits me fine. It is similar to the Izzet authority of scientists but lacks a certain fear of punishment for failure.
My search for the item must wait until I complete the construction of 10,000 lava tubes. An easy task for an Izzet lab but these backward creatures lack any technology worth the designation. I am forced to build the machines required for the process by hand. Which leaves me time to read about these new world. The Oka Region…………….home to one of the most powerful items in the multiverse and only I know it.
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Chapter 4: Into the Wild
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