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 Time Line & Episode Placement Thread

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Time Line & Episode Placement Thread Empty
PostSubject: Time Line & Episode Placement Thread   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 3:34 pm

Timelines & Episode Placement

This is where is all relevant information about occurrences will go, starting with the anthology of Episodes

Episode One: The Magnificent Ending
Year 1576 week 37

Episode Two: The Covered Canyon
Year 1576 weeks 40-41

Episode Three: The Bleeding Forest or 40 Ways to Defy Nature and Ruin Lives -Gaiden A
Year 1576 week 38-39

Episode Four: A Time To Be Thankful & Espionage No More
Year 1576 week 42-43 & wk 42

Episode Five: The Darkest Descent
Year 1576 week 43

Episode Six: Cracked Castles and Siphoned Souls
Year 1576 week 42- Year 54 week 34

Episode Seven: Only The Dead Know Peace -Gaiden B
Year 1576 week 52- Year 1577 week 1

Episode Eight: Emptiness, Thy Name is Corrine & The Blazing Path of Glory of Jojora's Mightiest -Gaidens C & D
Year 1576 week 46 & Year 794 week 40-41

Episode Nine: The Silent Whispers of Foreign Madness
Year 54 week 34 - Year ???? week ??

Episode Ten: Making The Best of a Fuzzy Situation
Year 3417 weeks 16-20

Episode Eleven: A Myriad of Mispronounced Misnomers
Year 8412 week 12-22

Episode Twelve: The Eternal Spirit of Competition & Prison Yard Follies -Gaiden E
Year 1577 week 7 & Year 1577 week 7

Episode Thirteen: In As Far As Fate Will Allow
Year 11941 week 10~

Episode Fourteen: Now, My Beloved Asuras, That Deitic Reason is Ours to Behold -Gaiden F
Year 801 week 1

Episode Fifteen: Beaten Down, Bloodied Up, Trampled On, but Never Counted Out
Year 3417 week 25~

Episode Sixteen: Without Your Piercing Fervor How will You Carry On? & Where Are You From, And How Are You Called There?
Year 8412 week XX & Year 1452 week 17~ :: Year 1577 week 8~

Episode Seventeen: The Same As It Never Was Part I
Year ???? week ??

Episode Eighteen: You Could Never Understand What It Means To Be This Happy
Year 1577 week ??

Episode Nineteen: The Same As It Never Was Part II
Year ???? week ??

Episode Twenty: ?? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ?? ???? & ???? ??? ????? ?? ???????? ??????? ????
Year ???? week ?? & Year ???? week ??

Episode Twenty-One: The Same As It Never Was Part III
Year ???? week ??

Episode Twenty-Two: ??????? ???? ???????? ??????, ??? ???? ??? ????? ???
Year: ???? week: ??

Episode Twenty-Three: ??? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ???????
Year: ???? week: ??

Episode Twenty-Four: ... ??? ?, ???????? ??? ???????? ... & The Gray, The Grey, And The Blind Deaf Mutes
Year ???? week ?? & Year 2093 week 20

Episode Twenty-Five: ??????? ???????
Year ???? week ??

Episode Twenty-Six: ??? ??? ?? ??? ????
Year ???? week ??

Episode Twenty-Seven: ? ???????? ??? ????????? ??????? ?? ?????????
Year ?????? week ??

Episode Twenty-Eight: ????????? ???? ??? ??????
Year ???? week ??

Episode AB: Abberant Behaviors
Year 1576 weeks 48-51

Episode FF: Father Figures
Year 1576 weeks 51-53~

Episode SS: Suppletionary Systems
Year ???? week ??

Episode TT: Twisted Timelines
Year ???? week ??

Episode YZ: ???? ??????
Year ???? week ??

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Time Line & Episode Placement Thread Empty
PostSubject: Aaralynn   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyMon Jul 23, 2012 2:26 am

The Major Events in Aaralynn's History

Circa 3
The Cataclysm. Before this point no history exists. No Records or relics dating beyond this point have ever been found in recorded history. Only One phrase etched into a stone. "I cast dagger beyond circumstance the vault precipitate". This stone lies at the center of the three way intersection of the Prota River in Kursio. It is apparently immovable.

Circa 210
The thin land strip connecting the mainland and the Kursian Island is destroyed in order to halt an invading army.

Circa 550
The disease The Ichor of Aldoo, a violently deadly, body rotting infection appears. Somehow it is quieted and it's spread halts after an unknown event.

Circa 707 - 744
The Rule of Karazann The Engineer. A widely known and incredibly powerful human mage whom gained control over the island nation's various wide spread governments. Thought by some believers of Jubelius to be an incarnation of Hathkarathka and an organized coup was enacted upon the land he ruled from. The result of this coup was the destruction by magical means of the wide stretch of land that bridged the now separate pair of islands.

Circa 1067 - 1099
The Disciples of Yamullo, a vampiric cult overtake the main island continent bathing it in darkness. The leaders are forced into hiding after an unknown event, an assumed Milenic uprising, the light returns to the land, and life eventually returns to normal from the broken status it was left in.

Circa 1120
The last Disciples of Yamullo are destroyed and vampirism disappears from the land.

Before 1203
Records from before this time become very hazy and nebulous.
The destruction of many of these records came about due to actions on the part of newer governments during The Split Nation Era and the Gorgeth Regime.

1204 - 1477: The Split Nation Era
The Island Nation is divided into six provinces which are ruled over by local large scale governments. They are Iga (west coast), The Empire of Irrieta (North Coast), The Domain of Sheba (Center), La Montañas Del Rayos Del Sol (Southwest Coast), Sud Siematka (Southeast Coast), & The Orayshiman Empire (East Coast).

A resurgance of The Ichor of Aldoo disease begins to spread throughout the land. It is transferred through both sexual contact and prolonged interaction with afflicted persons.


[Episode Sixteen B Part 1]

The Ichor of Aldoo is cured by a Drow alchemist; Sarse Vanda, in Sud Siematka. This also cures all other sexually transmitted diseases, save for Lycanthropy.

A large scale coup of the regional governments is enacted by the Gorgeth Organization and they assume control of the Island Nation. New laws involving slavery and subjugation of non-dwarven people are enacted.

The Iga School of Ninjutsu is Formed

The Setting Sun School of Ninjitsu is Formed

An odd ship claiming to be from beyond Ceria's Edge arrives in Kursio. Although no real information is known about the strange ship and those aboard it, The Kursian Monarchy decides to send 1/3 of it's fleet back out with the strange ship in search of aid against the Gorgeth Regime. 400 ships depart, 1 sailor: Kanje Tillase returns 4 years later, completely insane and unintelligible.

Hannah Shantell becomes Sovereign Ruler of Aaralynn, after overthrowing the Gorgeth Regime.

Slavery as enforced by the Gorgeth Regime is outlawed in perpetuity.

The Divisions of Internal Affairs, Warfare and Protection, and Magical and Technological Studies are all formed. Lee Bert Thallen is the first Councilman of Internal Affairs. Cirrus Follo is the first Councilman of Warfare and Protection. Gage Hilton is the first Councilman of Magical and Technological Studies.

Royal Intelligence Laboratory #1 is founded in the offshore island settlement of Vanessa.

The Division of Religious Affairs of The Government of Aaralynn is formed. Molketto Forsect is the first Councilman of Religious Affairs.

The City of Vanessa ascends into the sky through the aid of the Royal Intelligence Laboratory #1.

Ettiene Shantell is born on Vanessa. His father is unknown.

The Division of Agricultural Development and Maintenance of The Government of Aaralynn is formed. Denton Arbeitman is the first Councilman of Agricultural Development and Maintenance.

The Royal Intelligence Laboratory #2 is founded in the Marsha Forest.

Kabibe Aideen succeeds Molketto Forsect as Councilwoman of Religious Affairs following Molketto's death.

Hostilities from Mondoe increase and Mondoe begins to deploy militarized units on their border and into neighboring water space.

The Sogesh Coliseum is completed after two years of construction in the city of Allison. Every 6 years The Starke Schlacht Turnier is held. Intermittent tournaments are held each month to determine the entrants.

Kimiko Degasson succeeds Lee Bert Thallen as Councilwoman of Internal Affairs after Lee's passing.

Mondoe declares war on Aaralynn.

Rad Odessa succeeds Gage Hilton as Councilman of Magical and Technological Studies after Gage's retirement.

Capital City Fanado of Mondoe is captured, however insurrection continues from Mondoe.

Councilman of Warfare and Protection Cirrus Follo dies in the siege of the Capital City Fanado.

Caspar Valmont succeeds Cirrus Follo as Councilman of Warfare and Protection.

Queen Hannah Shantell is assassinated by an Agent of The Mondoe Nation. Ettiene Shantell Succeeds the throne.

A large scale Lycanthropic outbreak occurs. The causes are debated, whether it be an attempt to aid Aaralynnian forces in the Mondoean War, which still had no end in sight, or to attempt to sieze control during distress.
The situation only becomes worse when a vigilante by the name of Van Horean begins slaying lycanthropes in large numbers, prompting backlash and worsening the situation.

Soloe City is captured. The war between The Mondoe Nation and Aaralynn ends.

Former Councilman of Magical and Technological Studies Gage Hilton dies of old age.

The Division of Artistic Exploration of the Government of Aaralynn is created. Amanda Farve is the first Councilwoman of Artistic Exploration.

A Vaccine is developed in Royal Intelligence Laboratory #2 which prevents the spread of Lycanthropy through injury and sexual contact. The only way it can be transferred is through heritage. An end to the widespread panic of Lycanthropy is brought about, but the actions of Van Horean do not apparently end until one year after the vaccine is developed.

Darius Solbeth succeeds Kabibe Aideen as Councilman of Religious Affairs after her inexplicable disappearance.

Brenna Holbreck succeeds Denton Arbeitman as Councilwoman of Agricultural Development and Maintenance after Denton's passing.

Norbert Vincent succeeds Amanda Farve as Councilman of Artistic Exploration after Amanda dies due to complications in childbirth.

Sanctions and Embargos are enacted upon Kursio.

Ettiene Shantell Marries Rosa Sergisenn.

Leonidas Sergisenn succeeds Kimiko Degasson as Councilman of Internal Affairs following her retirement.

The Royal Intelligence Laboratory #2 is destroyed in a mysterious accident.

Maria Iolani succeeds Rad Odessa as the Councilwoman of Technological Studies, and the Magical Studies Division of the Government is combined with the Religious affairs division under Darius Solbeth.

Sybil Kohza succeeds Norbert Vincent as the Councilwoman of Artistic Exploration after Norbert dies in a duel.

Carmine Shantell is born.

Sahkyo Dash succeeds Sybil Kohza as the Councilwoman of Artistic Exploration after a tragic accident slays Sybil.

The Royal Intelligence Laboratory #3 is founded in the City of Anne.

Conflicts with Kursio end with the signing of the Treaty of Feldman.

The City of Vanessa plummets from the sky 50 years after it ascended. Queen Rosa Shantell perishes in the fall.

Magic begins to noticeably taper out.

Afton Godfrey succeeds Sahkyo Dash as the Councilman of Artistic Exploration after Sahkyo dies from an unknown illness.

Foucault Durst succeeds Darius Solbeth as the Councilman of Religious Affairs and Magic Studies after Solbeth's retirement.

Ettiene Shantell passes away after years of ill health. He is succeeded by his son Carmine Shantell as King. Carmine Marries Sora Feldman of Kursio.

Tendais Lowell succeeds Afton Godfrey as the Councilman of Artistic Exploration, after the poisoning of Afton.

Former Internal Affairs Councilwoman Kimiko Degasson dies of old age.

The Gnome people have noticeably vanished.

After about 9 years of steadily increasing harshness from The Paladanic Force of Mileni, A new city law enforcement task force is planned to be formed by Leonidas Sergisenn.

Leonidas Sergisenn formally forms the Internal Force of Criminal Subjugation, after three years of preparation.

[Episode One]

[Episode Three]

[Episode Two]

[Episode Four B]

[Episode Six (Begins)]

[Episodes Four A & Five]

[Episode Eight A]

[Episode AB (Begins)]

A Bizarre Smoke covers a large portion of the southwestern portion of the nation causing widespread destruction in the area from an increased number of aberration creatures wreaking havoc.

[Episode AB (Ends)]

[Episode FF (Begins)]

Larousch Seebach succeeds Foucault Durst as the Councilman of Religious Affairs and Magical Studies one month after Durst is assassinated by Corrine Dailan.

[Episode Seven (Begins)]

Tendais Lowell dies from apparent exhaustion in Belva in strange link to the circle-square criminal organization. He is succeeded by Lumina Shassdeff.


The Division of Warfare and Protection of the Government of Aaralynn is reformed into The Division of Welfare.

[Episode Seven (Ends)]

After calling a summit of the Paladins of Mileni, Chimelu Deo Naolin well known to the public as the Fist of Mileni has disappeared without a trace. Newly appointed Councilman of Religious Affairs and Magical Studies, Larousch Seebach, steps forward as a leader and public face of the adherents of Mileni.

[Episode Twelve A]

[Episode Twelve B (Begins)]

[Episode Sixteen B Part 2]


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Time Line & Episode Placement Thread Empty
PostSubject: Keifel   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyTue Oct 02, 2012 11:50 am

Keifel & Schriemann's Storied History

Magic tapers noticibly

The Rehevat Empire finally through coercion and cold war tactics overtakes The Schriemann Kingdom. The Schriemann Kingdom is assimilated into the empire without a single battle between the forces.


The Western Plateaus of The Rehevat Empire are destroyed by a coulmn of power in a flash of an instant.

Magic nearly completely disappears.

The Sandmen begin to roam the desert. Their purpose is unknown, and their abilities are frightening and deadly.

The Deity of Death and Sand: Corbin asserts his presence to the desert now called Keifel.

The Schriemann Kingdom reasserts itself as sovereign driving out those considered outsiders to their nation. Former loyalists of the Rehevat are violently expunged from the Kingdom into the desert remains of the former empire.

circa 5
(circa 1804)

Corbin goes about cursing the Sandmen to roam in madness until the deity himself would deem them not to. Their presence dwindles to random happenstance, and they are rarely seen outside the Black Sands of Greschel, the former volcano to the east.


Corbin, His wife & son disappear.

Widespread discord occurs due to Corbin's disappearance. Slave Trade in the desert increases in ferocity.

Foo Kess Nobo Dholge comes into power in Schriemann


The Oom Soldat, a group of psionically gifted Halflings begin a campaign of racially driven conquest across the desert. Their name becomes synonymous with psionic ability.


Resistance against The Oom Soldat arises in smaller rival gangs gaining power, and eventually the sight of Halflings is almost unheard of. Most of the race had been sold into slavery to the now flourishing Schriemann Kingdom.


The Zohera Organization, an amalgamated force between many different races,  begins to take power in the Keifel desert and run both water and slave trades.


Noyan, son of Corbin, returns to the Keifel Desert

The Chimeric Terror Ends the stranglehold of The Zohera Organization in The Keifel Desert by besieging the Northern Base and cutting off communications.

[Episode Six (Ends)]

[Episode Nine (Begins)]

The Chimeric Terror Overthrows the government of The Schriemann Kingdom by slaying Foo Kess Nobo Dholge and allowing Noyan to take power over both Keifel and Schriemann.

The Aaralynn's Legacy uses 'The Zero Dissolver' to obliterate Mount Karst of the Salt Mephits wiping out 80% of the salt mephit population to halt the overtaking of the desert by the mephits

The Ichor of Aldoo has begun to spread through the Keifel Desert, slowly killing off the people of the desert.

Magic returns to Keifel & Schriemann en masse.

[Episode Nine (Ends)]

The Asherati Race, unaffected by The Ichor begin to assert dominance throughout the Keifel Desert.


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PostSubject: Shuulmenth Tsuiho   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyTue Oct 02, 2012 11:52 am

Shuulmenth Tsuiho's Battles and Troubles

None but Dragons have lived before this time. Thousands of years are purported to have passed before.

About 8 Centuries Ago
The separate Dragon Families and Organizations quell their disputes and fighting. They put aside their differences to maintain better control over all the smaller folk.

21 Years Ago
A Brown Glowing Meteor breaks through the red tinted skyline.

Jojora Appears

Jojora gathers a force of the most powerful beings, only having appeared in the most recent of times.

7 Years Ago

[Episode Eight B]


Jojora's Asuras slay a majority of the Dragon kind, forcing them to retreat to their capital.


Jojora and his lover Vallran lead an assault on the final stronghold of dragon-kind

[Episode Fourteen]

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PostSubject: Re: Time Line & Episode Placement Thread   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 6:08 pm

Beshfell’s Rotating Rulers

The Island of Cayetta ascends into the air by Doctor’ Vanya. Doctor’ Vanya protects and watches over the elven people of the land.
The Elven people rule the land by use of their magic capability. The Human population is subservient to them.
Mimitaros exist as pets to the elven people.
A time of great prosperity was had.

Vanya passes his title for reasons unknown. Doctor’’ Quixo, an elf, takes his place.

Quixo deems that the mixed blood half-elves shall be allotted the cavern systems within the island in order to avoid further conflict between the races.

A gradual decline of morality sweeps across the land, as food begins to become harder to come by.

Doctor’’’ Escasojo develops a method of self-producing sustenance.

The logistics behind providing it to all people of the land proves troubling. A class differencing arises between those who can gain the sustenance ability; The Reales, and those who cannot; The Pleyebos.

Doctor’’’’ Alrutan brings a Soarwhale within his ken.

Alrutan embarks on a campaign of taming the Soarwhales of ‘Cayetta’

The Battle of Comùn  starts the Cayetta Civil War between the Reales and The Pleyebos.

Doctor’’’’’ Ojarra, a Real, is named after seeing into the future of a battle, averting an ambush from the newfound ally of the Pleyebos; the half-elves from within the cavern systems

Ojarra witnesses an oracle foretelling the grim future of Cayetta

The Cayetta Civil War is brought to an end, by an assumed armistice.

Doctor’’’’’’ Seteste Magically encodes the ability to utilize magic to be someday used by future generations

Seteste seals the island of Cayetta within a protective magical sphere, leaving the human population to their own devices

The Dark Times. Not much is recorded from this era, as with free reign to the human population came a large power vacuum. Widespread chaos and pillaging was the normal status. The land is renamed Verheirattada.

Doctor’’’’’’’ Raggda, the first human doctor, decodes the instructions from Seteste and facilitates magic use by humans.

The use of magic greatly advances the structure of Human society.

The history of the elven people is rediscovered.

Doctor’’’’’’’’ Lierm discovers that the Mimitaros are capable of storing great amounts of energy with no harm to them. The discovery integrates the pets as ground messengers and go betweens.

Doctor’’’’’’’’’ Nadiva begins a conflict between the divided factions of humans, by annihilating a city in a single instant.

The Civil War of Verheirattada begins.

Doctor’’’’’’’’’’ Karinda innovates through biology a method for turning Mimitaros into giant raging monsters. The use of the Mimitaros as weapons becomes commonplace.

Doctor’’’’’’’’’’’ Gargwa, fed up with the destruction of the war, manages to magically slay every human on the island of Verheirattada, leaving the Mimitaros untouched.

Through the experimentation done upon the Mimitaros, their mental capacity increases and they begin to form small societal connections. The island is renamed Beshfell.

Mimitaros learn the ways of magic through decoding the instructions of Seteste

King Gerva comes to power. He leads with an iron paw, campaigning to escape the binds of the sphere sealing the island off, and conquer the assumed lands below.

Doctor’’’’’’’’’’’’ Konye, the first mimitaro Doctor, shatters the barrier surrounding Beshfell for King Gerva.

Within the same day, the brother of the king; Jertav and his most trusted guard slay the Mad King Gerva.

The new ruler bans magic use for its continued social destabilizing of the island.

The Abeil people settle on the bottom of Beshfell.


[Episode Ten (Begins)]

Doctor’’’’’’’’’’’’’ Ihop, along with a group of humanoid outsiders stops the one known only as "The Madman" from taking control of Beshfell, and distributes the strange golden force of energy he controlled amidst all the living creatures of Beshfell in order for it to not overwhelm him, ushering in a new age for the Mimitaro people.

[Episode Ten (Ends)]

[Episode Fifteen]


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PostSubject: Re: Time Line & Episode Placement Thread   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 1:11 am

Wyruulanthea Timeline

Update to come later
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PostSubject: Re: Time Line & Episode Placement Thread   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 2:25 am

History of Juerr, Zorthap, Kanrach & Addajj
As told by Moonstone, Sardonyx, Amxada & Xered

????-4725 VF (Vor Fortschrift): The Time of Unknowing
An unknown span of time at least two thousand five hundred years in length pass. It is known as a time wherein Black Spheres ruled over the land carving out the landscape of the continent. Amxada postulates that her ancestors, the Genies ruled over the continent and thinks their downfall resulted from the black spheres destruction.

4725~4325 VF: The Hunt
Giants, Dwarves and Humans organize a resistance to the Black Spheres hunting them to their disappearance. In absence of the Black Spheres the humanoids organize into societal connections. Armistice occurs by fracturing into social classes based upon race; The Giants- The Protectors, The Dwarves- The Creators, & The Humans- The Laborers. They live in the fertile plains and hills of the northern valley of the continent called Juerr.

3800s VF
Strife begins to grow between the races of Juerr. The Dwarves feel unappreciated and begin to establish settlements in the western mountains naming them Zorthap. Some humans flee servitude into the desert central of the continent wandering unto their deaths rather than be subjugated by others.

3119 VF
The Cactari race is created by the Duergar to explore the expanse of the desert in the center of the continent.

3000 VF / 1 CZ
The Duergar led by one known only as 'The Creator' begin an assault on the valley of Juerr in an effort to take the valley for their kind.

2933 VF / 67 CZ
The development of Biothaumaturgy by the Duergar allows them to forge the Uushmyr creatures as tools of war against the Giants and Humans of Juerr.

2864 VF / 161 CZ
The Duergar create the Dromite race as servants and lackeys limiting their mental faculties.

2789 VF / 236 CZ / Many Spans Before Dahlia
The Duergar forge the Thri-Keen Race as a means of food for their Uushmyr creatures of War.

2104 VF / 921 CZ / 1 Dahlia
Dahlia arrives to the Addajj Coast.

Age of Andesel:

1800s VF / 1200s CZ
The Duergar begin making greater headway into Juerr through advanced Uushmyr creation.

1577 VF / 1448 CZ / 427 Dahlia / 1B Chao
The Chaos Mother appears to her Chaos Conduit; Deivyyd in the Kanrach Desert. He begins shaping the landscape of the waste to his desire through mutation.

941 VF / 2084 CZ / 1164 Dahlia / 297 Chao
Dahlia enters a deep catatonic state for a number of months after which she partitions her mind into six parts forming her Niou-Ashelardians; Moonstone, Tourmaline, Beryl, Andalusite, Spinel, and Jacinth to watch over the Thri-Keen and returns to her slumber to await the arrival of The Legacy.

Age of Soptheir:

300s-100s VF / 2700s-2900s CZ / 600s-800s BR / 4E0s-5A0s Chao
Increased migration and escape from Juerr into Kanrach occurs in light of conditions of the endless war. Humans, Half-Giants and others seeking some degree of freedom flee into the desert as the Duergar encroach on the capital of the Giants.

3 AG (Angekommen Gott) / 3028 CZ / 944 BR / 647 Chao
The Mountain which houses the Giant capital erupts as a volcano and Jerowisch, God of Fire and Giants emerges to aid and rule over the people of Juerr.

200s-300s AG / 3200s-3300s CZ / 1100s-1200s BR / 700s-760s Chao
The conflict between Juerr and Zorthap turns to favor the Giants.

The Adnog Conflict:

500s AG / 3500s CZ / 1400s BR / 830s Chao
The Duergar of Zorthap turn their aggression towards the Kanrach Desert assailing it with Uushmyr.

The Vicious Retaliation:

800s AG / 3800s CZ / 1700s / 950s Chao
The Duergar of Zorthap and Deivyyd reach an uneasy armistice after some centuries of fighting choosing to instead focus attack on the Giants of Juerr.

887 AG / 3912 CZ / 1878 BR / 9BB Chao
The Duergar develop Bio-Cable with aid from Jacinth, a material light as simple fibers but tensile and strong enough to act as armor when acted upon.

900s-1400s AG / 3900s-4500s CZ / 1900s-2400s BR / 9C0s-C00s Chao
War for control shifts further towards the Duergar with help from Jacinth, increased Uushmyr generation and non-interference from the Kanrach Desert.

1489 AG / 4514 CZ / 2480 BR / C15 Chao
Jacinth betrays the Duergar, for reasons unknown creating a struggle for power anew amidst the land. She forms her base atop the highest peak of the continent armed with the knowledge that she had gained while allied with the Duergar of Uushmyr creation.

1600s AG / 4600s CZ / 2600s BR / C50s Chao
Jacinth begins development of the first run of her Ou-Ou Ashelardians making five in her own image to better assert dominance over the land. She begins rapid expansion and acquisition of the land fromboth the hands of the Giants of Juerr and Duergar of Zorthap.

2084 AG / 5109 CZ / 3075 BR / E68 Chao
During a pivotal battle one of Jacinth's copies attempt to betray her. The unsuccessful attempt at her life prompts Jacinth into a rage filled century long hunt for her copies dismantling the force she had built in order to hedge attempts at betrayal.

2200s AG / 5200s CZ / 3200s BR / EC0s Chao
Jacinth creates the second run of her race of Ou-Ou Ashelardians making them in the likeness of her former comrades; Tsavonite (Tourmaline), Varisite (Beryl), Emerald (Andalusite), & Jade (Spinel).

2848 AG / 5873 CZ / 3839 BR / F64 Chao
In an assault on Jacinth's territory by Duergar forces, a last ditch effort to not sustain larger casualties Emerald unleashes all the Uushmyr contained by the Ou-Ou Ashelardians. The horde of unleashed beasts routes the Duergar forces but their loosing unleashes virile and vicious breeds of creatures not yet glimpsed by the continent.

2900s AG / 5900s CZ / 3900s BR/ F80s Chao
Duergar focus on growth of population to facilitate the hunting and quelling of the rapidly advancing abilities of the wild Uushmyr

Jacinth creates the third and most recent run of her Ou-Ou Ashelardians, Onyxs as foot soldiers against the increasing numbers of Duergar. They have markedly low intelligence for the express purpose of following orders.

The Eternal War of the continent had reached a stalemate with all sides matched in forces and ability, trading territory back and forth over the course of the next centuries.

3675 AG / 6700 CZ / 4666 BR / 149F Chao
Sardonyx emerges late from a production run of Onyxs.

3791 AG / 6816 CZ / 4782 BR / 1513 Chao
Sardonyx defects to the Addajj Coast from Jacinth's forces.

4716 AG / 7741 CZ / [5707 BR]1 L (Legacy) / 18B0 Chao
The Legacy arrives at the Addajj Coast heralding Dahlia's return with her compatriots.

Episode Nine Ends

Episode Thirteen Begins
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PostSubject: Re: Time Line & Episode Placement Thread   Time Line & Episode Placement Thread Empty

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Time Line & Episode Placement Thread
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