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 Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard the Father's Bones

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard the Father's Bones   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:27 pm

Dear Applicant,

The Blackwater shipping company is the largest human owned shipping in Oka Regional waters. It has become this way through a careful and due diligence. We are known for our timely service and low prices. It is with these goals in mind that I believe that you are ideal for our organization.
The qualities that you bring to the table I believe are key to seeing the Blackwater Company into the future. So with this in mind I would like you to report to my offices on Opal Island at Pearl Heart Port on the 5th day of next month. This meeting is so I my meet you in person a ritual that I must insist on and so I may give you your ship assignment. I look forward to our meeting and wish you best of luck in your travels to our offices.
With sincerity,
Daniel Blackwater

Character creation rules:
Level: 7
Money: 6,500gp
No Evil Characters!
Remember you want to be useful on a boat.
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Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard the Father's Bones
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