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 Excess Information & Errata

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PostSubject: Excess Information & Errata   Excess Information & Errata EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 7:41 pm

This thread shall contain all pieces of errant information recorded in campaign that do not fall under direct association of re-cap.
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PostSubject: Re: Excess Information & Errata   Excess Information & Errata EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 7:57 pm

Royal Intelligence Laboratory # 2 Notes

Experiment & Development Notes found in the Royal Intelligence Laboratory #2 by The Group Bound By The Snake Tattoo.
Possessed by Orpheous Tibet Roadhouse


-001: Began circa 1517 continuous study
Purpose: Enhance magitechnical fibers utilized in magitech objects
Result: Continued Success

-002: Created circa 1521
Purpose: Testing of the creation of synthetic beings
Result: Minimal Success. Synthetic being is made through use of magic/tech. Subject terminated 5 weeks after inception- Due to exposure to uncontrolled environment.

-003: Created circa 1523
Purpose: Furthered experimentation of creating manufactured beings
Result: Average Success. Synthetic subject survives in standard non controlled environment. Subject terminated 4 months after introduction to new environment- Immune System malfunction

-004: Created 1526 Code Named: Jamelle
Purpose: Experimentation with various substances upon humanoid bodies
Result: Absolute success. Perfection of human synthesis process yields a creature completely indistinguishable from an average human. Subject remains active in Laboratory activities.

-005: Began 1528 -Name: Harold Fonden
Purpose: Preliminary biological Weapon Development & Testing
Result: Failure. Mental distortion drug requires too much time and resources to effectively make in large doses and breaks down too fast to be practically implemented. Use is impractical at this juncture. Experiment Postponed. Subject retained for further testing in other experiments.

-006: Began 1528 -Name: Cecillia Jones
Purpose: Preliminary Biological Weapon Development & Testing
Result: Complete Failure. Attempts to create weaponry to combat psionic attack and shield from such attacks proves counter-productive. Experiment terminated. Subject retained.

-007: Began 1528 -Name: Jaques Hikken
Purpose: Creation of resilient soldier for war against Mondoe Nation
Result: Success. Subject (named Jaques) subjected to Treatments which increased both Strength and Constitution, making the subject more effective in battle. Subject terminated 1530 in taking Fanado. Remains Recovered for further study.

-008: Began 1529 -Names: Quentin Resso, Habsken Porge, & Ciera Feldonna
Purpose: Continued Soldier augmentation
Result: Modest Success. Subjects Quentin & Ciera augmented effectively and reintegrated into military force. Subject Habsken displayed adverse psychological reaction to implementation process. Subject Habsken Terminated after being contained for lashing out and slaying a laboratory technician. Subject Quentin Terminated in siege of Fanado-1530. Subject Ciera retained after siege of Soloe City-1539- due to exposure to Lycanthropy. Further experimentation later.

-009: Began 1529 -Name: Harold Fonden
Purpose: Continued Development & Testing of Biological Weaponry
Result: Inconclusive. Synthesized Acid unable to penetrate thick shielding, however gas created by decaying acidic matter incapacitates and blinds subject. Further testing required.

-010: Began 1529 -Name: Cecillia Jones
Purpose: Preliminary large scale destruction projects
Result: Complete Failure. Trigger for deployable force projectile proves impossible. Either the method is too volatile and imprecise, or unusable due to over complexity. Subject terminated in mishap. Revived after 1 week of waiting on a proper cleric.

-011: Began/Completed 1529 -Name: Solon Kethen
Purpose: Creation of mobile unit of clerical ability in high intensity situations
Result: Triumphant Success. Creation of Aid Unit 01 proceeded smoothly. Intent to be put into mass production and distribution within the next few years.

-012: Created 1530
Purpose: Atrium/Terrarium for which to house plant based Experiments and some general nice scenery
Result: Stable Atrium holds flora and fauna effectively

-013: Created 1530 Codenamed: Theo
Purpose: Experimentation with the synthesis of Humanoid attributes and Insectile qualities
Result: Complete success. Verminesque creature retains insect senses while maintaining humanoid interaction ability and adaptability. Vestigial wing growths prove bothersome due to continued attempts to utilize them only to subject's frustration. Subject devours plant material with odd voracity.

-014: Began/completed 1530 -Names: Hilton Brachton, Jule Pitto, Hera Jamando, & Terce Kollo
Purpose: Create Magitechnological maneuvering aid for flying military forces i.e. Winged aasimars
Result: Inconclusive. While undoubtedly increasing the Dexterity of the forces, they became reliant upon the aids after extended use.

-015: Created 1531
Purpose: Create easily manufacturable antidote to deadly Black Lotus Extract. Methodology- Engineer Subcreature of insect already resilient.
Result: Complete Success. Magical alteration to properties of Light-Flies breeds subcreature "White-Tailed Lotus Eater". Antidote is easily made from mucous extracted from subspecies.

-016: Began 1532 - Completed 1533
Purpose: Create Modal components to easily apply magical enhancements to military weaponry for use by specialized forces.
Result: Success. Interchangable modal pieces can be added with ease to military standard issue. Larger than usual amounts of magical energy are required for their use.

-017: Began/Completed 1533 -Name: Jorgen Dawnhall
Purpose: Continued Biological enhancement of Military forces & Continuation of Project 008- Synthesized Acids
Result: Success. Ogre Subject attributes successfully augmented to survive intense temperature and situations, & made to project caustic acid at will. Subject terminated in pursuit of assassin of Queen Hannah Shantell in 1536. Remains recovered & retained.

-018: Began 1533/Status Incomplete -Name: Cecillia Jones
Purpose: create adequate prosthetic for persons whom have lost limbs
Result: Success. Interchangeable magitechnical pieces prove effective replacements for lost limbs. Side note; Subject seems to have displayed distress in continued experimentation.

-019: Began/Completed 1534 -Name: Harold Fonden
Purpose: Continue Experiment 004- Mental Distortion drug research via flora
Result: Success. Synthesis through flower bearing plants yields more potent easily reproducible toxin which assaults the mind. Discontinued due to ethical reasoning. Red Severe still exist within terrarium however they are not extracted. Subject Harold remains in catatonic coma despite best efforts to remove this status. Subject terminated.

-020: Began/Completed 1535 -Name: Cecillia Jones
Purpose: Continue Experiment 009- Large Scale destruction device/ materials
Result: Variable Success. Synthetic Powder is difficult and expensive to create, but potent and effective in clearing stone and metal structures. Subject Jones suffered psychotic breakdown after use, and self-terminated.

-021: Began 1537 -Name: Kandent Isro
Purpose: Furthered Biological Enhancement of military forces
Result: Fire Jovian Subject resists fire and is imbued with augmented elemental abilities. Failsafe biomagical bomb within body. Subject terminated in siege of Soloe City -1539. Remains recovered.

-022: Began 1537 -Name: Eis Jandell
Purpose: Furthered Biological Enhancement of military forces
Result: Elven Subject creates damaging electrical fields. Fail safe biomagical bomb within body. Subject terminated in siege of Soloe City -1539. Remains recovered.

-023: Began 1538 -Name: Ondell Jim Kae
Purpose: Furthered Biological Enhancement of military forces
Result: Dwarven Subject generates walls of force innately. Fail safe biomagical bomb within body. Subject terminated in siege of Soloe City -1539. Remains recovered.

-024: Began 1538 -Name: Gregoria Yumata
Purpose: Furthered Biological Enhancement of military forces
Result: Biomagitech mechanism within body of subject allows for limited ethereality. Fail safe biomagical bomb within body. Subject terminated in siege of Soloe City -1539. Remains recovered.

-025: Created 1538
Purpose: Amalgam Super soldier through use of retained remains of prior experiments.
Result: Perfect Success. Use of 006, 007, & 016 remains yielded incredibly adapted, perfectly trained soldier. Fail safe biomagical bomb within body. Subject terminated in siege of Soloe City -1539. Remains recovered.

-026: Began 1540
Purpose: Creation of material for which to record scrying.
Result: Inconclusive. Magitech machine was created at great expense, however to record the information much more material was needed than could be feasibly used. Recording ability significantly too complicated. Project postponed indefinitely.

-027: Began 1540
Purpose: Enhanced movement terrain to facilitate easier travel
Result: Moderate failure. Moving terrain consumes extensive magical energy for proper use however, ease of movement occurs as projected.

-028: Began/Completed 1540
Purpose: Build extension wing to contain more biological experiments.
Result: Wing was constructed, ample space to house mulitple bio experiments in progress

-029: Began 1540- Completed 1542 -Name: Ciera Feldonna
Purpose: Due to exposure to Lycanthropy and an outbreak of the disease, efforts are to be put towards finding a cure.
Result: Partial Success. Lycanthropy once instilled can be removed, however this does not prevent its spread. A vaccine is created that prevents its spread through common modes (i.e. bite & sexual contact), and passes the gene down to offspring, however Lycanthropy is still passed on through ancestry and relation. Subject Feldonna was the first to recieve the vaccine derived from her material. Subject released to nation.

-030: Created 1541 -Named: Josef
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Dwarf/Roper
Result: Moderate Success. Resulting creature was hardy and dextrous. It quickly grew to hate the world around it, and slayed Experiment 012. Subject terminated 1546.

-031: Created 1541 -Named: Jeremio
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Dwarf/Winter Wolf. Winter wolf ancestry is fading due to consistent hunting.
Result: Success. Resulting creature retained traits of wolf ancestry, and humanoid form. Subject is quiet and inobtrusive.

-032: Created 1542
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Dwarf/Giant
Result: Failure. Creature's immune system was unable to maintain itself outside of stasis.

-033: Created 1543 -Named: Ethani
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Gnome/Cloaker Strange subterranean manta creature
Result: Success. Creature retained attributes of parent creature and was very sociable.

-034: Created 1544 -Named: Steventes
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Gnome/Troglodyte
Result: Relative Failure. Creature was small, unintelligent and hideous and attempted escape on multiple occasions. Subject terminated 1544.

-035: Created 1545
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Gnome/Umber Hulk
Result: Failure. Creature could not stop removing its own flesh and devouring it. Subject terminated 1545 due to reasons of humanity.

-036: Created 1546 -Named: Theo II
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Continued Insectile research
Result: Complete Success. Moth based insectile humanoid surpasses predeccesor in many qualities. Wings enhanced in attribute distrubution. Wings now function.

-037: Began/Completed 1547
Purpose: Create housing structure for bio experiments to reside in.
Result: Housing area was constructed near terrarium for easy access to

-038: Created 1547 -Named: Kalbalsh
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Humanoid Amalgam: Ancillary Psionic Research
Result: Success. Subject shows attributes of predecessor races and an augmented innate psionic ability.

-039: Created 1548 -Named: Carson
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Attempts to create winged aasimar due to foreseeable sterility and disease setting in within the near future.
Result: Inconclusive. Creation of a winged human occurred despite having donor parents both being winged aasimars.

-040: Created 1549 -Named: Tollbert
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Ogre/Ogre Mage
Result: Success. Synthesis of creatures succeeded, under surveilance now.

041: Created 1550
Purpose: Biogenesis research- Resiliant Humanoid
Status: In works

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PostSubject: The Confessions of "Kara" A.k.a. Prisoner #1441   Excess Information & Errata EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 12:54 am

The Confessions of "Kara" A.k.a. Prisoner #1441

A black armored guard sporting two parallel scars on his face sat before her. He flicked a button on a magitech verbal recorder as he began to speak. "Now, seeing as we're trying new approaches to criminal treatment with the switch over to the IFCS, I'm going to give you a choice."

She leaned forward expectantly "And what choice would that be?"

"You can either play hardball; you tell me exactly crime you've committed up to this point and it can help your case out a bit. Or, you can play deadball, and I'll let you rot and assume your wrongdoings without even trying. Oh and holding something back from confession won't help your case."

“Fine. You want to hear the truth so hear it is. It’s a long, dirty story. I can only tell you the parts I remember. I was kept in a compound from a young age, with other girls. We were all raised as sex slaves to a horrible pig we called Father. When the only home I ever knew was invaded and Father was killed. All of us were “freed”. We had few skills and not a copper to our names. Some girls went in search of the families they had been taken from. Others found committed suicide from grief of loosing the only home they ever had known. The rest of us took whatever jobs we could get, usually begging or trading the one skill we knew for favors, a meal, some coin- sex. I didn’t know where I came from, I hardly remember my days before Miguel bought me.

So, I had no where to go. I was starving before I gave into the propositions. But, once I did my name became well known amongst the men in the town. I suppose that’s the beginning of my crimes. I didn’t kill anyone, I just gave them what they wanted and took the money or food. I eventually moved on town to town, village to village. I took what I could wherever I could get it, then I would move on. I didn’t want to stir up any trouble, it was just a means of survival.

Then the “hunger” began. I don’t know when it started really. The sex just was so satisfying the men kept coming back for more. Gifts were showered on me and they started to pursue me. Eventually the guys would just lie there motionless only after and hour or two, completely exhausted. I’d only just gotten started, so I’d move onto the next client. Whenever they came out of it, they’d come back to wherever I was staying and leave gifts and ask after me. I could go through as many as three clients before I’d call it quits for the night.

One night, the need was insatiable. I got to work and the hunger washed over me until I became euphoric. When I looked down at my client, his eyes were glazed over. He was unresponsive. I ran, afraid I had killed him. Once I settled in in the next town, a rumor about a woman with the power to knock a man out cold with just a kiss was working its way around. After I had some time to collect my thoughts, it occurred to me that I could manage some sort of business for myself.

I didn’t have to rely on sex alone. I’d learned some new skills.
I covertly offered myself up as a thief, a courier, whatever jobs the upper class needed done. They could afford to pay the large sums I required. I got myself mixed in with politics, usually coercing someone by putting them in an embarrassing situation, assisting in framing someone for a crime. Silly power plays for the people who think any of it matters. It paid for my comforts. I lost count, if that’s what you want to know. I lost count of the men I seduced and robbed. I’m well known by the men, and the women, of The Former Irrieta region. I’ve been responsible for the blackmail of local politicians in Michelle. I seduced a guard and helped steal some art in Otylia which we sold on the black market.

Every month or so, I felt the “hunger” that sapped the strength from men. I tried to control it. But if I didn’t give in to filling or feeding this craving, I would start to get sick. I didn’t understand it, but I knew if I fed the craving I’d stay healthy, sane. One night I was with my girlfriend, one of the first real relationships I’d ever had. I really cared for her, but I hadn’t fed in a while. We were- anyways,\ the hunger came and I lost control. Mind you, I really cared for her. She was one of the few people I’d ever trusted. I’d never have willingly—
Whatever happened that night, I don’t remember. I woke up and she was dead. The worst part was the look on her face. She just looked so enamored in her last moments. I swore I’d never sate that hunger again. I swore to never give into it. I skipped town, starting over yet again. I had some money saved though.

So I bunkered down, tried waitressing. It was boring, and I still got hit on, a lot. I let them grab my ass as much as they wanted, because the tips were higher that way. When the hunger came again, it was late in the evening and I was working. I remember, because I dropped the tray I was carrying. Made a real ass of myself. I trudged on and the feeling just intensified over the next week. I thought if I worked through it, I could overcome it. After a long night, I was walking back to my home when I began to get sick. I ran into an alley and laid out my insides. I collapsed to the ground and cried at the emptiness inside of me. Eventually I got my knees to hold my weight again, and I tried to finish getting home. That’s when Jack Rosenthal decided to follow the wrong girl. I didn’t recognize him at first. My vision had blurred and the world seemed to—swirl around me in an array of colors. But, Jack, well, he was the son of a very important family to the town I was calling home. I’m sure that if you’ve found out so much about who I am, then you already know who he is, and what exactly happened to him.

You could sit here and interrogate me about that night until I die, but this is the honest truth. I don’t remember touching Jack Rosenthal. I don’t remember what led to us being in his estate. I remember stumbling out of the alley and seeing someone follow me. Like I said, my view was distorted and all I could feel was that hunger inside of me. I woke up and the Rosenthal home was full of death. Everyone in that house was dead. My hands were covered in blood and it streaked the walls. Jack was naked and my nails and teeth had tore his skin apart. His mouth was wide open, his lips purple and eyes rolled back.

His mother’s night dress was shredded and she appeared to be covered in her son’s blood. Her neck had been bitten in several places, so some of the blood was hers. Her mouth and eyes had the same look. And his father, well. His father had been castrated. Apparently after I had, well you know, I bit down into that cock I has been sucking and tore the damn thing off. I’m not sure if he had died before or after that. I came to in their drawing room and followed the blood trail back to their bodies. I was of course horrified. I knew that I couldn’t control myself if I refused to sate it. The maid showed and I ran. The whole town was after me before I knew it. And that’s how I came to be in Sabel. I was on the run, looking for my next job or meal ticket. I had a few possessions but I’d never had need of much that I couldn’t quickly attain from someone else.

I was sitting in a bar, minding my own business when a strange cloaked man followed by a disturbing black beast came from the backroom. The cloaked man carried a symbol of a snake wrapped around a stick and suddenly told us, that is to say the five people in that bar at that time, that we were all in his service. A mark suddenly appeared on my hand, as well as that of a cursed man-bat, Teyrien the insectile creature, and two other men, Dr. Roadhouse and the drug-dealer Nikolai. We were instructed to find some statues that were of importance to him, for what reasons I don’t know. I don’t know who he is, either. I didn’t ask for this job or really agree to it, it was forced on me. We were told we would be stuck with each other until the task was done, perhaps as an incentive to get a move on. The men proceeded to fight one another or try to just walk away from the job only to be injured for their attempts. Once we realized the only way to get rid of the curse was to accomplish the task or have someone remove it, we moved on in the direction we were all driven to go in in pursuit of these items.

We got into Fia and I didn’t know when we’d be in a populated area again. So I took my leave from the group and sought out a potential…”donor”. An elven lad with an affinity for woodwork was out in his lawn, I don’t keep names, so he was easily caught up in my charms and I proceeded to take what I needed. He got an amazing lay out of me, so I don’t see what the problem is. He should have no complaints, though I did take one of his carvings. I felt he’d received due payment for his troubles. Anyways, afterwards, I broke into the town hall with Teyrien in pursuit of one of the statues we were to find. I found a chest and attempted to take it, believing a statue to be inside of it. I didn’t have time to really investigate as some bitch was filling the place with smoke to get us out or kill us. So when I tried to escape, I got caught when my spells failed to protect me, and the contents of the chest I’d stolen, proved to be of worthless art. We got out of the town hurriedly, where I realized Teyrien has managed to find what we were looking for.

Now I’d had just one too many difficult days in a row. I had dabbled in taking some drugs before, and I asked Nikolai for something to help me get a good night’s sleep. I drank whatever he handed to me and was out before I could lay myself down. After that, I woke up some days later I’m told. Just a few hours after my libation, my traveling group was attacked by something that promptly turned me into a statue since I was unable to defend myself against it. Eventually, I was stolen from my companions, bought, sold, traded, etc until I ended up in a casino. I’m told that some people played a variety of games, the winnings being traded in for various statues and a potion that turned the statues to their true forms. Somebody won me, had me moved upstairs to a room and laid down on a bed where to potion was administered to me.

I awoke finally quite malnourished and weakened. The hunger was instantly there. I was in shock from being out so long and waking up in a new place with a stranger. I was naked and lying on a bed and an old man seemed to stalk me from the doorway and I was eager to replenish my energy and find some clothes. He snapped his fingers and his appearance changed. He became young and fit looking, with yellowed skin and dark wings. He taunted me about the “fun” we’d have. I tried to use my magical powers to regain control but he overpowered me. Then he raped me. Multiple times. What little strength I had wilted from me quickly. The hunger I felt was not exactly sated, but it felt turned somehow. I just got weaker and weaker until I could not move. Then he dropped me. My torso slid from the edge of bed with my legs too weak to hold myself up. I need to stop. Please, I need a break. “

“Just as much as you don’t like sitting here airing out your dirty laundry to me, I don’t like having to listen to it, so you need to continue so we can move on with our days.” The guard commanded

She reluctantly continued. “After he had his way with me, he invited some associates, four lizardfolk into the room. He offered me up as some retroactive payment. I tried to scream for help, but I was weak and he performed some sort of magic on me that silenced me. Silenced and too weak to fight back, I was forced to let them have their way. One had me from the behind, the other plunged into me from the front, another had forced himself inside of my mouth, and the last had taken my hands and began stroking himself with them.

That was when I saw Dr. Roadhouse in the doorway. He was just staring with an appalled and disgusted look on his face. I pulled my mouth away just long enough to call out to him before the beast shoved himself back into my mouth. They’re scales and claws and teeth ripped and scraped my flesh as they did this. I gave up trying to fight against them. I gave up waiting for help to come. I prayed to pass out from the lack of energy so that I’d be forced into a frenzy or die. I didn’t care which one happened. Something in me wouldn’t let me try to just pull the energy I needed from the beasts that were raping me. Then, the sounds of metal ripping through scales and flesh revived me. Burning lizard blood scalded my skin but I welcomed the pain. The doctor helped me to the shower, where I proceeded to empty myself of everything I’d just had forced into me. I crawled to the bed and took the sheet to cover myself and made my way downstairs.

The man-bat was no longer with our party. We left in a continued pursuit of these statues as our curse bid us to. The next backwoods town we found ourselves in showed my barely dressed form to three young lads on their way to class. I drained them dry and left their husks. I hardly felt any different from the encounter except that I was no longer on the brink of insanity. I was still entirely too weak. We then destroyed a dojo in our pursuit of the statues. The next town was cursed. Literally. Every man, woman, and child were stuck repeating the same phrase and action. We all took off in search of the statues and I made my way through the incapacitated citizens in a desperate need to feed. I saw it as necessary for myself and a mercy killing for them. I took a woman’s clothes. Then we raided a seemingly abandoned lab. I still was not at my full strength and was unarmed. A woman we had encountered killed the drug dealer and the good doctor and Teyrien and I were all that was left. The other two killed a nymph and took on a paladin. He warned us to stand down, but he was the last thing standing between us and our freedom from the curse. I watched as they tried to fight back, unable to affect the odds in any way. Once it was clearly decided that we would lose, I surrendered to him.

So there you have it, an account of my life and my “crimes.” My condition or curse or whatever it is that forces me to feed in this way- I take no pleasure in the murders that have happened from it. I never set out to kill anyone. It just sort of happened. You can sit there and judge me all you like, but this is the only life I’ve ever known. No one ever told me was good for anything else but sex and petty crimes I could get away with because of my sexual nature. I wasn’t raised up in a pretty little house with my mommy and daddy to teach me about right and wrong and appropriate skills like sewing or cooking or cleaning. Now I’m dealing with the inevitable repercussions of my lifestyle, this cursed pregnancy without a clue as to the father. So who knows what I’ll have.”

“Well, given all that, I’ll have to convene with my Aradian consultant to proper assess some possibilities on this account, but your time is well appreciated.” He rose from his seat “Now, considering we understand your abilities better than you seemed to have a grasp on them, we’ll be calling on you to cooperate with us in interrogations of other inmates, and that should keep you well “fed” in addition to aiding our attempts. Consider it your treatment for good behavior, understand?”

She sneered submissively

Prisoner #1441

Moniker: Kara

Species: Indeterminate Evil Aligned Outsider Spawn

Status: Alive. Note: Pregnant with Indeterminate Spawn

Date of Incarceration: 1576 / 42, by Chimelu Deo Naolin


150 Counts Felony Fraternizing

17 Counts Profiteering

58 Counts Theft

135 Counts Murder

1 Count Resisting Arrest

12 Counts Felony Torture

21 Counts Aiding And Abetting Criminals

Sentence: Life Imprisonment

Until further research is completed on status of child, #1441 is to remain as interrogation consult for The Impregnable Prison of Farrah for reasons of cooperation.

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PostSubject: Teyren's Confession   Excess Information & Errata EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 1:16 am

Teyren's A.k.a. Prisoner #0621's Confession

A black armored guard sporting two parallel scars on his face sat before the insectoid man. He flicked a button on a magitech verbal recorder as he began to speak. "The days where one could hold a person in a prison just for looking funny have long since passed, so I'm going to give you the chance to spill every little crime you've done and maybe if I'm feeling nice, it'll help your case out."

"You know, the one thing I never could stand is a thief who doesn’t know when he is caught.  That is something that Dodger always said to me.  It’s amazing how much I have been thinking about him since he died on our last job.

I remember that stream of cat burglaries all across that merchant district in damn I forget the name of that little town, but anyway that would be my oldest set of jobs.  If you need to confirm that I’m telling the truth then there should be an official report of a city guard being shoved off a roof.  In my defense, the guard lost his balance when he saw my “unique” appearance.  

Let’s see then after that we went to the slums in Otylia.  Dodger said that it was a great place to hide.  Dodger was right of course.   From there we started to work with that Dwarven underworld baron in Ergeth.  Brottor Ungart….HA! Now there was a man with a SHORT temper!  I remember How Dodger and I got our job with him.  

You see this loan shark had gotten too greedy and stolen an entire years worth of payments from a safe in the slums.  So, in order to ensure that the message was received that no one crosses Baron Brottor and lives to tell about it, The Baron Decided to place a bounty on his head.   The reward was quite alluring like a fine knit sweater.  So naturally Dodger and I decided to go for it He had picked up the guys scent and I had a knack for making people fall of roofs, which a public yet quite way to off a greedy underworld loan shark that didn’t have a friend in the world.  

That was the plan anyway.  It wasn’t till we had gotten half way up that staircase in that shitty inn when we realized that this loan shark had hired his own protective detail.  Luckily, they hadn’t spotted us so at that point, Dodger and I then decided to improvise and well……..It’s a shame that someone left that lantern next to that moon shine distillery in the inn and it was truly tragic that the innkeeper decided to lock not only the doors but the windows and then misplace his keys.   So if you didn’t have a reason why the Red Lady and the twelve souls in it went up in smoke….now you do.  But I’ll tell you the real trick with that job was getting that lock box full of cash out the wreckage before the fire team got there.  

After that Dodger and I were considered Brottor’s best friends.  He showered us with all kinds of money and Dodger had his pick of the ladies at Brottor’s private brothel.  I never understood the appeal but Dodger seemed happy.  In fact that one girl was the reason why we had the leave Otylia.  What was her name….. Oh right Veronica!  Hey so this whore Veronica and Dodger began to see each other in the summer of 1570.  That was also the year we pulled that bank job for Brottor in the Iona district.  You’ll find that the Iona bank in Otylia was missing 500,000 gold pages give or take during that Summer.  

Anyway beyond some other minor cat burglaries in Otylia from 1568 to 1570 those were the jobs that Dodger and I did.  But back to how we got under the thumb of Baron Brottor.  So Dodger and Veronica are seeing each other constantly.  Eventually she gets this “great” idea that we could make off with the winnings of one of the Baron’s poker rings that he stashed in a warehouse in the slums.  She said that she could get the combination to the safe were the cash was stored and all Dodger and me had to do is kill the guards and make off with the cash before the baron’s Men or the town guards could pick us up.  Dodger and I figured that we had done all that we could do in Otylia and that this job was worth it.

So we go to the warehouse Veronica is in the back with the wagon for the cash and Dodger and I start picking off guards.  The job was going great till we get the safe open and find it’s empty.  The baron knew that we we’re about to hit him, Veronica had double crossed us.  It seems that someone had spotted me and dodger with the Baron and he was getting a lot of heat for it so he hired Veronica to get us to the warehouse so the guards could kill us.  Well long story short dodger and me survived and our overall guard count was 24 give or take an ear.  

Needless to say we were pissed at the Baron.  Our first response to him was killing a group of his racketeers in Iona.  Next was stealing 600,000 pages from his warehouse in the Rio district. You’ll find sewer damages on that one. We blew open the sewer tunnel below the safe and then killed the guards dumb enough to look into the hole.  We then used that money to get bribe the guards at a dinner party that the Baron was attending and well you remember that big club fire in the Entertainment district in 1575?  

Well that was us.  We must have killed the Baron’s entire inner circle and maybe a few extra guest but ill tell you one thing after that we left Otylia and decided to pull our last job.  The Canary of Kiera but you know that story already except we’re I put the Canary.  If you want to know that then you’ll have to dredge the moat around the castle cause I sorta dropped it in midflight out of the castle after those bastards murdered Dodger.  

So now we come to the events that have brought me to this lovely prison and to having two less arms.  It started when I headed into the town of Sabel.  Trying to maintain a low profile but sadly it seems that some sort of Tentacle magic god had decided to “recruit” me, the whore, that strange healer, the bear man, and the bat man for some treasure hunt.  He seemed to want a Blue bear, a crystal hawk, a gold crocodile, a Red viper, a silver penguin, and a Black guinea pig. Statues not real animals mind you.  

So we got underway, we ran into some giant blood draining insects.  We beat them off but the bat man was drained pretty good.   He had a hard time fighting after that in fact once we reached the town of Fia he got even sicker.  After some planning the whore and I went into the house of the town guard and managed to find one of the statues.  

Anyway we began to roam around the Marsha forest collecting these statues.  In the process we burn some houses in Fia, killed a trio of Bug bears, we got interrogated by the Tentacle magic god, fought a set of town guards over the misunderstanding of me murdering a small child, Fought a strange women that was feeding people to a two headed minotaur, We then went to a casino and I won a ton of pages and I got a tattoo on my now missing left arm.  Along with that we fought a monk that had a special house, we then went to a laboratory that turns out is where I was born.   After that we completed the god’s curio set.  We then fought and killed a nymph and then fought a man that glowed with a massive holy light.  He then defeated us and we were brought here.

So that’s my laundry list.  If there is anything that I have learned from this recent adventure is that one does not screw with Magical gods, having your arms ripped of hurts worse than getting shot, and finally I miss Dodger.  He was my partner and best friend and without him I’m just a petty thief with a disability."  

"Well," the guard sighed "You're certainly a lot more dangerous than the cell guard would have me believe. At any rate, you've been a marvelous help, but I cant really say you've helped me with much I wasn't already aware of. Don't worry, you'll get something for spilling your guts to me Number 0621, but not that much."


"Take him away" the guard said as a pair of other guards escorted him out.

Prisoner #0621

Moniker: Teyren

Species: Indeterminate Insect being

Status: Alive. Note: Crippled. Subnote: Missing left appendages.

Date of Incarceration: 1576 / 42, by Chimelu Deo Naolin


174 Counts Theft

110 Counts Murder

23 Counts Arson

7 Counts Fraternizing

20 Counts Destruction of Property

2 Counts Resisting Arrest

60 Counts Aiding And Abetting Criminals

20 Counts Illegal Gambling

Sentence: Death By Execution

Due to high amounts of Reprehensible crimes, lack of remorse, and strange requirements for care, resources cannot be expended to keep #0621 in proper health

Scheduled Date of Execution: Year 1577 wk 27

Sentencing Over-ridden by Order of Councilwoman of Technological Studies Maria Iolani effective 1576 wk 59

Release Date: 1577 wk 7

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PostSubject: The Tale of Disraeli Koshmar   Excess Information & Errata EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 1:45 pm

The Tale of Disraeli Koshmar

The story told by Harmon while riding the train to Otylia.

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Caldear's Metamorphosis

Mira's metal topped ripped silk shoulder cover poked out from the sand, flapping against the heated wind. The Merg saw her lost clothing and both hers and the halfling boy's fate became apparent to him.

Caldear pulled his cart to a stop and got off the driver’s seat. The heat from the sun was intense, and he was in need of a drink. He couldn’t believe this had happened, it seemed like every time he made a choice was the wrong one. But was it really his fault? It wasn’t at all, was it? From how he saw it, the events that had befallen his comrades were their own faults. If only Mira and Beschoorkchaka had gotten back in the cart, if only Sancho hadn’t been trying to tell jokes, if only… If only.

A sigh escaped him as he climbed up into the cart and walked over to the water barrel. Picking up the steel ladel that hung off some twine that was bound around the barrel he took off the lid. Looking in at the full barrel of water, he saw his own reflection looking back at him. As he stared he could hear the other’s remarks in the back of his mind. Sighing he closed his eyes looking away from his reflection. This was who he was, wasn’t it, a failure and the worst kind, those who couldn’t accept things that were their own faults. It was then a particular night around the campfire came back to mind, back from the time he was traveling with his mentor Duncan.

“What’s that scarred mark on your arm?” A young and inquisitive Caldear asked a bright smile on his face. His hair was not nearly as long as it was in present. Duncan looked back at him and chuckled a bit shaking his head.

“Curious as ever; one day, that might just get you into trouble.” Duncan chided gently looking down at Caldear who sat across the fire leaning back against his bedroll. “As you know, we all make mistakes, but we must own up for those things. ‘If only’ will hold you back endlessly, it’s the worst thing to dwell on young one.”

“Why is that? Isn’t it okay to think about if things had gone differently?” Caldear asked shifting a little bit, working on running a brush through his hair, making faces with each tangle he hit, but yanking the brush through none the less.

“Yes it is. ‘If only’ is okay sometimes, but it is all too easy to let it completely consume you. It also creates a way to shift blame away from you young one.” Duncan explained looking down into the fire as it merrily burned; cooking the fish they’d caught for dinner. “This mark represents the time I chose to stop living that way and change myself. Often we need a physical reminder of our change.”

“So like when I picked to grow my hair out after I moved to being on land?” Caldear asked smiling as he tied off his braid.

“Something like that, this mark it represents all of my past regrets and mistakes, and it reminds me what has been done, we cannot undo thus we must look back on it and use it as guidance for the future.” Duncan explained with a nod.

Caldear shook himself slightly, jolting out of the realm of his thoughts; perhaps it was time he followed in his mentor’s footsteps. Walking over he got a mirror out of one of the bags, looking in it. He shed his outer armor, leaving just a light sleeveless shirt under it. Reaching down he drew the dagger from his right boot and watched in the mirror, occasionally wincing as he carved that symbol that was ever burned in his memory into his left arm, getting into the first aid kit he moved to bandage it before he wiped the dagger clean. Then he moved back to the water barrel as he took a drink he frowned a bit. That was a mark for everyone to see, yes, but he needed his own person reminder. He’d been growing his hair out since the day he’d first moved to the land. It was his way of showing a new start. It was time for a new start yet again, he thought as he jumped down from the cart.

Taking the leather cord that held his hair back in its braid and tying it around his wrist, he reached back grabbing his hair by the base of the braid and taking the dagger back out. In one swift move he felt it cut off the hair, short locks fell down to frame his face. It was uneven at best, but that didn’t matter right now, he thought watching the wind blow the hair out of his palm, scattering I across the desert. All that mattered right now was getting back and getting those who would help him to save Mira and Beshoorkchaka. He got back in the driving seat and set off at top speed towards town.
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Dorrun's Final Words of Wisdom

The speech made to the Chimera Caravan by Dorrun Emn Baaga

"But Father, I know it is him" Seth said as he lead the Caught Light Caravan inside his father's home.

"No Seth. I had tried to keep it from you until you were ready but it seems this day has come all too soon," Baaga uttered as he unfolded a tattered image "The son of Corbin is indeed of Asherati blood"

Flustered and aggravated, Seth ran out shouting, "No, i know it isn't true!"

Before Caldear could halt the young man's path, Baaga called out to the merg in ancient dwarven dialect "you must let him do as he will, as I must tell you all of far land what I am destined to utter"

All their ears turned to him as Allesandra, Zakhar and Dolcetto translated to those who did not understand "I must tell you all of the history of this land you find yourselves in. Long ago, when I was but a boy, i lived in a land known as The Rehevat. A land advanced beyond anything I have seen in my old age from this vast desert. Not a perfect land, but forward and advanced, despite slowly losing its magical ability. It swept across the plateaus, claiming all the lands that it knew to be its own. I was to study in the high knowledges of the land in the Sumrana Library. I had my tutelage beneath The Master of Pages and Grey Feathers. An ancient Owl of a being, looming tall over all those who came across him. One day in that great library, the master ascended to the top of the atrium with hurry, and in an instant all was gone. The Land of The Rehevat was wiped from existence in a flash brighter than the sun itself. I was trapped within from rubble that had collapsed all around the library. In the days that followed I witnessed through the atrium, that Grey Feathers had utilized all his ability to protect and now stood petrified above, as the stars plummeted from the heavens, and blessed the land with what would come to be called Oom."

"I dug my way out of the library with all my effort after days, and found the entire land decimated. Reduced to a vast and endless desert. Wandering through the sands, I nearly expired when I encountered the wretched beings that would be known as Sandmen. But, something smiled upon my life, as Corbin, the very God and embodiment of death, destroyed them before my very eyes and saved me from perishing. I became his envoy to this new world. I recorded all we came across surveying the destroyed land. We saw how the power of Oom had affected the people, and aided those trying to stave away the bite of the sands. He never explained to me why he would descend to such a wretched place, only that he loved it more dearly than to watch it suffer without even a hope. He would soon curse the Sandmen to wander in madness within the Black Sands until he deemed it fit for them not to."

"In his stay he found a love of the Asherati people. He made a sanctuary within the Glass Sea, where his son Noyan was born. Late in his stay he confided in me that on this day my friend Thur Sutt Nann, his son Oyagz, my "son" Seth and myself would perish, but also that his son would return to this desolate wasteland. And that beings from another far land were to perform the impossible and that I would need to tell them "Carve The Path To Home". Soon afterwards Corbin disappeared. I returned to his sanctuary in the Glass Sea after one of his tri-annual periods of rest he had with his lover and son, but there was not a trace of any of them. No one could understand what had happened, and it was not long before the people became desperate seeking leadership. A power vacuum erupted within the desert known as Keifel. This vacuum was soon quenched by the Oom Soldat, Halflings who commanded the power of the Oom with perfection. But just as soon as they had arrived they had disappeared, replaced by the vitriolic and despotic force of the Zohera. This is where you all find yourselves."

A noise of a mob erupted from outside prompting the old dwarven man to walk outside followed behind by the caravan group. They all witnessed a mob of Asherati lynching Seth in the middle of the dirt road, then leave his body bloodied and dead. "It is now up to the all of you. Carve The Path to Home."

With his speech finished, he exhaled a deep breath and closed his eyes, the life leaving with his utterance.
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The Kingdom of The Schriemann

Rethett Gaul's description of the kingdom that resides atop the mesas to the east of the Keifel desert.

"The Schriemann Kingdom is a horror to behold to even those accustomed to the problems of Keifel's sands. The people are a myriad of different race, but they are divided by their blood and descent. Their caste system holds five levels, and observation of them is the foremost recognized standard. The highest level of which run the lives of those below, are those who commonly own slaves. I only spare you the names of these castes because they vary from locale to locale and mesa to mesa, and no common consensus exists. Their language is so horrendously complex, it would take a year of intense study to proper scratch the surface. It is comprised of both Earth and Sand Mephits, having chased out the Salt Mephits upon the ejection of the Rehevat sympathisizers. They live their lives lording themselves over the lower levels."

"The group below them is composed of the dwarves and humans of the land. They guard all those of the highest caste, exchanging power for honor. Among them are the fiercest order, riding on the power of Oom in the way that the Oom Soldati had done so in the desert a few short decades ago. They are the Psiochnancets. Their authority extends down from the Grand Leader of the Land. King Foo Kess Nobo Dholge has ruled since his personality came into the common consciousness of the Schriemann people three decades ago. He rules in Avdaran Vah with a fist of adamantine, his visage plastered everywhere."

"Those we shall come across in Nos Ton are those of the merchant class. They find themselves envious of the influence of the warriors, but well to do in wealth. They are versed in the speak of the desert and we shall need to gather information from them to find the winged one. The humans and orcs of the merchant caste are often very harsh or outright hateful to those not interested in their wares, so some degree of subterfuge may be required."

Rethett coughed, then continued "Below the merchants are the laborers. Putting their safety and welfare on the line for what meager scrapings they can make. Lower family humans and orc halfbreeds comprise the caste, higher only than the elven slaves of favor. Few of those elves make it from the level below laborer to work themselves to death and have some semblance of meaning."

"The lowest of the lowest levels are those that are not even regarded as persons. They are called living trash by all others of the land. They have no status, whatever they call their own is taken everyday by anyone else, and they thieve and lie for whatever they can scrape. The Majority of elves, their bastard half breeds with humans, and mephit half breeds known as mephlings are all of this caste. Their illegitimacy denies them any real life, living on the lowest and most run down streets."

"Their cities border on marvel, weaving Aionis and Psionic power sources into towering masses of decadent and superfluous displays of dominance. Fanning out from these centers, the buildings and homes become dilapidated masses the further and further from the center. I do not know how far the winged one has been taken, but I will help you to find her as best I can, as long as you are to keep your promise Allesandra."

Allessandra responded, "I swear to you Rethett, I will take you with me when I leave this place. And, I will leave. No matter what."
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The various Objects which Fezzi gives to Lila to further study

Week 1
Elven History Capsule #0071
Dated: 240


Week 2
Elven Depilatory Razor
Dated: 501
Instantly shave any unwanted hairs from one's body upon speaking the command word.

Week 3
Elven Scroll?
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