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 Map Thread

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PostSubject: Map Thread   Map Thread EmptyMon Jul 23, 2012 2:28 am

Here's where I'll put the various maps of the land.
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PostSubject: Aaralynn   Map Thread EmptyTue Aug 21, 2012 7:29 pm

Aaralynn & Kursio

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Capital City: Belva

The main brain of the nation. Originally the heart of the Gorgeth Regime, before being taken by the the Uprising of Shalia led by the first ruler of Aaralynn, Hannah Shantell. The main offices of the Council of The Government of Aaralynn.

The Main city sits at the delta of the Mei River, which flows North-South. A five story defensive wall lies at about thirty-five miles radius outside the main city. The Mei River is wide enough to accommodate multiple large boats and is mainly crossed by large bridges throughout the city. The City is commonly divided into three districts. District One is on the west side of the Mei River and includes the Inner City, District Two is on the east of the Mei River, and District Three is on the southern side of the Mei River Delta, not including the Inner City.

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1= Inner City
The Original part of the city. A Castle taken from the Gorgeth Regime and refitted into formal buildings and courts. Surrounded by a 3 story defensive wall reaching the river. Gates and bridges lead in to the old architectures of the Inner City. Some people of Aaralynn believe that the King himself takes resident in the Inner City of Belva, but all the actual residents of Belva know that the Royal Family takes residence in Alarice.
The Council of The Government of Aaralynn Meeting Hall
The Bank of Aaralynn Main Headquarters and Mint
The Division of Internal Affairs of The Government of Aaralynn Headquarters
The Division of Warfare and Protection of The Government of Aaralynn Headquarters and War Room
The Division of Agriculture of The Government of Aaralynn Sewage Management of Belva

2= Saoirse Magi-Light Tower
A Former monument of The Gorgeth Regime has been converted into a tower which utilizes early magi-tech to create a towering light recognizable from afar, symbolizing the nation's victory. It extends high into the sky, and is recognized all around the nation. Built by the first Councilman of Magical and Technological Studies, Gage Hilton, in memory of his fallen lover Saorise Kallara.

3= Business Districts
The Main Administrative areas of the City of Belva. Contain many court houses and different administrative buildings.

Bank of Aaralynn Trust First Branch
Vernichter Weapons Headquarters
Oyogaya Shipwright's Center

Division of Technological Studies of the Government of Aaralynn Psionic Research and Consultation Center
Second Division of the Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation of Belva Headquarters
Iskonu Rubber Corporation Administration Headquarters
Iigrivii Animal Supplies Headquarters

Third Division of the Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation of Belva Headquarters
Belva Southern Transit Station
Soukoujii Ink Corporation Headquarters

4= Residential Areas
Many Residential districts exist within the main city. Different neighborhoods cater to all types of people. Unless otherwise noted all residential areas are of mixed population.

4wa -Wealthy Residential District
4w1= Aasimar Neighborhoods
4w2= Cat-Folk Neighborhoods
4w3= Collection of Giant Neighborhoods

4wb -Upper Middle Class Residential District
4w4= Leonin Neighborhoods
4w5= Elven Neighborhoods

4ea -Middle Class Residential District
4e1= Kusawa Neighborhood: Mizu Machi
Connected to the Manufacturing district, part of this neighborhood is built with water utilized as the thoroughfares. Most of the people who live here are Kusawa, and a majority of the residents work as laborers in the Manufacturing District.

4e2= Drow Neighborhood: Commonly Called Drow Town, or Little Agatha.
Home to any underground or drow paraphernalia related needs. Population is composed mostly of drow, but other underground common races are found here. Active mainly during the night-time hours.

4eb -Middle Class Residential District
4e3= Elven Neighborhood

4e4= Halfling Neighborhood: Malo Medved Park
A decently sized neighborhood with a bevy of small living quarters that many a halfling in the city call home.

4e5= Human Neighborhoods:
The Right Hand of Progress; Just your average everyday middle class neighborhood. Home to a small martial study school called 'The Blade of The Future'.
Woods of Theodore

4e6= Wolf-Folk Neighborhoods:
Hunter's Hollow

4sa -Lower Middle Class Residential District
4s1= Goblin neighborhoods of all degrees (Bugbears, Hobgoblins and Goblins)
4s2= Orc Neighborhoods

4sb -Lower Class Residential District
4s3= Dwarven Neighborhood:
Moolki Monzaal; Although surrounded mainly by lesser appearing homes, this neighborhood inhabited by dwarves contains larger more upscale houses than one would expect. They are by no means palatial, but better than one would expect. The Dwarven Martial Schools, Siif Hadaa & Derra Howellya take in students to their quarters here.

4s4= Lycanthrope Neighborhoods:
Full Moon's Rise; Populated mainly by werewolves. The largest of the neighborhoods in the district.
Crescent Quarters; Populated mainly by wererats.
Waning River; Living quarters of the werecrocodiles in Belva. All werecrocodiles have some ancestry in Kursio.

4s5= Former Gnome Neighborhood Slum Area:
Now an unused area of living quarters. Is supposedly to come under the ownership of the government, however uncertainty over the fate of this area due to the disappearance of Gnomes and the subsequent establishment of large shantytowns of homeless persons has made this transition difficult.

4s6= Lizard-Folk Settlement: An aggregation of small groupings of different races of Lizard-Folk people.
Kakererunshya: The largest Lizard-Folk town/neighborhood at the fringe of the city. Many citizens visit this area to gamble at the largest Casino in Aaralynn; Rarely Regal.

5= Noble Residential Districts

Yuolsa Courts
Darranka Palaces
Ebagefta Roya

Rabbes Nai
Undra Flokoat


6= The University of Belva
The Higher learning institute of the capital city. Divided into three campuses.

University of Belva Medical and Legal Department
University of Belva Historical Department and Reference Library

University of Belva Technology and Engineering Department
University of Belva Magical Development Department
University of Belva Agricultural Department

University of Belva Department of The Arts and Music

7= Manufacturing District
Nestled along the northern end of the Mei River Delta. Where most large production (such as boats and large magi-tech devices) takes place mainly on the east bank, along with smaller scale new business manufacturing (like shoes and clothing) in the west side.

Vernichter Weapons Manufacturing
Oyogaya Ship Construction and Marina
Machemann Construction Supplies and Manufacturing

Iskonu Rubber Corporation Manufacturing
Dokessha Construction Supplies and Manufacturing
Kiisha Fabrics Factory

8= Transit Sectors

8w: Land Transit Hub. Main brain for Train, and other land transport administration operations.

8e: Aquatic Transit Hub. Main center for seafaring transport administration.

9= Temporary Living / Inn Areas

10= Shopping Districts



Ase's Game Shop
Jubilo's Pizza Grill & Bar

11= Entertainment Districts


Ranjith Theater (Live Theater)


12= Fine and High End Shopping Districts

Vernichter Customs


13= Fine and High End Entertainment Districts

Lunisa Park: Aaralynn's Premier Amusement Park. The attractions are exotic acts and Magi-technical marvels and rides. It's pride is a giant rotating vertical wheel called the Ke-Usasch Wheel (More commonly a Bridgette Wheel).

Saabeth Theater (Di-Scry Theater)

14= Haley Park
A large public park in the west district of Belva.

Inside of the wall around the city, but not within the main city are other structures, living space, and et cetera. Some of which are as follows;

In District One:
To the North:
31 miles is a large Necropolis. Many noble families are buried here.
24 miles is an Jerowisch Temple

To the West:
22 miles is a Cathedral of Mileni

To the Northwest:
19 miles is Belva National Prison

To the Southwest:
13 miles is The Second Library of Alastor

In District Two:
To the East:
15-35 miles is a large patch of farmlands.
17 miles is a Monastery of Serohan.

To the Northest:
26 miles is a Leynan Temple

To the Southest:
17-26 miles is a large park with some statues devoted to Khaviel

In District Three:
To the South:
19 miles is a Kobold Town called Shyagamunda

.......I'll finish it later.........

Major Cities:

Bridgette: Home to the modern Magi-tech Train system.

Farrah: The de-facto Milenian city after the fall of Vanessa.

Aradia: Former capital of the Sheba Region. Home to the most prestigious magical study institutes.

Anne: Home of The Takami Coliseum, the second largest coliseum in Aaralynn.



Isa: The Home of Di-Scry. Many Lots of land to the south are used for Di-Scry recording.

Cora: The Giant Capital of Aaralynn


Allison: Home of The Sogesh Coliseum, the largest coliseum in Aaralynn.

Kammi: Capital of the Iga region.




A City of hustle and bustle, but not truly of immense size in comparison to other cities. Holds home to a large network of underground caverns, and the home of the modern sewer system used throughout Aaralynn. Home city of the accomplished Evan Cortex and his family.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
(An hour walking given no stopping)

1= Downtown Area

Center of the City & Where it was first founded
Statue of The Three Founders of Otyila (Löwerache, Seenoga, & Zdyoznil)
Public Hall (Previous Town Government Building)
Renovated Bath Houses (Restored after years of disuse after implementation of sewage system)
The Ai Cloud (The Oldest Companion House in the City)

2= The Business District

The Main Brain of Goings on in Otylia
The Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation Third Division Squadron Beta Office
Government Halls; Agricultural Maintenance, Religious Affairs, & City Official
Bank of Government of Aaralynn Otylia Branch

3= Transit Sector

The Heart and flow of the city's workings
The Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation Third Division Squadron Alpha Office
Transit Management Offices
Sewage Management Plant
Water Distribution Center
Train & Transit Car Manufacturing Warehouses

4= Noble Living District

Common living quarters of persons of the noble descent
Luditen (Neighborhood)
Ebertell (Neighborhood)
Seigresia (Neighborhood)
Freecosa (Neighborhood)
Kaufman's Vault (Neighborhood)

5= Shopping District

The Hustle & Bustle of the trade in Otylia
Shops of Various Wares, Services, & Amenities
The Purple Satin Curtain (Companion House)
Joe's Flying Dog (A moderately well known bar/restaurant that holds an axe competition annually)
The Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation First Division Office
Bars of both good and ill repute

6= The Entertainment District

The place where one goes in Otylia to seek out a good time
Chao's Theater of Fine Arts
The Lover's Embrace (The Largest and most Opulent Companion House in Otylia)
A Myriad of small gambling houses;
The Silver Octogon (A bar by day, a betting house by night)
The Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation Second Division Office

6a: The The Coliseum of Eternal Spirit (A coliseum where pitched fights are bet on and watched by spectators)
6b: Löwerache's School of Martial Combat
6c: Seenoga's Academy of Fighting
6d: Zdyoznil's Training Grounds

7= The Otylian Institution of Higher Learning

The University of the City of Otylia
7a: The Paladanic Keep of Heeton (An institution where Paladins of Mileni are trained)

8= Noble Living Quarters

Area of living mainly populated by people of high distinction
Dirge of Mileni (Mostly Aasimar Neighborhood)
Rays of Gold (Neighborhood)

9= Temporary Living Space Area

This area is mostly populated with larger sight-seeing hotels for higher prices than other hotels in the city.

10= Niela (Neighborhood)

An old neighborhood owned mainly in part by the Cortex Family. Contains Professor Cortex's Laboratory, Garden and Home. The Professor, The Doctor, Crimson, & Lila live in his home.

11= Iona (Neighborhood)

A Mostly Elven Neighborhood

12= Rio (Neighborhood)

A Neighborhood near the transit and manufacturing area. Home to many manufacturing workers like Kusawas, & Humans.

13= Chyesell (Neighborhood)

A Neighborhood mostly populated by Halflings

14= Ergeth (Neighborhood)

A neighborhood mainly populated by dwarves

15= Slum Neighborhood

Commonly regarded as a less sightly part of Otylia. An as of yet undeveloped area of land sparsely populated by drifting persons and riff raff.

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Map Thread Empty
PostSubject: Keifel   Map Thread EmptyTue Oct 02, 2012 11:27 am

Keifel & Schriemann

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
The Map owned by Rethett Gaul.


Southern Desert
Hoffeln: The decrepit town that the caravan found themselves just outside upon arriving

Gocktu: A thriving small city with access to a lot of water. Main trading outpost for the Zohera to the southern desert area.

Bashtel: ??????????

Reeval: ?????????

Sorue: ??????????

Timova: City to the east. Near the Schriemann Mesa Edge. Established on the ruins of the destroyed Sumrana City.

Barrega: City far out into the desert where devil dunes roam.

Southwestern Eftel Plains
Besska: A large outpost of craftspeople, building and refining mainly materials used in transit crafts and psionically enhanced devices.

Horean: A modest gathering of merchants pedaling food, and mounts. Located within the main farm land of the plains.

Luunda: ??????????

Eftel: The Capital of the Southwestern area of the Keifel Desert. Built into a massive gorge, composed mainly of iron and aionis structures. Contained the main base of the Southwestern branch of the Zohera Organization, before it was raided by the Chimeric Terror.

Central Desert
Ekagna: A large trade outpost between small patches of farmland. Proximity to the Dunewinder nest has caused difficulty for certain farmers.

Effnma: A mining outpost built further out from the majority of the more developed northern desert.

Vuuel: ??????????

Umnaut: The city of the Asherati within the Mirror Sand Ring. Close to Crystal Palace of Corbin, and was deeply connected to him until his disappearance. It's status as of late is unstable.

Sorva: ??????????

Teth: A settlement of Sand Giants near the Schriemann Mesa Edge.

Northern Desert
Olcadara: Holds the High North Zohera Base

Soomboot: ??????????

Doleba: ??????????

Tikit: ??????????

Welgan: ??????????

Resca: ??????????

Eemena: The Capital City of the Northern Desert. A Major slave trade outpost to the Schriemann Kingdom. Contained the Main Base of the Zohera Organization until it was overtaken by The Chimeric Terror and many of the Gnoll Tribes.

Keslar: ??????????

Elerka: ??????????

Gottnab: ??????????

Ern: ??????????

The Black Sands
Greschell: Ruins of the former city. Visible from far distances.

Schriemann Kingdom

.....more coming soon.....
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Map Thread
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