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 Oka Region Deities and Cleric Information

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PostSubject: Oka Region Deities and Cleric Information   Oka Region Deities and Cleric Information EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 12:57 am

Oka Region Pantheon


Known As: The Creator of All, The Eternal Balancer,

Description: Before the material world, the lands of Oka, or even the gods; there was Iname! Residing in a realm without form, Iname was all things. For Eons, Iname contemplated the oneness with himself but soon Iname grew bored and lonely. Endlessly Iname contemplated ways to end his boredom and loneliness, his mind began to ache. Soon through Iname’s pain the answer came. Iname realized that in the oneness of his form caused the state of the realm to become stagnant. With this realization, Iname began to divide his essence. First, Iname created Jiwari and Chisei, Then came Sakkio and Horobi, next came Shimatsu and Uyo, and finally Iname created Terashi and Seizan. With these acts Iname created the Material world but with this came the concept of Duality. Realizing that the creation of the material world created a series of scales that Iname would be forever responsible in balancing, Iname realized that he would never grow bored or lonely ever again. (Player’s note: Iname is genderless. I only use male pronouns in order to simplify.)

Dogma: Followers of Iname are known as keepers of Balance. Patient and calm, Followers of Iname work to balance the scales of the universe. Never wishing to value one aspect of the universe over the others followers of Iname often value two opposite aspects of the universe and work to maintain the balance of the those two aspects.

Alignment: True Neutral

Favored Weapon: Quaterstaff

Domains: Any two domains can be chosen but the Domains must be opposites, in order to maintain the balance of the universe.


Known As: The Earth Aflame, The Bearer of the World, Metal Giver

Description: The First of Iname’s children Jiwari became the lands, fires, and metals of the world. Dedicated to his father, Jiwari promised to bear the weight of all of Iname’s creation on his back. Sharing in his father’s understanding of the importance of the balance of the realm, Jiwari holds all of the weight of all the gods and material world. However, Jiwari bears much and his skin cracks and his body shakes with the weight of all of creation. At the cracks, Jiwari’s blood runs cross his back burning and scorching only to cool and become a part of his form once again. For all his suffering, Jiwari is still happy to bear the weight of the world. Strong and wise, Jiwari was pleased to feel mortals to roam across his back. Realizing that mortals may need to defend and warm themselves Jiwari taught mortals to explore his caverns in order to find his gifts of jewels, metals, and how to use them. Along with these gifts Jiwari also gave mortals the precious gift Fire. In exchange, Jiwari demands that mortals accept his judgment in when he must cleanses his back of life through fire and earthquake, the heaviest burden that Jiwari bears for Iname.

Dogma: Followers of Jiwari focus on honoring Jiwari’s ancient promise. Valuing the homestead and crafting, Jiwari followers are often artisans, house builders, and metal workers. Jiwari worshipers hold the home as a sacred place and as such vandalism, burglary or any other violation of the home is considered profane. Followers of Jiwari understand though that through the passage of time, Jiwari must cleanse the world of their work.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Domains: Earth, Fire, Family, Craft, Metal


Known As: Mistress of Tide and Wind, Patron of Travelers, Lady Luck

Description: Chisei was second to be created by Iname. Shapeless like Iname, Chisei delights in her lack of form. Chisei hates the confines of her brother Jiwari. Chisei has a reputation of being mischievous, playing tricks on her sibling and Iname for her amusement her delights in a good hearted gag. She also wields power over the powers of fortune and the indefinable. Constantly trying to escape from her brother, she flows and flies only to become trapped in her brother’s clutches. Through this dance Chisei creates the winds and tides. Chisei also sympathies with others that wish to leave their homes and travel across her brother’s back with her. Though the sadly, she recognizes that some mortals wish to end their journey before she completes hers, which is never. Chisei also grows frustrated with travelers that don’t pay homage to her and through her tantrums, storms are born. Chisei’s gifts to mortals were allowing mortals to travel through and on her form, along with the bounty of creatures that swim through her.

Dogma: Followers of Chisei are often travelers and sailors. Clerics of Chisei are often seen travelling. Focused on protecting fellow travelers, clerics of Chisei use their abilities to aid travelers on their journey. However, clerics of Chisei that encounter people that scorn or defile shrines or temples to Chisei are quick to punish with the powers of tide and wind. Most of all rogues venerate Chisei because of her control of the Domain of fortune.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Domains: Water, Air, Travel, Luck, Trickery


Known As: Life bringer, Lover of All Life, Queen of Harvests

Description: The third child of Iname was granted the love of all life, along with the power to create life. Unlike previous deities, Sakkio has form, often depicted has a beautiful woman donned in a robe covered in images of fauna that dance and move across it. Sakkio also wears a crown made of plant life that coils throughout her hair that shifts between the colors of green, brown, red, and white. Upon her creation, when Sakkio saw that both her siblings Jiwari and Chisei were lonely, she realized her purpose immediately. Taking slivers from her siblings' bodies, Sakkio began to shape them into the various plants, animals, and mortals of Oka. Constantly creating, Sakkio loves each of her children but understands that her children compete with each other for her affection; upon realizing this Sakkio chooses to give her children to advantages of armor, tooth, and nail. Sakkio’s gifts to the material world besides giving shape to all life are the gifts of farming and cooking.

Dogma: The clerics and druids of Sakkio have one purpose: to venerate all forms of life and to protect that life. However, servants of Sakkio do not have to be vegetarians, after all animals in the wild eat other animals. It does mean that Servants of Sakkio only eat what they need and do not hunt or kill for sport; furthermore they attempt to protect life from those who do not value it. Other worshipers of Sakkio are farmers that pay homage in return for crops or cooks that hope their dishes will please their guests.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Domains: Plant, Animal, Protection


Known As: The Cursed, The Knowledge Spark, The Lady of the Moon

Description: The fourth child of Iname is Uyo, The Cursed. Knowledgeable on every subject Uyo circled her brother Jiwari observing all that she could. She witnessed the power that her brothers and sisters wielded and began to covet and study it. After eons, Uyo began realized that she could wield the power of her brothers and sisters through magic. Uyo delighted in her superior knowledge and intelligence and lorded her arcane powers over her siblings, until one day her father Iname appeared to her. Angered by her selfish hording of knowledge and misuse of her sibling’s powers, Iname cursed Uyo. Forcing her mind and intellect to be shared among the mortals of the world, Iname created the first spell casters and gave the world knowledge. Uyo herself remains in all mortals as a desire for knowledge, she also behind the sudden spark of ideas that one gets, though she sometimes gives mortals unwise ideas, in order to spite her father for cursing her. Uyo is also the reason that all mortals have the ability to learn the arcane arts with those with natural affinity being “moon-touched.” Uyo is often considered has a morality tale to explain the natural curiosity and the problems hording knowledge. Through Uyo is selfish, her knowledge and “gift” of magic are considered neutral and can be used for good or evil.

Dogma: Followers of Uyo are any that seek knowledge of any kind. Spell casters of all kinds consider Uyo the source of all arcane knowledge. Clerics of Uyo spend their lives cataloging various types of factual and arcane knowledge. Uyo above all is a call for learning and while the act of seeking knowledge is selfish in natural the use of that knowledge can be altruistic unlike the patron goddess.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Favored Weapon: Chakram

Domains: Moon, Magic, Knowledge


Known As: Death Bringer, Grave Protector

Description: The fifth child of Iname is Horobi. He was created with one purpose to manage his sister’s mess. Before Horobi, Sakkio’s creatures roamed across Jiwari’s back unchecked, breeding and multiplying the weight of mortals began to cause Jiwari to shake and buckle under the weight. Seeing that his older brother was suffering, Horobi pleaded with his sister to stop creating new life; sadly Sakkio’s love of life blinded her to Horobi’s plea. With this, Horobi realized his purpose, to save his brother from his sister’s carelessness. Horobi is not without feeling, he realized that taking the life’s of his sister’s creations causes her great pain. So, in order to ease this pain Horobi ensures that their lives are taken with humility and grace. Horobi also protects the graves of the dead that he takes. Often taking the form of a tall hooded figure, Horobi glides silently across Jiwari, his black vestments moving with an eerie slowness. His face is covered be a skeletal mask that is in a permanent grimace. Surrounded by an aura of cold silence Horobi’s presence is both unsettling and fearsome. Horobi understands that his purpose is to prevent his sister form overrunning the world with life and takes no true pleasure in taking the lives of others but he understands that it must be done. Finally, Horobi ensures that the souls of the dead return to Jiwari and Chisei to be recreated into new life by her sister.

Dogma: Most people give reverence to Horobi at times of death. Considering that he is both the taker of life and shepherd of the death, it is clear that paying homage to him would perhaps ease the suffering of both the bereaved and the dead. His clerics and paladins protect grave yards from robbers and necromancers. Most of all the followers and true believers of Horobi understand that death is the destiny of all mortals.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Favored Soul: Bastard sword

Domains: Death, Repose, Planning


Known As: The Destroyer, Chaos Incarnate

Description: Shimatsu is the god of chaos. The sixth child of Iname was created not because Iname wished to but because he had to. After Horobi took the responsibility of Death, Iname realized another truth, that while the mortal weight of the world was being managed, the material world would soon overwhelm Jiwari. Higher and higher the buildings of mortals climbed and once again Jiwari began to shake from the weight of mortal wealth. Iname not wanting to intervene, Iname created Shimatsu. A living embodiment of chaos and destruction Shimatsu was cruel and malicious. Iname had not expected that Shimatsu would grow to love the suffering and chaos that he brought to the material world. Shimatsu reaped death and destruction over eons with each death Shimatsu took on a more nightmarish appearance. His current form is that of a gigantic red humanoid, dripping with the blood of his enemies, his footsteps sound like thunder. Three burning red eyes, hair of fire, and a mouth with dagger like teeth are what make up the face of Shimatsu, the destroyer. His voice is the wailing and screaming of all mortals and his appearance causes mortals to be driven into a blood rage.

Dogma: Followers of Shimatsu are often violent, cruel, and destructive. Calling upon Shimatsu, followers pray to gain mastery over violence and destruction like there master. Clerics of Shimatsu are violent and insane, they roam Oka murdering, pillaging, and destroying all in their path.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Favored weapon: Greatclub

Domains: Chaos, Suffering, Destruction


Known As: Light Giver, The Grand Strategist, Sun King

Description: For eons Shimatsu spread destruction and death upon the mortal world. Iname watched has mortals grew weaker and weaker with each generation has Shimatsu and his rabble reaped Chaos and destruction. As Iname watched Shimatsu rampage across Oka, he was racked with grief. Finally, Iname realized that mortals needed something to value and inspire. Through this feeling of needing empowerment Iname uttered the name of his seventh child, Terashi! With this Terashi was created and the mortal world was given light. Mortals seeing the brilliance of Terashi felt the light of their souls grow becoming their inner strength and empowering their actions. Terashi himself was a great warrior clad in shining armor that illuminated all in his presence, wielding weapons of pure light that cleave evil in twain. Teaching mortals the arts of tactics and warfare, Terashi allowed mortals to keep Shimatsu’s armies at bay and even defeat the majority of them. Terashi seeing that his lessons had been successful promise mortals to watch over them at a distance and aid against the truly wicked in times of need. This is why undead, demons, and vampires are shunned by the light of day.

Dogma: Terashi values above all strength. Since Terashi was born into battle, he values those who can carry the weight of battle. Needless to say Terashi values honorable combat not mindless battle. Along with strength in combat, Terashi values strength of the spirit, character, and integrity. Any that labor under Terashi’s gaze and stand up for those who would harm the innocent should consider themselves blessed. Needless to say almost everyone is a follower of Terashi. Clerics of Terashi are another matter. Often multi-classing as paladins or fighters in order combat the evil of the world.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Favored weapon: Halberd

Domains: Sun, Strength, War


Known As: The Tradesman, The Grand Legislator, The Shadow

Description: The final child of Iname is Seizan, The Shadow. After Terashi took his position in the sky, mortals attempted to rule in peace but soon they devolved into infighting. The problem being that many mortals exhibited strong wills and combat skills but not discretion or negotiation. The mortal world was illuminated and inspired by Terashi but mortals were being divided by separate interests and desires. It is at this point that Seizan rose up through the Terashi’s shadow. The opposite of his brother, Seizan realized the problems of mortals and saw the opportunity to benefit. Seeing the warring groups attack each other over trivial matters Seizan began to meet with the leaders of these groups and teaching them about the power of public discourse, law, trade, and operating in the shadows. With this, Seizan gave the mortal governments, laws, and espionage. In exchange Seizan demanded offerings of gold and silver. Often appears to mortals as an older man cloaked in darkness and shadow. His eyes shine like gold pieces and his voice can disarm any he wishes to deal with it.

Dogma: Followers of Seizan are often magistrates, law makers, traders, and anyone dealing with the law. Followers of Seizan also recognize that he demands offerings for his help. This means that every year temples to Seizan are stocked with gold and silver. Clerics of Seizan often aid towns and villages with drafting laws or edicts in exchange for building temples to Seizan or offerings to him. They also aid as lawyers and judges in courts of law.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Favored Weapon: Kukri

Domains: Law, Trade, Darkness

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Minor Deities


Known as: Civilization Giver, The Goldenmane

Description: When the mortal world was young and just beginning, Sakkio’s first creations were merely dumb animals. Of course Sakkio loved each of her creations equally but her sister Uyo did not. So when Uyo’s mind and horde of knowledge was divided among mortals she chose to inhabit those beings that she felt truly deserved it. Among those first truly blessed mortals was an albino lion. Clever and resourceful the lion had outwitted its foes even before it had intellect, while still have a distinct disadvantage. Admiring the talents this lion showed Uyo decided to give this beast more than its fair share of her knowledge and thus the first Leonin was born.

Soon after this lion’s ascension other Leonin began to rise up. “Be there leader Ajani,” Whispered Uyo thus naming the Albino. “They need to be taught the benefits of civilized life and their own strength.” Upon this command Ajani ushered in an era of prosperity and civilization to his people. Blessed with the knowledge to better his people Ajani lead the Leonin people to an age of glory and material prosperity. So much was the wealth of the Leonin kingdom that when Shimastsu was created one of the first kingdom that he began to terrorize. However Ajani was wise and clever and used his knowledge of magic and martial skill to save his people from destruction. Ajani struggled for years to keep his people safe; so much so that when Terashi began to aid mortals in fighting the darkness of his brother he decided to give Ajani his blessings. With this Ajani ascended to godhood! The hair of his mane became gold, his vestments glowed with holy light, and his double axe burned with the fire of the suns. Fighting alongside Terashi, Ajani pushed back Shimastsu into the spirit world once more. The fight was brutal and in the coarse Ajani lost his left eye.

After this Ajani went to his people and told them to rebuild the lands that were scarred by war. Along with these Ajani told the other animal races of Oka that they should aspire to greatness like there Leonin brothers. Finally, Ajani promised that he would take refuge in the lands of Sagami in order to safeguard his people for all time.

Dogma: Clearly almost all supporters of Ajani are Leonin. Ajani worshipers in the traditional sense believe in strength of the community, value of morals, and protection of those you love. However, recently Ajani has been adopted by Ka Zaliki Thunderclaw as a symbol of nationalism in order to rally his people to a common cause. Ka Zaliki’s version of Ajani paints a picture of a deity of the Leonin people and only the Leonin people.

Alignment: NG

Favored Weapon: Double Axe

Domains: Strength, Good , Protection, Knowledge

St. Common

Known as: The Humble, The Great Reveler

Description: There was a time when Oka was young and the mortal world revered the gods with great reverence. During this time mortals worshipped the gods with such reverence that soon in fighting and war erupted among the mortal world. Each faction believing its god was the most worthy the conflict soon threatened the existence of the mortal realm. Soon Iname realized that he would need to create a solution to the problem. With his infinite wisdom he created St. Common. A kind and gentle spirit his arrival was marked by sense of relief and joy. St. Common appeared to each race and with his arrival he inspired great revelry. He stated that every race merely wishes to enjoy life no matter what deity they hold in their heart; and to force your way of life on another is cruel and useless. Instead, St. Common preached the races of the world should understand that they have more in common than differences. With this realization St. Common quelled the wars of belief that wracked the mortal world and the celebration of this realization lasted for an entire week! At the end of this celebration St. Common told the various race of Oka to remember his lesson. As token of his visit he gave them the common language so that all races could speak to one another and understand each other.

Dogma: Anyone who believes that the races have something in common believes in St. Common. St. Common does not demand worship from his followers but rather keep a mindset of acceptance towards others and to understand the joy in life. This mindset culminates in a weeklong celebration called Common’s Week. During this celebration it is customary for the rich and governments of Oka to sponsor massive celebrations for the whole of community to enjoy. These celebrations can range to small feasts to lavish parties with companionship of various kinds.

Alignment: CG

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Domains: Community, Feast, Good, Joy

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Oka Region Deities and Cleric Information
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