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 Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story

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Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story Empty
PostSubject: Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story   Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story EmptySat May 30, 2015 3:24 am

The Short Version: Almost Everyone dies Horribly
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Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story   Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story EmptySat May 30, 2015 3:26 am

Episode One: The Magnificent Ending

In the city of Hoshiko an event was about to occur that would bring about an unfolding story that would change the face of the world. Many were involved and not all survived. This is the story of that tale.

Everyone who was not Adrianne or Nagamasa were chilling out in the bar while Nagamasa was at a brothel and Adrianne was arriving in the city.

Nagamasa entered the bar and began playing cards with Jeremiah, Tharius, Iron-Claw, & Gellert as a pair of bar patron threw out a rowdy fat Desert Elven man.
Adrianne entered the bar under the guise that she was a singer and began to sing as Gellert left looking for work.

Iron-Claw relayed to Nagamasa that there was a government agent out to subvert his efforts and suggested they vacate.

As everyone began to exit the bar they passed Gellert and Caroline speaking to a trio of desert elves whom required help defending their town from marauding bandits.

Tharius, being a penniless monk made the way for his room at the inn by chopping wood for the innkeeper in the early night. While chopping apart wood a mysterious man garbed in black, shaven head and holding a katana took notice of the monk before going about his way.

While nestled at the inn, Adrianne attempted to follow leads on Nagamasa searching through the inn, unbeknownst to her Nagamasa was at the ready. After a short scuffle he knocked out his pursuer with a poison alerting Jeremiah to action elsewhere in the inn. Checking to find out what the problem was he proceeded upstairs as Nagamasa began to tie up Adrianne and hide her in his room.

Unbeknownst to Jeremiah, Tharius was following closely behind the paranoid mountain man. A creaking floor board tipped off Jeremiah to his presence however and he whipped around and shot the monk with his preloaded crossbow, alerting the innkeeper.

Nagamasa and Jeremiah continued outward to investigate the respective noises, and the two met and bluffed their way into not investigating each other further for fear the other would take action against them. The innkeeper was thoroughly confused and demanded that everyone return to their rooms, but that the local Paladin; Cascata Shiri would be by in the morning to heal Tharius.

By the time the morning came Adrianne had awoken and escaped her bonds just in time to see Nagamasa & Iron-Claw to notice when they came back to check on her, leading to another fight .

Tharius was healed by the distant, metallic paladin woman and offered to come along with her, Gellert and Caroline and aid them in defending the elven town, as Iron-Claw followed by Jeremiah emerged from the front of the inn, and Nagamasa ducked into the crowd of elves requesting help.

Adrianne followed from behind the inn hiding in a tree attempting to locate Nagamasa in the crowd. Her efforts were in vain since Nagamasa had been hidden under a poncho by a friendly elf, obscuring him from her vision completely. Her superior and councilman of Internal affairs in Aaralynn; Leonidas Sergisenn, accompanied by a mysterious man in a wide brimmed, flat crowned hat in a poncho with a buckler on his one arm both happened by while she was crouching in her tree and inquired why she was acting as such. After a short aggravated exchange and her refusal to come down from the tree, Leonidas left in a huff.

Another desert elf from the crowd approached Iron-Claw as the wolf-folk man was questioning Jeremiah for following him. The elf was attempting to use the sale of oranges as a cover to get him over to the crowd with his friend Nagamasa. Iron-Claw however did not understand the subtext of his inquiry and attempted to scare off the elf. The seller of oranges was not very bright and thought that he was not simply satisfied with just oranges and promised to bake them to enhance their flavor. Iron-Claw, defeated, sulked over to the crowd, only to be hit in the back of the neck by a knife thrown by Adrianne.

The sudden attack prompted both Caroline and Cascata to brandish their crossbow and longsword respectively at the still unknown people. Jeremiah and one elf reciprocated, leading Jeremiah to comment “Looks like we’ve got an elven stand -off.”
All of this action coincided with the innkeeper running outside angrily attempting to discern whom had ruined the upper rooms of his inn. Caroline, completely fed up with the proceedings simply opted to leave with the team they already had and rode out with the elves toward their village on her dog followed behind by the remainder of people in the square, even Adrianne.

During the 5 day horseback trek to the village, Adrianne had a chance to explain her actions and that her direct orders were to subvert Nagamasa’s alter ego “The Black Fox” for the councilman of Internal Affairs, she intended to recruit him to abscond with a piece of art from the city of Farrah for the councilman of Magical and Religious Studies; Foucault Durst. Along the way, the menagerie of people were able to tell a bit more about themselves to each other.

Upon finally arriving in the town the group was better informed on the coming danger by the elder of the town. A force of bandits at least 100 strong was impending on the town in two days, as they attacked annually to steal the town’s crops. Originally they thought it would be best to simply transport the villagers to safety. The elves themselves opposed this because they had always lived there and had no true other place to go, and the effort would be futile, as they had no carts and would not have the time to transport the entire town to safety before 2 days. The team of 8 devised a plan to protect the town; by breaking down the mill house to build a wooden fence around the town and digging pits to trap possible incomers.

The group took shifts in guarding the town by keeping look out from the bell tower. Caroline kept a near continuous lookout due to not requiring as much sleep through magical aid. The expected day finally came and an assault occurred on the eastern wall. A hole was broken in the fence quite quickly but, Caroline and Gellert fended off the main attack aided from the tower by Adrianne & Jeremiah. Nagamasa & Iron-Claw began over to provide more ground support just as soon as an unseen attack from the western wall. Two of the defending villagers fell unconscious after being struck by an unknown force. Tharius & Nagamasa quickly expedited to the western wall, only to find themselves under attack from a force hiding themselves in the alleyways. Nagamasa was temporarily hampered by a dagger to his leg while Tharius took the hiding forces head on.

While dealing with the hiding forces in the buildings Cascata located the threats through use of her paladin senses, however found herself in more trouble than she’d bargained for sustaining a flanking assault. Iron Claw arrived in time to aid Nagamasa and Tharius in quelling the forces down to the person leading them. Tharius recognized the desert elf in charge of the others sneaking around as the elf making a raucous a week prior in the bar. Despite their best efforts to exterminate the invaders one female elf and the portly elf leading them escaped into the wooded area around the western part of town.

Regrouping the group found themselves in dire straits, having taken significant damage in the fight on both ends of the town. Cascata did her best to heal those whom had been injured in the fights, but could not fully restore any one person. Their troubles had only begun as Jeremiah rang the bell in the tower in the center of town to signify that figures were seen o the horizon riding towards town. The group tried to mount a defensive trap by digging a chasm before the hole in the fence the hostiles were charging towards, but it was in vain, as their horses merely jumped the gap. Upon their arrival Caroline expressed fear saying only: “Oh no, it’s the Niho Brothers.” Her fear would be well deserved.

The Niho brothers were a famous pair of outlaws each heinous in their own right. Seeking opportunity, Nagamasa struck the elder brother, Ranfed, with a shuriken, only rousing his ire, but before the tower of a man riding a mountain of a horse could act Nagamasa quickly took cover. The Junior, Vayven, quickly dismounted his horse and began brandishing an axe the size of his already massive body, yelling crazily in the language of trolls. Although Iron-Claw stepped forward to meet the crazed grendle, Gellert told him to move aside stating him he had prior important business with the axe wielding man, and pulled out his own trusted flaming axe. A harsh battle raged on between the forces of the defending town and the invading marauders. Vayven insanely and harshly claimed the life of Gellert, with Caroline & Cascata, both badly wounded, stepping in to finish his mission slaying the terror of a barbarian. Nagamasa managed to avoid direct conflict with the enemy forces, relying on the sneaking tactics he specialized in by taking a note from the bandits prior hiding in the alleyways of the other houses. Both Jeremiah and Tharius met their end from a barrage of arrows from Ranfed on horseback. Iron-Claw fending off a pair of enemies was saved by fortune when the remainder of the attacking troops retreated due to the death of Vayven and a revelation by Ranfed about Adrianne. In retreat Ranfed fired a final arrow, wounding Cascata, making her pass out unconscious.

With heavy losses on their head, Nagamasa & Iron claw decided that a full scale evacuation was the only feasible solution, however upon attempting to rally the township, they found they did not react to their words as if though they did not understand. The two went to the elder to try and explain their plan, but they were only met with the elder saying “It has begun. The blackened man will be the harbinger of our end. The pair of you have failed.”

The words came upon them before Adrianne began ringing the bell once more signaling someone on the horizon. The figure walked into town robed in an intricately designed poncho with a buckler on his left arm. He began to speak to Caroline with the bounty hunting woman seeming to recognize him. After their chat, Caroline mounted Cascata upon the back of her horse and loaded up her cart with the bodies of Gellert and Vayven and rode off on her massive dog mount into the eastern horizon. The man came further into town motioning to Adrianne with his left hand for her to come down from the top of the bell tower. She complied due to a hint of recognition of the man. Upon arriving in front of him he simply asked “You can’t even do a simple busy work job right can you?”

“I guess not.” She said with no clue what he meant trying to placate the situation unfolding.

“Well, then you have lived out your usefulness now haven’t you then.”
Following his words was the quick whip of his poncho as he pulled out his right arm wielding a strange weapon that exploded with raucous noise in his hand sending Adrianne flying backward down to the ground, dead. The strange sight startled both Nagamasa and Iron-Claw, whom both began to flee only to hear the unknown man yell to them “Go ahead and run. You’re going to need to.” as he proceeded inside the bell tower.

End of Episode One
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Episode One: The Magnificent Ending; Story
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