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 Important Oka Region Organizations

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Important Oka Region Organizations

This page features a basic description of important groups that operate throughout the Oka

The Knighthood of the Silver Orchids
Alignment: Only Lawful Good

Leader: Sir Knight Artorias

Bio: A Gnome Knight Sir Artorias is the General of the Knighthood. Known for his mixture of sorcery and martial skill he entered into the Knighthood’s history early in his life. A great believer in the virtue of fairness, Artorias has overseen the greatest induction of non-gnome members to the Silver Orchids.

Description: Part of the Silvercrown military, The Knights of the Silver Orchid are the enforcers of the king’s law. Adopting a life of bravery and sacrifice, all members of the Silver Orchids give up their last names to become a part of the knighthood. The knighthood is held in high regard of the any citizen of the monarchy due the organization's dedication to the good of the monarchy and its citizenry.

Classes in Group: The knighthood accepts anyone who is dedicated to the monarchy but often inducts martial fighters.

The Royal Academy of Healing Magic’s and Science
Alignment: Neutral good, Lawful Good

Leader: Grand Healer Tristan Lambholt

Bio: The first human leader of the Royal Academy. His reign is both praised and controversial. Due to his invention of an alchemical substance, distilled from a common fungus, Lambholt was catapulted to the top ranks of the Academy’s leadership. Named Lambholt’s Tears, the substance is used to treat non-magical infections and since its introduction, non-magical illness has been reduced dramatically. However, Lambholt’s invention is not a cure all but it has allowed the common village to have a healer’s benefits, without one being present.

Description: Begun by Regulas Silvercrown the First, The Royal Academy of Healing Magic’s and Sciences was created on one simple principle, to provide expert medical care and eliminate disease throughout the monarchy. The academy is committed to this goal and over the years has created several agencies, cured countless diseases, and aided hundreds of thousands of lives throughout Oshu. The academy is always searching for new medical innovations and often sends agents to explore the Oka region for new remedies.

Classes in Group: The academy requires every single one of its member to be trained in the medical arts, in game this translates to at least three levels in the Healer class. However, after this basic training agents of The Academy are allowed to take levels in any class has long has they maintain their focus on the healing arts.

The Blood Vipers
Alignment: Any non-good

Leader: Lady No

Bio: Not much is known about the beautiful and enigmatic queen of the Blood Vipers. What is known is that she is as ruthless has she is beautiful. Spending most of her time on Butterfly Island in her palace, Lady No revels in the wealth that controlling a massive criminal network brings. Despite her presence on Butterfly Island, Lady No controls her organization with a frightening efficiency. When not on, what is in essence her Island, Lady No tours the lands of Oka inspecting her organizations inner workings.

Description: Based on Butterfly Island, The Blood Vipers are the largest criminal gang in the Oka Region. Providing the services of smuggling, “protection,” gambling, prostitution, and running a thriving black market, the Blood Vipers are everywhere. While the leader of the Blood Vipers is Lady No, the gang is actually divided into cells that are controlled by lieutenants and each one reports to Lady No on a regular basis.

Classes in Group: The Blood Vipers are a large scale organization; therefore they have members of all types. However, the Blood Vipers are involved in activities that no good character would want to be a part of.

The Magewright Order of Jet
Alignment: Any Non-evil

Leader: Grand Archmage Agatha Pearlheart

Bio: Born into the profoundly wealthy Pearlheart family, Agatha wanted for nothing. This included her entrance to the Magewright. Proud and vain, Agatha took to the magical arts like a fish to water, not to mention that she was perfectly adept at navigating the harsh social world of the Magewright. An authoritative figure on Oshu, Archmage Pearlheart has begun to focus the Magewright’s efforts towards mysterious aims known only to the monarchy and the High council of the Magewright.

Description: Based in the City of Jet, The Magewright order of Jet is the pinnacle of magical power in Oshu. Originally an order that was separate from the Silvercrown monarchy, it has since been brought under the yolk of the crown. Similar to the Royal Academy of Healing, the Magewright are dedicated in their furthering of the magical arts. The Magewright of Jet have experts in almost every school of magic but do not support the arts of necromancy, shadow magic, or any other form of magic that is born through evil pursuits. In addition to their furthering of the arcane arts, the Magewright train the magical military might for the Silvercrown monarchy.

Classes in Group: Despite seeming like an organization populated solely by stuffy wizards, the Magewright order of Jet produce magic users of all shapes and sizes. From Wizards and Sorcerers to Warmages and Duskblades the Magewright order of Jet encompass almost every type of spell caster.
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Important Oka Region Organizations
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