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PostSubject: General Information   General Information EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 2:07 pm

Here's where I'll put information for in game setting and background information.
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PostSubject: High Deities   General Information EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 2:55 pm

High Deities

Jerowisch (Erovish): Giant Deity of Fire, Self-Improvement & Competition

The God revered by most Giants of Aaralynn. Followers commonly purport fair-play and healthy competition. Is said to have lit the sun back on fire whilst Mileni fell ill, and lit the eternal fire below Tatacey's Forge. Is commonly depicted as a fire giant with fire red braided hair that reaches his shoulders and a blood red braided beard.

Lawful Good

Domains: Fire, Competition, Strength, War, Courage, Giant

Favored Weapon: Axe (Any Kind)

Gesture: A deliberate chop of the right hand in front of the face, with forearm parallel to body. Index finger curled, with others straightened out and positioned together.

Dogma: To Constantly Improve Oneself

Mileni: Deity of Light, Charity, & Love

The Goddess of Light and Healing Magic in Aaralynn. Followers believe in spreading caring, and supporting those in need. Discipline in swordsmanship and swordsmithing are also integral to her teachings. Her race and racial preference are sometimes debated, however in Aaralynn Many followers are human and aasimars. Her interactions with Alastor and Ceria remain indistinct. Is the creator of Healing Magic. Depicted as a brown-skinned woman with honey blond hair.

Neutral Good

Domains: Sun, Moon, Strength, Healing, Glory

Favored Weapon: Sword (Any Kind)

Gesture: Right open palm placed on the left shoulder, then moved to the right hip, then pulled straight up in a closed fist in front of the right shoulder. May be punctuated by turning the right hand from a closed fist around to an open palm away from the gesturing person.

Dogma: To Help Others

Xавел (Khaviel): Halfling Deity of Ice, Friendship, & Animals

The Deity of those that revere nature. Followers are commonly animal handlers or trail guides. Beliefs include living in tune with nature rather than against it. Commonly revered by smaller races such as Halflings, Gnomes, & Kobolds. Known to be just as wild as nature itself. Shown as having light skin hiding behind a shield.

Chaotic Good

Domains: Cold, Animal, Plant, Community, Halfling

Favored Weapon: Tower Shield

Gesture: Left hand curled closed then placed on the nose fingers facing down. Hand is then turned upright while uncurling the middle and ring fingers until pointing upwards. Accompanied by a smile normally.

Dogma: To Coexist Peacefully with Nature

Tatacey: Deity of Earth, History, & Patience

The Goddess known for patience and calculated thinking in the face of danger. Followers are commonly hard thinkers that contemplate all possible outcomes before making a decision. Is fabled to have molded the mountains with her pinky finger, and to have built the very structure of the land alongside Ceria. Mysterious enforcers known as "The Defenders" have been linked to Tatacey, however their rarity is near mythical. She is said to be an ancient earth elemental whom prefers to take the form of a woman. Commonly displayed as having clay colored skin with feathered cinnamon brown hair.

Lawful Neutral

Domains: Earth, Law, Balance, Craft, Planning

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Gesture: Closed left fist placed an inch or so in front of the right shoulder, then arm brought down deliberately sweeping low in front of the torso to the left side until completely extended. Commonly accompanied by a bow of the head. Most performers of the gesture are able to audibly crack the bones in their left arm while doing so.

Dogma: To Have Patience

Alastor: Deity of Darkness, Knowledge, & Magic

The God revered by magic users everywhere. The creator of nearly all the sub-schools of magic. Commonly known as uncaring towards all except the furthering of magical knowledge. His followers generally encompass most arcane magic users but are commonly evasive in interactions with others. Thought to be the tether that keeps the other deities connected and in check. Certain sects of his followers believe him to have had an intimate relationship with the other high deities, but especially Mileni. Shown normally as a grey-skinned male with black cracks throughout his skin as if though made of dark alabaster, cloaked in a black fur robe.

True Neutral

Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Darkness, Illusion, Mentalism, Spell

Favored Weapon: Book

Gesture: A calmed two fingered movement with the right hand from the left side of the chin up to the left side of the forehead, across the forehead, and then outwardly extending the right arm with the fingers still pointed outward.

Dogma: To Pursue New Knowledge

Sernel: Elven Deity of Wind, Art, & Freedom

A God as free as the wind. The Deity acknowledged for perfecting and maintaining the martial arts throughout time. Beliefs entail simplistic discipline while maintaining free thought. Followers include unarmed combatants and travelers. One tale of him claims that when he slayed the Demi-Deity-Demon Angreth, his punch not only obliterated Angreth, but fragmented his own arm into many pieces that were spread on the wind. Commonly depicted as a green haired elf with sharply angled gauntlets and an angled mask reminiscent of a bird covering his eyes and nose.

Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Elf, Liberation, Windstorm

Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike

Gesture: Index and Middle fingers extended and open, dragged in front of the face down the center of the face from above the forehead to below the chin. Once the hand is below the chin, index and middle fingers are then curled under the thumb. The hand is then casually thrust forward and the index and middle fingers are let loose from under the thumb again. Performed with the dominant hand of the person gesturing.

Dogma: To Keep an Open Mind

Ceria: Deity of Water, Greed & Protection

The deity in charge of the seas and all that reside within and on them. If one ever intends to have a good travel across the water, some fealty to Ceria better be given. When one wants vengeance, or protection Ceria is also the deity to be praying to. Most followers are underwater inhabitants. A great deal of debate actually comes into play between believers as to whether Ceria is male or female due to indistinct reference to them. Said to also be the progenitor of all underwater species. Depictions vary wildly save for having a fin on each elbow and webbed digits.

Lawful Evil (For the sake of putting the self over others in the way of treatment)

Domains:  Water, Ocean, Retribution, Protection, Destruction, Greed

Favored Weapon: Dagger & Quarterstaff

Gesture: Middle finger extended on the right hand with the hand pressed to the center of the chest with elbow extended as far from the body as possible. Most Abjuration spells are performed using only the middle finger extended off the hand.

Dogma: To Be Protected is Paramount

Leyna: Drow Deity of Lust, Industry & Electricity

Leyna is the Goddess revered by all drow living in the mountainous caves in Aaralynn. Obsessed with sex just like 99% of the drow in the land. Followers are common to link sex to anything in their daily life. Her dogma lays out putting forth one's own enjoyment above others, and even one's partner. Depicted as an attractive long haired drow woman.

Chaotic Evil (For sake of putting oneself before others in regards to pleasure)

Domains: Electricity, Charm, Lust, Drow, Trickery, Luck

Favored Weapon: Nunchaku or Three Section Staff

Gesture: Two upward strokes with open palms against the chest below the pectoral area.

Dogma: To Be Satisfied is Constant

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PostSubject: Re: General Information   General Information EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 6:27 pm

Low Deities and Patrons

Deities and divine beings of less repute than the high deities

Jubileus: Demi-Deity of Peace

The divine being regarded as the sole daughter of Mileni. Her race is heavily debated by some followers, but focus remains on her life and heroic exploits, told in The Experiences of The Lady. Often closely associated with her mother Mileni. Alleged to have left behind a trace of herself before ascending from the Material Plane. The Symbol commonly associated with her and her followers is a circle with a line extending on the 90, 225, 270, & 315 degree marks.

Lawful Good

Domains: Strength, Healing, Glory

Favored Weapon: Longsword and Shield

Dogma: To Bring One Another to Peaceful Coexistence

Ryogen: Demi-Deity of Weather

The very power behind the changing weather and seasons. He is said to reign with wild abandon at times and others calculated precision. Depicted as a humanoid with six arms and and six double ended naginatas, one in each hand. Known to wear many rings. Is regarded by some as a Demi-Deity-Demon.

Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Windstorm, Storm, Suffering

Favored Weapon: Dual-Ended Naginata

Dogma: To Understand the Harshness of Life and Persevere

Gansen: Demi-Deity of Time and Energy

Said to be the high being responsible for keeping the world moving. Thought by some followers to be even more powerful than the high deities due to older texts mentioning her before them. Temples often contain a chessboard, a favored past-time of the Goddess. Commonly depicted with long brown hair and a pair of gargoyle wings at her back.

True Neutral

Domains: Time, Force, Oracle

Favored Weapon: Ring

Dogma: To Become One with All Through the Passage of Time

Corbin: Demi-Deity of Sand and Death

Known as the bringer of death and destruction by some. A less than commonly known demi-deity, said to be the creator of The Defenders for Tatacey. Few depictions show his head as that of a Wolf/Dog. Is widely regarded in Keifel. Is regarded by some as a Demi-Deity-Devil.

Lawful Neutral

Domains: Death, Fate, Sand

Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike

Dogma: To Understand That Life Ends in All Beings

Noyan: Demi-Deity of Sand, Psionics and Rebirth

The prodigal son of Corbin, Noyan lived a life fraught with adventure before returning to his homeland and ascending to his father's power. Current ruler of The Schriemann Kingdom and the Keifel Sands. Friend to the group traveling in the ship known as 'The Aaralynn's Legacy'.

True Neutral

Domains: Nobility, Psionics, Renewal, Sand

Favored Weapon: Katana

Dogma: No matter the hardship one has endured, life can start anew.

Serohan: Demi-Deity of Calmness and Logic

Serohan is the Demi-Deity often called the link between users of Martial Arts and Sernel. Purported to have written down the many forms and combat styles within many scrolls after interpreting them from his teacher Sernel. Followers are common to apply logical thought to very disorganized and hectic situations. The Symbol Commonly associated to him is two lines crossing each other perpendicularly with the north-south line being longer than the east-west line, and the east-west line being positioned about 2/3s up the north-south.

Lawful Neutral

Domains: Celerity, Balance, Mentalism

Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike

Dogma: To Bring About Reasoned Thought and Logic to Difficult Situations

Xaosaologos: Demi-Deity of Amalgam

A mystery of a being, the tale of how Xaosaologos is a short tale. "Born from the darkness when the light struck form, the twins Ethos, Pathos & Logos. Pathos was slain and Ethos injured, Logos absorbed them into its form sacrificing himself for their continued existence. Xaosaologos came to be and razed a nation of fourteen million evil creatures in a single stroke." Other tales exist on the nature of Xaosaologos, however many conflict with one another, with little real consistency. Xaosaologos is mentioned in passing in the holy text of Jubileus.

True Neutral

Domains: Purification, Renewal, Pact

Favored Weapon: Unknown, many weapons are listed to be used or preferred by Xaosaologos

Dogma: Unknown, no agreed upon consensus comes about from the few devout followers.

Amittanda: Demi-Deity of The Harvest

Patron goddess of farmers. Said to have hair resembling wheat, Amittanda is known as the "Sower of Life Seeds". The focus of her following is to cultivate and reap the benefits of of sowing life.

Neutral Good

Domains: Community, Family, Plant

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Dogma: To Grow and Prosper in Health

Calgando: Demi-Deity of The Forge

The God Patron of many smiths. Hunched over an anvil forever creating perfect implements of the world, Calgando's followers believe him to be the last of a noble race long extinct, whose crafts were passed onto mortals by way of the smithing arts. To create a weapon or armor as an art form is its own praise to him.

Lawful Neutral

Domains: Craft, Metal, Nobility

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Dogma: To Create Perfection out from Chaos

Kaufmann: Demi-Deity of Wealth

Patron Deity of merchants. Whether a noble intent to own more and more or simply a deceitfulcommoner passing off as one, anyone who wants wampum looks to Kaufmann. Some find asking Kaufmann for their act of charity to come back around as gain for themselves, works more often than not. Devout followers of Kaufamann are few and even fewer find themselves asking how a being with an infinite coinpurse can find time and ability to continue to search for more.

Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Luck, Trickery, Wealth

Favored Weapon: Coinpurse

Dogma: To Gain and Amass Wealth towards one's personal goals.

Vauagin: Demi-Deity of Sound and Fury

Said to be one of the Children of Gansen and Morpheous. Vauagin devoured its sister, Deity of Light Aratif for reasons unknown, and there was naught but a great darkness in the world. Alone and blind, Vauagin became mad with insanity shouting for only herself to hear, composing great tales known only to her. In her thoughts as she slept she held memories of telling her stories to her sister. Lesser known amidst many, favored deity of actors and performing artists.

True Neutral

Domains: Sound, Wrath, Madness, Creation

Favored Weapon: Unknown

Dogma: To Express One's Thoughts to All Those that Would Hear.

Fitara: Demi-Deity of Dreams

Said to be one of the children of Gansen and Morpheous. After being devoured by her sister, Deity of Sound Vauagin for reasons unknown, she sequestered herself within a different dimension separate from her only sibling and alone.This new dimension shifted her form and powers and she reversed her name from Aratif to Fitara. She was alone and there was great silence throughout the dimension, but she eventually bent the landscape to her will and reached out to her sister in their home dimension and watched while she slept. The plane she resides on and created would become the Plane of Dreams. Lesser known to many, favored deity to the genie races.

True Neutral

Domains: Dream, Portal, Renewal, Creation

Favored Weapon: Unknown

Dogma: To Watch Over Those Who Cannot Control themselves.

The Creator: Duergar Demi-Deity of Psionics and Duergar

The progenitor of the Duergar of the Zorthap region. Separated from the Giants of Juerr to create a homeland for the Duergar people. Organized and Regimented are his folowers, all the Duergar of the Zorthap Mountains. Every person has a place, every person has a duty to perform. Deviance from it is intolerable. Any who would disrupt this order deserve destruction or subjugation.

Lawful Evil

Domains: Dwarf, Law, Mind, Psionics, Retribution, Tyranny

Favored Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe

Dogma: To Forge and Ensure the Security and Power of the Duergar people

Deivyyd: Demi-Deity of Mutation

The God-King of the Kanrach Desert. Visited by the Chaos Mother, he became her Conduit into the world. He rules the desert from his castle afloat in the sky. To mutate is to become closer to Chaos. All will be Chaos touched by the Mother. Without Chaos there is naught but Stagnation and Death.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Mutation, Madness

Favored Weapon: Tentacle

Dogma: To Change Is To Improve.

More to come later...

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Beings of extreme power of decidedly evil standing.

Hathkarathka: Demi-Deity-Demon of Strife

One of the most feared Deitic beings. Not thought as much to be a being, but rather an inner force of sheer hate and destruction. It is said the spirit of Hathkarathka rushes through battlefields reveling in the pain and death abounding. In the end of the Jubilean Holy text, Hathkarathka slays Jubileus in front of a pair of warring nation's armies. Her death serves to stop the oncoming armies conflict and Hathkarathka's energy was drained from the lack of violence, "destroying" the being. A common symbol associated with the Demon of Strife is a severed left eye.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Tyranny, Wrath, Domination, Hatred, Suffering

Favored Weapon: Claw

Dogma: To bring Suffering, Pain and Death to all beings.

Morpheous: Demi-Deity-Deva of Lies

Thought by some to be the father of all shape-shifters, Morpheous is an ancient titan. Thought by certain small sects of followers to be the father of the deity Alastor, and thus the true creator of magic. Some seek out the power of Morpheous to change their current lives to one of their preference.

The Necro-Master: Deity of Undeath

The Progenitor of the hideous act of making a facsimile of life of Undead. Separated into the component parts of Sievru, Kayangi and Kazerabet with the three parts splintering in followers and never truly coalescing.

Sievru: Demi-Deity-Devil of Undeath

Known as the Skeletal Left Hand of the Necro-Master. The Czar of Skeletons is known to be conniving and calculating. Regularly plots the downfall of nations.

Lawful Evil

Domains: Death, Undeath, Evil, Planning, Law

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Dogma: To make an orderly death to all.

Kayangi: Demi-Deity-Deva of Undeath

Known as the Zombified Head of the Necro-Master. The Zinthar of Zombies is less well known than the other two counterparts of the Necro-Master. No true motive is easily established by followers of Kayangi, only for the continued reanimation of the dead.

Neutral Evil

Domains: Death, Undeath, Evil, Destruction

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Dogma: Unknown

Kazerabet: Demi-Deity-Demon of Undeath

Known as the Ghostly Right Hand of the Necro-Master. The Goddess of Ghosts is known to be wild and unruly. Free like a spirit never better described an entity.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Death, Undeath, Evil, Madness, Chaos

Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Dogma: To Free all spirits from their bonds in life, through death.

Yamullo: Demi-Deity-Demon of Undeath

The Underling to The Necro-Master, before it's destruction. The traitorous second in command to the Necro-Master, possibly the cause for their separation into Kayangi, Sievru, and Kazerabet. Lord of the Vampires. His followers in Aaralynn ruled the land under and eclipse until an unknown event ended their reign of terror.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Death, Undeath, Evil, Vampirism

Favored Weapon: Bite

Dogma: To usurp power from those who do not deserve it.

Orythkalal: Demi-Deity-Deva of Other

Strangeness incarnate. All that is other is Orythkalal. Orythkalal does not cause hallucinations, Orythkalal is hallucinations.

Neutral Evil

Domains: Limbo, Madness, Illusion

Favored Weapon: Tentacle

Dogma: Unknown

Tuulnepp: Demi-Deity-Demon of Hunger and Famine

The Devourer of all, The Unending Siphon, & End Point Keeper are the titles of this nebulous being. To attempt to understand why it is is to attempt to process the existence of 'nothing' and nothingness. A task undertaken only by the insane.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Destruction, Gluttony, Hunger

Favored Weapon: Bite & Claws

Dogma: To consume all until there is absolute nothing.

Rhynok: Demi-Deity-Deva of Plague

The Spreader of Disease is commonly associated to snakes and insects. Life expectancy of a follower of of Rhynok is ultimately short with many finding some demented pleasure in transmitting infection upon others. The spread of disease and infection seems to give Rhynok power by it's simple existence.

Neutral Evil

Domains: Pestilence, Suffering, Trickery

Favored Weapon: Hook

Dogma: Spread Infection and inflict pain.

Chiminiku: Demi-Deity-Demon of Domination

Sometimes referred to as the deity of conquest but not by those who seek political gain, rather personal. Often portrayed as the dark sister goddess or true form of Leyna. This more often than not paints the perception of drow people.

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Domination, Lust

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Dogma: To Rob others of their Autonomy and Freedom.

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PostSubject: Astrological Signets   General Information EmptySat Sep 08, 2012 12:59 am

The Astrological Signets
The Astrological signs of the sky

There are 16 Astrological Signets in the night sky. Each of them dominate the sky for the weeks given. 4 Major, which last for 5 weeks each, and 12 Minor, which last for either 3 or 4 weeks. The Major Signets each herald the start of a new season. Each signet is named and described below.

The Vermillion Bird: Weeks 26-30. The Start of Summer.
An arrangement of stars facing to the south resembling a Phoenix. Star at the eye has an orange tint.
20 Stars.

The Cat: Weeks 31-33.
Blueish stars in the shape of a small cat.
7 Stars.

The Viper: Weeks 34-37.
A long line of stars with the head of the constellation facing west.
8 Stars.

The Sage: Weeks 38-40.
Mostly dim stars topped by a bright pair at the head of the constellation.
12 Stars.

The Chimeric Beast of Many Sons: Weeks 41-45. The Start of Autumn.
A cluster of stars of many different vivid colors. Different perceptions on the creature it resembles abound, some of which being a Tiger, a Unicorn, and a Horned Dragon. Exact dimensions are not commonly agreed upon.
45-69 Stars.

The Bat: Weeks 46-48.
Image of a bat with its wings pointed east and downward in realtion to own orientation.
9 Stars.

The Moon Catcher: Weeks 49-52.
Image of a person throwing a net. Formation of the stars seems to show the net surrounding the moon in the middle of the night.
19 Stars.

The Jester: Weeks 53-55.
Image appears to show a laughing man. 3 red stars line around the mouth.
16 Stars.

The Dark Warrior: Weeks 56-60. The Start of Winter.
A large and wide formation of stars that shows a warrior with many weapons behind a shield the size of the warrior.
37 Stars.

The Falcon: Weeks 1-3.
Stars arranged in the form of a falcon in flight.
17 Stars.

The Rat: Weeks 4-7.
The tail of The Rat is as long as its body and runs above the body of the constellation.
8 Stars.

The Lover: Weeks 8-10.
Stars in the formation of a woman with her arms held outward and open.
11 Stars.

The Lone Dragon: Weeks 11-15. The Start of Spring.
A Thin dragon wreathing itself around a solitary tree. Called lonely because it is the only animate creature in the spring season's sequence of constellations.
23 Stars.

The Jar: Weeks 16-18.
A pot in the sky with a pair of opposed handles.
6 Stars.

The Chariot: Weeks 19-22.
A cart which would be driven by a horse however nothing seems to be driving or riding it.
14 Stars.

The Spear: 23-25.
Stars pointing North in a simple form.
5 Stars.
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