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 Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu

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Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu    Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu  EmptySun Jun 02, 2013 12:05 am

07.03.2013The fort of Rock Ridge stood like a broken sentinel on the edge of the mountain.  Its life blood composed of brick and mortar spilling cross the mountain side in an avalanche of masonry.  The epicenter of this wound was a spell from the bard druid Cassiopeia.  A nature spell meant to merely call upon the plant life of the mountain to entangle her foes had been amplified to mythical proportions by the strange leyline energies that hung heavy in the air around them.  The spell had served its purpose of restricting the movement of the monstrous human that had attacked the party.

The creatures limp corpse flee to the ground the remnants of the monster’s horde of hellish dogs dismissing themselves.  Their bodies blowing way in clouds of ash.

“Ugly bastard,” stated Gabbarro plainly; his rhino like features and tall stature casting a stoic shadow over the mountain terrain. “Why would he attack us without provocation?”

“He seems determined to just kill us. He didn’t demand money or women like most bandits will do.” Replied Watcher, the gnoll ranger and companion to Gabbarro. “He must have been a mad mountain hermit.”

“Well I’m just glad the fish wife didn’t collapse the whole damn fort with that spell!” Exclaimed Robert Tweed.  His barbarian ranger disposition reveled in his patchwork dress and by the crab claw that that stood in place of his left hand.  Tweed was propped up on a stone protrusion of the mountain built into the ruined fort.  After his exclamation, Tweed reached down on and touched his right leg or rather the stump that had been his right leg.

“You really think I meant to cause all this then you lost more blood than I thought!” Cassi retorted defensively. “Besides you’re just grumpy cause you were dumb enough to fight a Baloth and lose.”

“WELL, it’s not like he was much help during the battle. We had to carry him up the mountain for gods sake.” Remarked Griffin with a snide tone. “At least we could use him as the stake in our next game of horseshoes.”

“Seriously! Enough already. My ship has been destroyed, I’ve been attacked by dogs, and I’m now officially out of RUM!!!” Expelled Beatrice, the red headed captain of The Father’s Bones has she cast aside an empty flask and holstered her pistol. Kicking aside some rubble has she exited the ruin fort she continued her tantrum, “The man paid the price of his errors by losing a leg. I just hope we can pay for a healer to fix him up. Otherwise, he’ll be a huge pain in the ass!”

“Oh come on Cap! There is no need to get grumpy just because you’ve run out of drink. Though that is sad….” Interjected Penny. Glancing over the cliff edge the young swashbuckler pushed a rock into the chasm. “It’s a lllooong way down that way. Also the main road is now FULL of rubble; So I guess it’s back the way we came?”

“I don’t think we should, Ryumusha Oda and his men just wiped out Port Takada.  If we go back we will just have to deal with pirates along with that Baloth, which mind you has our scent.” Remarked Typhus. Placing his bow on his back Typhus moved toward the officer cabin of the fort. “I’m going to check for a trail map. Maybe we can find another path to Port Shingen.”

“Good I’ll go with you.” Chirped Orphee as she bounded after Typhus, her new love. Her hair blow softly in the mountain wind. Her deft steps over the rubble proving her former nature as a thief for the dreaded Blood Vipers.

With ghost like movement Marvin the quiet enigmatic healer emerged from a hiding place deep within the fort. In a voice smaller than a whisper he stated, “Does anyone hear that noise?”

 Suddenly the sound of drums crept across the valley like a cold winter wind. Striking the fort with storm like intensity that rattled the bones of crew.

“War drums!” Watcher exclaimed. “That wasn’t some Mountain Hermit randomly deciding to attack us. It was a scout for a war party.”

“Shit! We need to move. His friends will be around anytime now.” Commented Beatrice as she walked over the mountain terrain. “TYPHUS, GET OUT HERE!”

With that Typhus ad Orphee emerged from the officer cabin with maps in hand. “Boss we have a map! And with luck we’ll have a route to Port Shingen.”

“Give me the damn map! I’ll find us a route through these mountains.” Demanded Tweed hobbling toward Typhus using a tree branch has a makeshift crutch.

“You should calm down Tweed. You’ll make your injuries worse.” Assured Kazuo, the light hearted Kusawa with uncharacteristic gravity. “Typhus, may I see the maps.”

Typhus placed the trail map in Kazuo’s hand with a reassuring nod. Kazuo’s face wrinkled with thought as he ran his hands across the map tracing the routes with his finger. After a few moments his face relaxed. “That seems reasonable,” Stated Kazuo in a resolute tone.

“What seems reasonable Kazuo?” Questioned Penny as she moved quickly to Kazuo’s side.

“There is a route back to Port Takada that exits at least 2 miles away from that Baloth nest. I can take that path and then round about to avoid to the port.” Kazuo explained, “If that is a war party scout then it means that they’re all over the mountain range. I can’t let the refugees that are fleeing Takada Port fall prey to these bastards.  I have a duty to Chisei to protect my fellow travelers and I know you all will be fine.”

“You mean you’re leaving us!” Penny cried in sorrowful tones. Her eyes welling up with tears she continued, “You can’t leave; not after all that we have been through.”

“I must Penny. Those refugees have no one to warn them against these monsters.  They’ll be slaughtered if I don’t go.” Kazuo reassured.

“I’ll go with you.” squeaked Marvin, “There might be injured or sick refugees and I have a dedication to my order to help as well.”

“Either way we all need to move!” Demanded Beatrice, has she snatched the map from Kazuo. “I will admit Kazuo, you were a fine drinking buddy and I think you are awfully noble to go but I have my crew to take care of…”

“Kazuo, gets it captain. You don’t need to make a big scene like he’s gonna die or something.” Chirped Penny.

“Well no time like the present.” Kazuo stated with a smile. “Marvin, let’s go.” Glancing at the rest of the party Kazuo smiled heartily. “May Chisei watch over the paths you take and may it not be too long before our paths cross again.”

With that Kazuo Dimension Doored down the mountain taking Marvin with him. The party began to assemble themselves under the oppressive sound of those dreadful drums. Finding enough trail rations and water for each of the party members for three days, a trail map, and two sets of climbing gear the party was ready to head out……..
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Posts : 31
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Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu    Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu  EmptyTue Jul 02, 2013 5:09 pm

Character update:
 As I explained earlier, I am allowing moderate retooling of characters due to these characters now being long-running campaign characters. The following requirements are now in position.
1: Character level 9 (Two levels higher than before)
2: 6500gp (If you wish to redo your equipment)
3: no evil characters
4: Useful on a boat (We will be getting back to the water)
5: Everyone has three days water and food
6: Gabarro has the climber’s equipment
7: Any other camping equipment from the Player's handbook you can have for free.
8: Remember you only have your equipment that you left the ship with last game.
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Chapter 3: The Rise of Hidetsugu
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