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 Black Powder Weapons and Other Items

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PostSubject: Black Powder Weapons and Other Items   Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:45 am

Oka Region Black Powder Arms

Overall firearm rules:
1. Weapon cannot gain the Quick loading ability. (Trust Me it breaks the game!)
2. All firearm ammo costs 1gp. (This includes the shot, powder, and wading.)
3. Firearms firing outside their range receive a -4 on top of the out of range penalties.
4. (S)= Small (M)= Medium (L)= Large
5. These rules are subject to change.
6. Firearm do not work when wet.

Simple Weapons


Cost: 1250gp(S) 1500gp(M) 1750gp(L)
Damage: 2d8(S) 3d8 (M) 4d8(L)
Crit: 18-20*2 Type: Piercing Range: 30ft
Reload time:
Without Rapid Reload: 2 rounds
With Rapid Reload: 1 round


Cost: 750gp(S) 1000gp(M) 1250gp(L)
Damage: 4d8(S) 5d8 (M) 6d8(L)
Crit: 18-20*2 Type: Piercing Range: 80ft
Reload time:
Without Rapid Reload: 4 rounds
With Rapid Reload: 2 rounds


Cost: 1000gp(S) 1250gp(M) 1500gp(L)
Damage: 5d8(S) 6d8 (M) 7d8(L)
Crit: 16-20*2 at 10ft
18-20*2 at 20ft
20*2 at 30ft
Type: Piercing Range: 30ft Cone (Only)
Reload time:
Without Rapid Reload: 4 rounds
With Rapid Reload: 2 rounds

Powder Grenade

Cost: 200gp
Damage: 4d6 Splash: 2d6 Crit:20*2 Type: Bludgeoning Range: 30ft

Exotic Weapons

Shoulder Cannon

Description: A small cannon held on the shoulder. The user pulls on a trigger to down a punt into a cartridge that contains shot and powder.
Cost: 1500gp(S) 2000gp(M) 2500gp(L)
Ammo Cost: 1 cartridge: 2gp
Damage: 3d10(S) 4d10 (M) 5d10(L)
Crit: 18-20*2 Type: Piercing Range: 30ft
Reload time: 1 round

Description: Slightly larger katana. (nuff said)
Cost: 400gp(M)
Damage: 1d12 (M)
Crit: 19-20*2 Type: Slashing

Description: Massively long sword designed to takedown horses and large groups of enemy soldiers.
Cost: 500gp
Damage: 2d10 (M)
Crit: 19-20*2 Type: Slashing Reach:10ft

Other Items

Alchemist Frost

Cost: 20gp Range: 10 ft
Description: A small vial of blue substance that when exposed to air freezes dealing target’s 1d6 of cold damage. Targets that take damage from Alchemist Frost take and addition 1d6 cold damage until the substance is removed with a DC 15 reflex save.

Lambholt’s Tears

Cost: 200gp
Description: A vial that contains a clear liquid. When drunk by a person suffering from a non magical illness it gives the person +10 to their Fortitude save.
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Black Powder Weapons and Other Items
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