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 Unionverse Timeline

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PostSubject: Unionverse Timeline   Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:13 pm

This is the timeline for the setting, from the late 20th century onwards.

Information Age

  • 1985- Birth of Charles Compton.

  • 1990s- Crime boss Samuel Lloyd networks several criminal organizations into a global syndicate. The post-Cold War era sees his people engage as mercenaries in the Balkan Wars, African conflicts, and civil wars in post-Soviet states, as well as dominate a vast drug trade. Lloyd is assassinated in 2002. His loyalists carry out a terrorist campaign in the wake of his death that devastates global stability and order.

  • 2000’s- UN reorganizes itself and tightens global co-operation, forming the UN Reaction Force. The USA annexes and occupies parts of Mexico to crack down on drug crime. Brushfire wars spark in Eastern Europe, Africa, Korea, Palestine, and Kashmir.

  • 2014-2030s- War between NATO and Russia over Ukraine and later civil war in Russia, which see the radicalization of the Russian leadership. Nuclear proliferation expands, contributing to conflicts in Oceania between Indonesia and Australia, and in South Asia between China and India in the 2020s and 2030s.

  • 2026- Vice President Charles Compton ascends to the Presidency. He gradually dismantles term limits, empowers direct democracy, and reforms the government. He steps down in 2048 after five and a half successful terms and returns to the House of Representatives.

  • 2028-2074- Gradual disintegration of India, sparking a long civil war that bleeds into larger conflicts.

  • 2047-2052 Sino-Russian War, ending with Russian victory and imminent nuclear war. In the aftermath, most nuclear-armed nations accelerate ABM development. Military and civilian space development, likewise, speeds up. Russia also builds its first fusion power plant, followed by the European Union.

  • 2051-2071- South American War, starting with American involvement in Venezuela against Colombian conquest. Ends with the bloody occupation of Colombia.

  • 2068- Charles Compton runs for President after years of retirement, and is reelected in 2072. But he spends much of his last term in ill health. As he languished in bed after a stroke, his partisans dismantled the prohibition on titles of honor, and he was named First Citizen. A plebiscite in the midterm elections declared him President for Life, but he died in December 2074. His Vice President, Jack B. Kennedy, completed his term but stepped down in 2076 so that Charles' son, Sebastian, could run. Sebastian won in a bitter election by playing up his experience in government and his father's legacy.

  • 2078-2083- World War III, with fighting in Africa, Europe, Northeast Asia, Oceania, and South Asia. Despite the scale and tremendous casualties, no nuclear weapons are utilized. In the end, the NATO-China alliance defeats Russia and its South American and African allies. Central Africa is devastated the most by the fighting. After winning a landslide in the 2080 election, packing the Supreme Court with his partisans, and coordinating a nationwide electoral machine, Sebastian Compton is voted by plebiscite the lifetime powers and prerogatives of the Presidency. He shepherds the annexation of Mexico in the midst of the war.

  • 2085-2100- Second Space Race, between the victors of World War III. China races against the Anglo-American pact to explore and exploit resources in the Solar System. On Earth, UN aid efforts restore order and economic stability in Africa and South Asia. Asian nations become major partners in space development. Sebastian Compton steps down from the Presidency, but retains its powers as Emperor in 2084. After his death in 2094, he is succeeded by his son Edward. What was supposed to be a one-time vanity becomes a political institution; the Emperor is seen by the Congress as a "check" on the Executive by having a "second President", and after Edward becomes hereditary.

  • 2090s- First Lunar habitat, New Canton, founded by China. The Anglo-American habitat of Von Braun City established soon after. UN lays the keels for Island-3 type colonies at earth’s Lagrange points. The UN acquires its own rapid reaction and nuclear strike capabilities, enabling it to act unilaterally for global security and present a viable deterrent.

Fusion Age

  • 2100-2150- UN organises the construction of orbital habitats in Island-3 O'Neill cylinders. UN-organised security operations put down revolts and conflicts in South America and Africa. The first settlement mission to Mars launches in 2111. Over time, the UN accumulates more power of enforcement in space and on Earth as Earth's nations generally demobilise to save costs. The UN leads the suppression of rebellions in Brazil and Africa in the 2120s. Local politics emerge and then are suppressed on Luna, while birthrates bloom on Mars and the orbital colonies.

  • 2152-2153- Lunar War of Independence. Intensive colonization of Mars, the Asteroid Belts, and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

  • 2160s- Orbital colonies declare independence and ally with the Lunar Republic.

  • 2160s-2170s- Cold war and arms race between the UN and the spacer states.

  • 2180- Martian Revolution. Martian revolutionaries unite with the Lunar Republic and rebel colonial governments across the solar system to form the Congress of Solar Nations.

  • 2189- Locksley Incident- UN space commander Gaius Compton orders the bombing of Locksley, a free city on Luna's north pole that experienced a revolution by robot workers forming an emergent AI. The Lunar Republic calls for his indictment for war crimes and cuts diplomatic ties with most UN nations.

  • 2190s- Space population reaches 20 million inhabitants, mostly in orbital cylinder colonies and Luna. The Belter settlements, Saturn's moons, and Jupiter's moons engage in anticolonial struggle for independence, joining the CSN.

  • 2194-98- Interplanetary War, started by Congress forces dropping colonies onto Earth, sees over two billion people killed. Luna and other space nations accepted into the UN, while Jupiter becomes a UN Trust Territory.

  • 2199- Exploratory vessel Leif Eriksson embarks on a manned mission to another star system, with its crew planned to cycle into and out of cryogenic stasis during the thousand-year (Earth time) journey.

  • 2200-2220- By 2207, five million displaced people have been migrated into space. In 2210, a manned expedition arrives at Proxima Centauri. Their report, received in 2215, spurs the development of a large-scale colonial expedition.

  • 2220-2240- Colonial mission to Proxima Centauri b sees the first extrasolar colony flourish. More people migrate into the Solar System, while yet more sign up for expected colonial missions to Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.

  • 2242- Hyperspace jump technology is successfully tested and construction begins on stable hyperspace jump gates to transport personnel and materiel between Earth and the other worlds in the Solar System.

  • 2248- UN is reformed as the Terran Federation, with a population-based federal parliament. It remains headquartered in the United Nations Building in New York City, NY.

  • 2250- The first successful human transport is done between Earth and Jupiter. By 2260, the first transport of goods is conducted between Earth and Proxima Centauri b. This cuts transit time from five years down to five days between the two star systems. The UN begins a massive crash colonisation project, sending construction fleets to many star systems to "lay down" hyperspace lanes.

Colonial Age

  • 2303- Epsilon Uprising, the first of many conflicts in the thousand-year long Colonial Wars.

  • 2347- Prompted by the bombing of the UN Building a couple years earlier, the Earth's nations unify into the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. The ESUN has the largest parliamentary delegation and is effectively able to dominate Federal policy as a single bloc. House Compton is installed as hereditary Archons of the ESUN.

  • 2360s- Orion Colonial War, which sees half a million people killed in the effort to quash colonial rebels in the Orion Arm.

  • 2375-81- Orion Colonial Congress declares independence. After protracted Orionese War of Independence, the colonies are granted separation.

  • 2399- Amendments to the Federal Charter strengthen the position of Earth's aristocracy and oligarchs, reforming the state as the Terran Dominion. House Compton tends to dominate the political life of the Dominion.

  • 2401- First Contact with intelligent alien life, the acciptrids. Treaties form a neutral DMZ to proliferate trade.

  • 2402- First Contact War occurs after trade and territorial disputes. Resolved after a few months with little bloodshed.

  • 2405- Multilateral Conference introduces humanity to the wider galactic political world.

  • 2400s- Humanity becomes a part of galactic society. Human culture comes into vogue among alien cultures. Small wars break out among various powers, involving humanity in the military politics of the Galaxy. Several human colonists form their own independent and mixed-species settlements. Parallel to this is the proliferation of jump gate and FTL communications networks, which link the nascent Galactic community together through trade and information exchange. However, many human dissidents and revolutionaries take the opportunity to flee repressive conditions in the Dominion and forge socialist republics in the Orion and Centaurus Arms.

  • 2422- Founding of the Federative Republic of People's Solar Soviets, called often the Soviet Republic, a union of human socialists, collectivist alien races, and other communists. The FRPSS would become the face of communism and inter-species collectivism to the Galaxy.

  • 2420s- Several brushfire wars lead to the creation of a formal Galactic Community organization. Several alliances form, the most prominent being the Interstellar Treaty Organisation, with the Terran Federation, Soviet Republic, and Republic of Orion as charter members.

  • 2450's- ISTO gradually splits between Soviets and Terrans, and the Soviet Republic breaks from the alliance over the issue of Perseid colonial independence in 2459. A period of cold war sets in between the ISTO and the Soviet Bloc.

  • 2504- Establishment of the Republic of Sagittarius, which presents itself as the paragon of a more cosmopolitan human society, and the rival of the Terran Dominion as the public face of mankind. The Cygnus colonies of the Terran Dominion are peacefully separated as the Federation of Cygnus.

  • 2507- Electromagnetic energy barrier-fields, or 'kinetic barriers,' are developed.

  • 2508- Synthetic Rights Act grant civil rights, citizenship, and personhood to AI in the Terran Dominion.

  • 2500s-2560s- Warfare continues between several states over control of the economically valuable Inner Core region of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, "smart" AI constructs proliferate in many nations as Terran robotics firms are acquired by alien investors. This prompts a public outcry in ISTO member states against both Soviet militarization and economic warfare by rival alien states.

  • 2531- The Second Orion Revolution, where a coalition of communist parties and radical military cadres topple the republican government in a coup d'etat. They begin a repressive regime, supported by the FRPSS, which dispossesses and persecutes the landed gentry of the Orionese colonies.

  • 2557-2560- Acciptrid War, wherein the Terran Dominion defeats and dismantles the Acciptrid State. A miscommunication between field leaders and high command culminates in a nuclear bombardment of Halia, the acciptrid home planet. The acciptrids become an autonomous protectorate of the Terran Dominion, and many Terran commanders are tried for war crimes.

  • 2562- The Soviets initiate a 40-year war with the Terran Dominion.

Early Empire Period

  • 2600- The Terran Dominion is reformed as the Terran Empire under William Compton. An armistice is reached and the war with the Soviets ends in 2602. The Perseid Republic and the Central Republic of Taurus are recognized.

  • 2610-2612- The Third Orion Revolution sees a popular revolt overthrow the communist regime and institute a parliamentary government. A 2612 plebiscite reforms it into a constitutional, parliamentary monarchy under the House of Angevre. John I, Emperor of Orion previously led the democratic coalition in the revolution, and was strongly supported by the Terrans.

  • 2600s- Greater exploration of the Milky Way begins, with great expansion by major states. This leads to discovery of new alien races and states, including protracted and bloody “bug wars” with the vryst, an insectile and aggressive empire. After these conflicts, an era of general peace and great exploration ensues, with many states laying claim to many planets.

  • 2640s-2670s- Dissatisfaction with the status quo leads to cold war between several alien states. Competing brinkmanship strategies culminate in 2672 with a four-way kinetic bombardment exchange between the Freyan Federation, the Dralasite Union, the Viridian Empire, and the Republic of Cassiopeia, killing 1 trillion sentient aliens. The ensuing continuation war and humanitarian crisis drags on for 30 years.

  • 2700s- The humanitarian crisis of the Spinward alien states draws to a close. The rise of the Terran Empire commences as a crash colonization program begins within the Empire. At the same time, civil unrest and rivalry between autonomous nobles and warlords leads to a period of constant feudal warfare.

  • 2742- Discovery of a new spacefaring civilization, comprised of several allied races calling themselves the United Suns, leads to the proliferation of a room-temperature superconductor material native to their colonies. This material vastly improves electronics, magnetic field devices, and space technologies. Jump ships, able to perform hyperspace jumps without a gate, begin to proliferate in military space forces.

  • 2769- Henry, Duke of Cauvan seizes the Orionese throne, with tacit Terran approval, from the House of Angevre.

  • 2800s- Economic troubles wrack the Terran Empire, leading to the formation of radical human-nationalist and Terran militant groups. Meanwhile, the galaxy essentially forms into four power blocs: the Communist Intergalactic Organization, the ISTO, the Free International Group, and Core Pact states that nonetheless had shared interests in peace and trade.

  • 2862-65- Great Pandemic kills several billion people in the Earth Sphere.

  • 2882- Discovery of another alien civilization, the affacta. This culture had long been in contact with the United Suns, and had benefited from its technologies. By the time of its discovery, the affacta had established a sizeable interstellar empire. Now introduced to the Galactic Community, the Affacta Combine allies with the Free International Group.

High Empire Period

  • 2900s- Emperor Francis Charles VI of the Terran Empire concludes a major reform of the Imperial government, largely ending the feudal period that had so marred the Early Empire. Further technological developments push space warfare into another arms race. Ray Shields are developed to boost ship defences, particle beam weapons proliferate to counter them. The Terrans and the Soviets become involved in a proxy war in the Republic of Perseus. At the same time, the Terrans see an increase in rebel activity by far-right and human nationalist guerillas.

  • 2979- Banning of several seditious political organisations in the Terran Empire, including the Empire of Man Party.

  • 3003-The mentally ill Emperor John XIII of Orion dies after a severe epileptic fit, sparking a succession crisis.

  • 3005-3030- Orionese War of Succession, in which the competing Houses of Lao and Gillemetz war against each other, pulling all of the Orionese nobility into the war on one side or the other. The House of Lao temporarily gains the throne, but their unpopularity and eroding support allows the last Gillemetz claimant to ally with Martin, Duke of Genevra and topple the Lao dynasty. The war ends, establishing the House of Genevra on the Orionese throne.

  • 3015- Foundation of the National Humanist Imperial Labor Party from the ashes of regional human-nationalist parties and the dormant Empire of Man movement. The organization partly develops in reaction to the brokered peace between the Terran Empire and the Soviets after the Siege of Earth, and has a starkly militaristic outlook.

  • 3020's-3090's- The NHILP gradually gains a foothold among spacers and colonists with populist anti-alien, "frontiersman" rhetoric. It later reorganizes itself with the goal of increasing its national political standing. The parliamentary reforms of Empress Mary II in 3092 consolidated the parliament down to 800 members, elected by party-list proportional representation. This inadvertently allows the NHILP to attain a stronger foothold in the parliament.

Late Empire Period

  • 3100s- Sectional crisis within the Terran Empire increases, as colonial populations feel disenfranchised. Imperial attempts to keep order only exacerbate these tensions, and periodic colonial insurrections become common. Meanwhile, the Soviets grind down the Vryst in a constant low-intensity war. The Core Pact collapses and its member states join other alliances.

  • 3130s- The NHILP relocates its headquarters to Earth, and gain the backing of the McGrady political family. It gains enough seats to be included in a right-wing coalition government.

  • 3147- The NHILP gains the Premiership, led by Leon Botha. But a corruption scandal involving a prostitution ring and the death of Emperor Robert VI forced a motion of no-confidence in the Parliament. The NHILP lost the snap election and were forced out of power for many decades.

  • 3171-3279- Perseid War. The Terran Empire invades the communist Republic of Perseus. They engage in a long war and regime change, which places the Perseus Arm into the Terran sphere of influence.

  • 3200- Discovery by Galactic Community investigators of the Drasalite Genocide, conducted by the freyan government over the past half-century. Terrans lead a Galactic humanitarian and peacekeeping mission, Operation Relieving Rain. NHILP and other humanity-first activists oppose intervention, but the action is supported by most other Terran politicians.

  • 3217- Francis Charles XII born.

  • 3230-3235- Cruxite War is waged, a proxy war between Terran and Soviet puppet states.

  • 3231- Francis Charles becomes Emperor, crowned four years later upon reaching the age of eighteen. As Emperor, he undertakes a policy of massive colonial expansion and development, enormous defence spending, and aggressive posturing in order to make war with the ISTO seem unwinnable.

  • 3237- National Humanists win a majority but needs the Tories to make a commanding supermajority, leading to the appointment of Frederick Rycon, a Tory with membership in the NHILP, as Prime Minister. Rycon holds the Premiership until 3262.

  • 3244- Maximilian born to Francis Charles and his second wife.

  • 3240s-60s- Networks of insurrectionists conduct large-scale rebellions and cooperate with organized criminals and pirate fleets to terrorize the Terran government and engage in guerilla warfare across the Empire. The Imperial military is put to the task of stopping these rebellions with overwhelming force. In allied states of the ISTO, National Humanist parties seize power and align themselves with the NHILP.

  • 3262- The NHILP wins a supermajority in the general election, allowing them to appoint their party leader, Henry Addington, to the Premiership. Addington takes swift measures to accelerate the alignment of the Party with the Imperial police and intelligence apparatus, and steps up military preparations for all-out war with the Soviets.

  • 3265- Kojima Incident, among the last major events of the Colonial Wars. Unrelated to this, war between the Soviets and ISTO breaks out. The Free International Group decries Soviet aggression and Terran brutality, and declares opposition to both sides, turning the Great War into a 3-way conflict by year's end. Maximilian joins the Central Committee of the NHILP.

  • 3265-3268- early stages of the Great War sees the repulse of Soviet forces from Orion and the Galactic Core. While Francis Charles is away leading space forces in battle, Prince Regent Frederick Rycon governs. He aids Maximilian in ousting Henry Addington as Party Leader and Prime Minister. Maximilian is appointed to the Premiership.

  • 3267- Battle of Khoz. Decisive strategic victory for the ISTO, which sees the Soviet space fleet routed and devoid of vital supplies. Riots and naval insurrections further weaken the Soviets.

  • 3268- Francis Charles dies in battle. Maximilian ascends to the throne as Maximilian Charles I.

  • 3268-3270's- continuation of the Great War sees the ISTO conquer the Soviets and half of the Milky Way. The alliance in 3270 as the Galactic Confederation; same year, the Imperial State Security Department is formed, amalgamating several intelligence agencies. The Confederation presses on its attack and conquers any independent states that refuse surrender by early 3275. The war draws to a close and is declared over after the February 3275 sack of Liberalis, capital world of the United Suns.

Republican Period

  • April, 3275- Galaxy organized as the Central Galactic Union, with Maximilian elected provisional Chancellor. The CGU is constituted as a Republic with conquered areas set aside for human colonization. Maximilian is voted dictatorial powers by the provisional congress.

  • 3276- First elections galaxy-wide. Maximilian elected to a 12-year term as Supreme Chancellor and is voted dictatorial powers for one year; he will be voted these powers each year at the start of the new legislative term. Senators to the Congress are elected for their six-year terms, though many are appointed to the new Tribunate. Nobles and peers are selected, on the basis of loyalty and tradition, to continue serving life terms in the Congress.

  • 3279- Insurrection of remnant forces of defeated alien empires, attacking the Occupied Territories. The rebellion is crushed in Operation Crassus, spearheaded by Admiral Charles Taylor and State Security generals Brian Kessar and Victor Peiper.

  • 3280- Keystone Incident. Over ten million people are killed in a civil war and the largest act of nuclear terrorism in human history. State Security Forces under General Kessar secure the planet and restore order.

  • 3280s- Many colonies are granted the right to elect their governors, with Keystone among the first. The central government on Earth enacts stricter legislation against terrorism, placing greater State Security presence on most worlds. Three-man teams, or troikas, of the Security Service are authorised to undertake tribunals and executions of persons caught in the act of, or suspected of, committing criminal acts against the State. Increased pirate activity in the colonies spur further State Security and military involvement.

  • 28 November 3284- the Battle of the Seraphim Grand is fought, beginning of the Pirate War

  • 21 January 3285- the Battle of the Underdark sees destruction of a large city worst terror attack since the Keystone Incident. Yellow Jackets are declared a domestic terrorist organisation. Earlier the same month, General Brian Kessar disappears on the planet Chios and is declared dead after an investigation.

  • 3 June 3285- Battle of Kolossen is fought. Among the last battles of the Pirate War, the Yellow Jackets are nearly annihilated despite crashing a hijacked ship into a space colony and killing over a million people.

  • December 3285- the Pirate War draws to an end. Many corsairs, gangsters, and pirates who fought against the Yellow Jackets take up the government's unofficial offer of executive clemency in exchange for registering under an officially-sanctioned mercenary guild. They are employed to be privateers and corsairs, to police space against further piracy.

  • 3286- trial of John P. McGrady, chief of the Fenian Daggers; he is acquitted of charges of piracy and racketeering. The Public Security Act places command of all police under the Republic Security Department led by General Xander Vox.

  • 3287-the planet Chios, where General Kessar disappeared, is declared a biological preserve and planet-wide parkland: the Brian Kessar Memorial Park. Further research is commissioned regarding the mysterious wildlife, an intelligent, social reptilian alien species colloquially referred to as "dragons" due to their resemblance to the creatures from Earth myth.

  • 3288-the Extragalactic Exploratory Fleet ventures into the Large Magellanic Cloud, but is ambushed and attacked on 16 April by the Zaaroft empire. The Central Galactic Union declares war and begins general mobilization, starting the Magellanic War.
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Unionverse Timeline
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