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 Chapter 2: The Audition

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Chapter 2: The Audition Empty
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Voyage 2: The Audition

West of Kai lies Butterfly Isle, home of the Blood Vipers.
A hub of illegal trade and dock for hundreds of pirates, Butterfly Isle is an open secret to everyone in the Oka Region. However, not everyone can be a smuggler or a pirate and the inhabitants of Butterfly Isle know this. Under the rule of Lady No, Butterfly Island has managed to create a thriving port city. Brothels, pawnshops, Inns, and bars are plentiful but the further you get from the docks the more and more Butterfly Isle looks like a real city.

It is because of this that Lady No has become somewhat of a governess. She manages the cities problems and collects rents from the tenants of her city. While her methods of enforcing public order resemble gangland violence her results have ushered in a somewhat stable life for her citizens. It is because of Butterfly Isles relative stability but lax laws that make it ideal for all sorts of activities…

However, one of the most exciting of the activities that occur on Butterfly Isle is Common’s Week! Nowhere in the whole of the Oka is there a greater party. An entire week of revelry and excitement rages day and night without stopping. Feasts, Music, and every other form of entertainment is expected when Lady No and the Blood Vipers are the host.

You are all attending the celebrations on Butterfly Isle. More specifically you all are celebrating in the Spider’s Nest, Lady No’s private club. You all have managed to enter this palace of the Blood Vipers through a mutual connection, women you know only as the Night’s Flower. You know that you are her to meet the Flower and from there you will be offered an opportunity…….

Character Limits:
Any Non-Good
You will likely be comfortable with navigating the criminal underbelly of Society.
Character Level 14
Wealth: 44000gp

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Chapter 2: The Audition
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