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 Templates and Modifications

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Better Alex

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PostSubject: Templates and Modifications   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:26 am

These are templates that may be added onto organic races. Templates add onto the base racial information of an individual character, with different features than the baseline of their species.

Full-Bodied Cyborg



Small Size


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Better Alex

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PostSubject: Re: Templates and Modifications   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:28 am

Genetic Engineering
In human society, medically safe gene therapy was developed at the close of the Information Age. The principles had been established at that age's dawn, but it took experimentation and research to form it into a practical science. Gene therapy has been tightly controlled by law, however, ever since it became publicly available. Not only for the wariness over its potential abuses, but to protect genetic diversity.
These treatments can be used on creatures to replace defective genes, or genes that are linked to particular diseases, with a more benign gene. Usually this is done using modified retroviruses (viruses that can create DNA copies of their own RNA). The state offers free assessment and treatment for prospective parents, in procedures that can be done on artificially-grown zygotes in a lab or in naturally-grown embryos in the womb. This has virtually eliminated genetic diseases.
For others, screening and therapy are available through state health services, but require a modest co-pay (covered in Lifestyle and Services). In general, enhancing existing abilities is fully legal. Adding new abilities or radically altering the body is heavily restricted to military and law enforcement personnel. Soldiers in particular are injected with a battery of gene mods to enhance their capabilities.

Genetic manipulation can endow a creature with a special quality. Once the therapy begins, the subject must make a Fortitude saving throw once per day until such time as he or she achieves a specific number of successes linked to the genetic modification being attempted (at which point he or she permanently gains that special quality). Every time a save fails, the subject suffers 2 points of Constitution damage.
The retrovirus takes effect after the treatment has been successfully completed. Upon completion of the procedure, the character takes a modifier to his or her Effective Character Level, functioning as a level adjustment to account for the increased capabilities. This has no effect initially, but stacks and thus builds up the more gene therapy one undergoes.

Special QualityFort Save DCNumber of SavesRestrictionECL Modifier
Remove a genetic flaw1010none+0
+2 to one skill1210Lic (+1)+1/4
+1 to one ability score1510Lic (+1)+1/2
+1 to one saving throw2015Lic (+1)+1/4
Bonus talent or feat1520Lic (+1)+1/2
Extraordinary Ability2020Mil (+3)+1/4
Alien racial trait2530Illegal (+4)+1/2
In addition, whole templates of genetic modifications can be made. These are usually riskier, but offer an extensive rewrite of the person's genetic code. They function along the same lines as standard genetic modifications, but afford greater reward while simultaneously adjusting one's level significantly.

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Templates and Modifications
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