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 Ch. 6 A Delve and a Jaunt

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Ch. 6 A Delve and a Jaunt Empty
PostSubject: Ch. 6 A Delve and a Jaunt   Ch. 6 A Delve and a Jaunt EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 11:26 pm

Ch. 6a: The Delve

In the underground metropolis of Bahmaut's Gate the Kobold parliament's research team has discovered something. An ancient chamber with markings in old draconic. A Parliament dig team was dispatched but then a communication with the team was lost. You are each apart of the Parliaments task force sent to discover what has happened to the dig team and uncover what lies in the chamber.


Ch. 6b: The Jaunt

From the diary of Beatrice Pillian 

The mission that the crew has chosen is a simple one. Kill or stop the attacks of a ramfish that is currently taking refuge in the reefs outside Serul Port.  This mission promises 100,000gp to be shared between the party and a calm adventure that crew can enjoy.

I have no regrets not going with them. Honestly as much as I love the sea, I love the peace and quiet of the city. The fact that Daniel is showing interest in me isn't bad either. I have a small house on the shore on and have taken up gardening. It's nice sleeping in the same place for awhile.

Emerald port holds a promise of security that I have missed at my days at sea. The re outfit of the Hounds tooth is going well and the crew is using the month's time to get their affairs in order. Lietl, the kind half-gnome blacksmith that helped us through the ordeal on Violet Isle, seems to be holding up. To see your whole village razed by a mad druid is terrible but she is strong. She is even helping with the re outfit. With her new forge, She'll be alright.

Penny has reunited with her parents, She didn't know but I asked Daniel to meet the Natagawa's for breakfast which delayed their departure. Penny needed to she her family after all this death. She is also teaching Maya basic seamanship. Maya's a fighter and they are lucky to have her on the crew. I feel that she is searching something more though....

Ibb and Griffin have been quite aloof in their normal manner. Ibb as been fighting in the Arena and built up a significant following of fans. Griffin has taken a small protection job in town. He has also been spending a lot of time going around town, attending to his own business, i guess."

Typhus and Orphee have been having dinner every night in order to see each other. Typhus, gods love him spends hours with me checking and rechecking that his understandings of command are prefect. He is ready for command, though he thinks he isn't. Orphee has been going to the Minamo academy trying to learn more about the trove of artifacts that we uncovered in the mines on Kai. She has hopefully uncovered much with the help of Kaho, who has decided to stay at the academy. I don't blame her.

This has been a strange few months. I hope that we all can find some peace.


Logbook of Rai Valotau

Entry 45:

It seems luck is on my side. One of the scouts that was sent out to find items for my device as uncovered the item I came to this plane for. I've sent word for the item to be brought back here. It is only a matter of time.

Also construction as finally been completed and production has begun.  This recent success has allowed me to begin work on the prototype of my design. I have been smuggling parts from the production floor and I have managed to keep my operation a secret.  Along with my design I have begun developing an escape plan.

Sadly, not everything is perfect.  These leonin are ignorant to the laws of thermaodynamics, and this as presented a problem.  Originally unknown to me, the leonin began testing the lava tubes and then dipping them in cold water in order prevent burning. However, this can weaken the lava tube and cause it to explode--a lesson that the leonin experienced recently. Ten test firers dead, and I'm being blamed.  Ignorance is my greatest irritation and these Leonin are testing my limits with their foolishness......
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Ch. 6 A Delve and a Jaunt
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