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 Weapons: Ranged

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Better Alex

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PostSubject: Weapons: Ranged   Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:08 pm


WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Bolt Pistol (20mm autoloader)2d820x3Ballistic 10 squaresSA5 boxSmall2 kg12Mil (+3)
F9 Pocket Pistol (5x30mm autoloader)2d419-20x2Ballistic6 squaresSA12 boxSmall0.5 kg15Mil (+3)
Falcon Heavy Pistol (12.7x35mm autoloader)2d819-20x2Ballistic10 squaresSA10 boxSmall1.5 kg20Mil (+3)
Flare Gun (special)1d620x3Fire6 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalSmall1 kg8Res (+2)
Gurza Pistol (9mm autoloader)2d620x2Ballistic6 squaresSA13 boxSmall1 kg19Res (+2)
Hardball Longslide (11.4mm autoloader)2d620x2Ballistic8 squaresSA8 boxSmall1 kg16Res (+2)
Laser Derringer (laser)1d818-20x2Radiant10 squaresSingle-Fire10 cellSmall1 kg15Mil (+3)
Laser Pistol (laser)2d819-20x2Radiant15 squaresSA10 cellMedium2.2 kg17Mil (+3)
Liberator Compact (11.4mm derringer)2d620x2Ballistic4 squaresSingle1 internalTiny0.25 kg18Illegal (+4)
Magnum Revolver (11.4mm magnum revolver)2d819-20x2Ballistic8 squaresSA5 cylinderSmall1.5 kg19Res (+2)
MP-1K Compact Machine Pistol (6.5mm machine pistol)2d419-20x2Ballistic8 squaresSA, A20 boxMedium2 kg16Mil (+3)
Navy Moderne (10mm revolver)2d619-20x2Ballistic8 squaresSA6 cylinderSmall1 kg15Res (+2)
P4A Police Pistol (9mm autoloader)2d620x2Ballistic6 squaresSA12 boxSmall1 kg15Res (+2)
P64A Service Pistol (11.4mm autoloader)2d620x2Ballistic6 squaresSA10 boxSmall1 kg16Mil (+3)
P65R Machine Pistol (11.4mm machine pistol)2d620x2Ballistic6 squaresSA, A20 boxMedium1.5 kg18Mil (+3)
PK Pocket Pistol (6.5mm autoloader)2d419-20x2Ballistic6 squaresSAboxSmall0.5 kg15Res (+2)
Pneumatic Pistol (6mm repeater)1d220x2Special6 squaresSA10Small1 kg7Res (+2)
PPL Light Pistol (10mm autoloader)2d620x2Ballistic6 squaresSA14 boxSmall1 kg19Mil (+3)
R-3 Revolver (9x29mm revolver)2d619-20x2Ballistic7 squaresSA6 cylinderSmall1 kg16Res (+2)
R-21 Police Revolver (9x29mm revolver)2d619-20x2Ballistic6 squaresSA6 cylinderSmall1 kg13Res (+2)
Shock Pistol (special)1d4------Electric2 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalSmall1 kg7Res (+2)
Sonic Blaster2d820x2Sonic6 squaresSA20 internal cellSmall1.2 kg18Mil (+3)
Type 61 Machine Pistol (5x30mm machine pistol)2d420x2Ballistic6 squaresSA, A20 boxMedium1.5 kg14Res (+2)
National Fabrications Bolt Pistol
A heavy pistol weapon firing 20mm gyrojet shots.

Beretta F9 Pocket Pistol
Miniature hammerless pistol, designed for compact and inconspicuous storage and use by undercover police. It is chambered in 5x30mm pistol rounds.

Remington "Falcon" Heavy Pistol
The Falcon is a large, powerful pistol loading heavy 12.7x35mm magnum rounds. Has an integral laser aimer, offering a +1 to attack rolls within the first range increment in indoor and low-light conditions, and a spike bayonet that deals slashing damage instead of bludgeoning for a pistol-whip attack. While too large and unwieldy to be an effective military sidearm, it is used often in hunting game.

Normally used as a signalling device, a flare gun can be used as a weapon in a pinch. If fired in the air, it releases a brightly coloured flame that can be seen for miles, depending on surrounding terrain. A flare gun automatically ignites flammable items.

Muscovy Corporation Gurza Pistol
The Gurza Pistol is a Russian defence conglomerate's offering to the private market, sold mainly to mercenaries and others requiring a lightweight, balanced sidearm. Because of its high quality of manufacture, the Gurza pistol is always a mastercraft weapon, affording a +1 bonus to attack rolls. The Gurza is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum.

Colt-Walther Hardball Longslide
Colt's entry to the 3260s military pistol contract, the Hardball is a replication of an ancient design, with a long slide and barrel for greater range. It is chambered for 11.4mm Auto.

Laser Derringer
The smallest laser weapon in common use, the Laser Derringer uses a continuous pulse beam to cut or sear. This is unlike most other laser beam weapons, which use multiple millisecond-spaced beams to create a "blaster" effect. This leads to the weapon being unerringly accurate. However, after it flushes its integral power cell, the weapon itself is useless and needs to be recharged. Laser weapons ignore any armour bonus to defence.

Laser Pistol
A smaller battle-laser weapon, the Laser Pistol uses a liquid coolant canister, a disposable battery pack, and sophisticated parts to allow a compact, personal-use laser weapon. Its main limitations are, rather than bulkiness, a reduced range, fire rate, and shot-capacity. The most common military model in use is the AN/PEQ-8008 Laser Pistol, but many other models exist. Laser weapons ignore any armour bonus to defence.

Liberator Compact
A popular, albeit illegal, firearm available online through 3d printing technologies and home fabricators, the Liberator Compact is often mass-made by urban guerillas for use in assassinations or quick raids. The mere act of hacking a home fabricator in order to make firearms is a felony, so possession of a Liberator Compact is usually quite incriminating. Nonetheless, it remains popular.

Colt-Walther Magnum Revolver
This is a large, powerful revolver loaded with magnum cartridges. Its power and long, heavy barrel affords a +1 bonus to attack rolls. It is chambered in 11.4x45mm magnum rounds.

Muscovy Corporation MP-1K Compact Machine Pistol
A compact submachine gun used by commando forces and vehicle crews as a personal defence weapon. Chambered in the compact 6.5mm round.

Colt-Walther Navy Moderne
A long-barrel revolver made in the style of the ancient Colt pistol of the American West. Chambered in the 10x20mm Navy cartridge, it is a rapid-firing and well-respected pistol.

Bellwether Arms P4A Police Pistol
A small, well-balanced semiautomatic pistol, standard for use by government agents, police forces, and Special Response Teams. Uses the 9x19mm Parabellum pistol round.

National Fabrications P64 Service Pistol
The P64 Service Pistol is the standard-issue sidearm issued to all military personnel. It is a simple auto-loading pistol optimised for taking targets down quickly. It is chambered in 11.4mm rounds.

National Fabrications P65R Machine Pistol
The P65 is a modified service pistol designed for automatic fire with a flip-down foregrip, an extended barrel, and a larger magazine. It uses the same round as the P64 pistol.

Colt-Walther PK Pocket Pistol
A simple compact pistol, standard-issue to security personnel and undercover police. Uses the 6.5mm pistol round.

Pneumatic Pistol
Any of a variety of air-powered handguns firing ball bearings or other tiny projectiles with non-explosive propellant. Pneumatic pistols contain enough CO2 to fire 10 times.

Hellfocker PPL Light Pistol
A lightweight, high-capacity sidearm. Not a compact pistol exactly, but it is a sophisticated double-action design using mostly polymers. Because of its high quality of manufacture, the PPL is always a mastercraft weapon, affording a +1 bonus to attack rolls. It is loaded with the 10mm Navy cartridge.

Remington R-3 Revolver
The R3 is a moderate-calibre revolver pistol, sold to hunters and collectors alike, as well as to policemen and military officers. It fires the 9x29mm Special revolver cartridge.

Remington R-21 Police Revolver
A lengthened revolver designed for use by police forces and patrolmen. While technically outdated, revolvers such as this are prized by policemen for their reliability and accuracy. It is chambered in the 9x29mm Special revolver cartridge.

Shock Pistol
Shock pistols fire a pair of darts at a target using springs or wires by compressed air. On impact, the darts release a powerful electrical current. On a successful hit, the darts deal 1d4 points of electricity damage and the target must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15) or be paralysed for 1d6 rounds. Reloading a shock pistol is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Sonic Blaster
One of the most efficient directed-energy weapons, the Sonic Blaster is a pistol-sized device that fires concussive sound force in a very short range, capable of shattering bone and muscle. Its greatest damage comes in causing micro-cavitation of air bubbles that damages blood vessels and tissue, which leads to internal bleeding and burns.

Thay Corporation Type 61 Machine Pistol
A small machine pistol popular with mercenaries and private security groups, rather than military or police units. It fires the 5x30mm high-velocity pistol round.

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Better Alex

Posts : 148
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons: Ranged   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:02 pm

Longarms include carbines, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and light/medium machine guns.
Most rifles and machine guns take a -2 penalty on the attack roll when firing at an adjacent opponent. Carbines, submachine guns, and shotguns, however, do not take this penalty.

WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
A-31 Flechette Rifle (13mm flechette rifle)2d818-20x2Ballistic12 squaresSA, B30 boxLarge4 kg19Mil (+3)
AR-38 Service Rifle (7.92x57mm battle rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA, A20 boxLarge4 kg16Mil (+3)
AR-78 ICARUS (7.92x33mm assault rifle)2d820x2Ballistic22 squaresSA, B, A40 roundsLarge3.5 kg20Mil (+3)
Battle Laser (directed energy weapon)3d819-20x2Radiant30 squaresSA40 cellLarge5 kg19Mil (+3)
CS-5 Compact Submachine Gun (10mm submachine gun)2d620x2Ballistic12 squaresSA, A100 drumMedium2 kg18Mil (+3)
DCC-221A6 Infantry Phased Plasma Rifle  (directed energy weapon)3d1020x2Radiant50 squares SA30 boxHuge4 kg20Mil (+3)
Express 10 (10-gauge shotgun)2d1020x3Ballistic8 squaresSA6 tubeMedium2.2 kg10Res (+3)
FG-101 Para Rifle (7.92x33mm assault rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA, A30 boxLarge4 kg15Mil (+3)
FMP-9 Folding Machine Pistol (9mm submachine gun)2d620x2Ballistic12 squaresSA, A20 boxMedium2 kg15Illegal (+4)
HG-8 Helix Carbine Rifle (5x30mm caseless assault rifle)2d619-20x2Ballistic15 squaresSA, A70 drumMedium2 kg18Mil (+3)
K-3 Commando Carbine (6x42mm assault rifle)2d819-20x2Ballistic15 squaresSA, A40 boxLarge3 kg16Mil (+3)
KR-7 Hunting Rifle (7.92x57mm hunting rifle)2d1019-20x2Ballistic40 squaresSingle5 clipLarge6 kg19Res (+2)
Laser Sniper Weapon (directed energy weapon)4d819-20x2Radiant50 squaresSA20 cellLarge8 kg24Mil (+3)
M23B Combat Shotgun (10-gauge shotgun)2d1020x3Ballistic16 squaresSA12 tubeLarge4 kg16Mil (+3)
M77 Automatic Shotgun (12-gauge shotgun)2d820x3Ballistic12 squaresSA, A20 boxLarge4 kg18Mil (+3)
M-150 Battle Rifle (7.92x57mm battle rifle)2d1020x2Ballistic30 squaresSA20 boxLarge6 kg17Mil (+3)
M991 Sniper Weapon System (7.92x57mm sniper rifle)2d1219-20x2Ballistic50 squaresSA20 boxLarge5 kg22Mil (+3)
MagShot (12-gauge shotgun)2d820x3Ballistic12 squaresSingle10 tubeLarge3 kg16Res (+2)
Mark 9K Machine Pistol (9mm submachine gun)2d620x2Ballistic15 squaresB, A30 boxMedium2 kg16Mil (+3)
MPK-81 Personal Defence Weapon (5x30mm submachine gun)2d419-20x2Ballistic12 squaresSA, B, A60 drumMedium2 kg17Mil (+3)
MG-131 Squad Automatic Weapon (7.92x33mm light machine gun)2d820x2Ballistic30 squaresB, A50 drumLarge8 kg19Mil (+3)
MG-150 Light Support Rifle (7.92x57mm light machine gun)2d1020x2Ballistic30 squaresSA, A40 boxLarge7 kg18Mil (+3)
MG-404 General Purpose Machine Gun (7.92x57mm medium machine gun)2d1020x2Ballistic30 squaresA100 drumLarge9 kg20Mil (+3)
Pneumatic Rifle1d420x2Ballistic/Piercing10 squaresSA20Large3 kg8Res (+2)
PSG Precision Rifle (12.7x99mm sniper rifle)2d1219-20x2Ballistic30 squaresSingle5 boxLarge8 kg20Mil (+3)
Retrorifle (7.92x57mm repeater rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA5 clipLarge2 kg11Res (+2)
SG60 Sporting Rifle (7.92x33mm rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA20 boxLarge4 kg18Res (+2)
SKM Close Assault Weapon (12-gauge shotgun)2d820x3Ballistic12 squaresSA8 tubeMedium2.5 kg15Mil (+3)
SR-38 Designated Marksman Rifle (7.92x57mm sniper rifle)2d1019-20x2Ballistic30 squaresSA20 boxLarge5 kg18Mil (+3)
Tyrannosaurus Rifle (18.1mm hunting rifle)3d1219-20x2Ballistic80 squaresSingle2 internalHuge9 kg22Res (+2)
VG-61 Defence Carbine (7.92x33mm rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA30 boxLarge3 kg12Res (+2)
XM-309 Payload Delivery Rifle (25mm sniper rifle)3d620x3Concussive/Slashing20 squaresSA5 boxLarge11 kg21Mil (+3)
XR-31 Caseless Rifle (6x42mm caseless assault rifle)2d820x2Ballistic20 squaresSA, B, A50 drumLarge3 kg18Mil (+3)
Benelli A-31 Flechette Rifle
An advanced form of assault rifle firing flechettes--bundles of metal darts--instead of standard rounds. The rounds are clusters of 4mm steel darts contained within a sabot or jacket. The rounds cluster at the point of impact, creating considerably more wounds and increasing the likelihood of striking a vital organ or blood vessel. It uses a unique 13mm cartridge that contains around ten flechettes.

Muscovy Corporation AR-38 Service Rifle
Reliable and effective, this robust rifle was the standard-issue service weapon of the Imperial military for over thirty years. It is chambered in the 7.92x57mm battle rifle cartridge.

National Fabrications AR-78C Infantry Carbine Assault Rifle Utility System
The AR-78 is a modular, bullpup assault rifle designed for ease of use and interfacing with standard modifications. It replaced the FG-101 as the standard weapon for airborne soldiers in 3280, and is set to replace the M-150 as the standard service weapon for the Army in the late 3280s.

Battle Laser
Commonly misnamed "laser rifles", battle lasers are ubiquitous among mercenaries, special forces, and shock units. No matter the design, all battle lasers use an external, detachable power pack and integral capacitors to pump copious amounts of energy through a garnet laser. Much more compact than previous lasers, they are nonetheless bulkier than conventional firearms. Laser weapons ignore any armour bonus to defence. The most common model in military use is the AN/PEQ-702 Solid State Laser.

Thay Corporation CS-5 Compact Submachine Gun
Despite the moniker, this Vietnamese defence company's offering to the world of submachine guns is bulky and squarish, though reliable enough. It fires the 10x20mm Navy pistol round from a twin-drum magazine.

Denel DCC-221A6 Infantry Phased Plasma Weapon
A highly advanced infantry weapon, the "plasma rifle" uses magnetic accelerators and an intense laser to fire a cadmium-telluride pellet at a target. The pellet blooms and expands into a superheated plasma that causes thermal burns.

Remington Express 10
A short-barrelled, close-combat shotgun made for home defence, but rarely used by military and police forces. It fires a 10-gauge shell and is small enough that racking it is a swift action, rendering it able to be fired as semi-automatic.

Muscovy Corporation FG-101 Para Rifle
Assault rifle chambered in the 7.92x33mm intermediate cartridge, designed for use by parachute infantry and other forces engaged in close combat. It is compact and light enough that it is the weapon of choice for special forces, jungle and urban troops, and scouts. This weapon is considered a carbine for purposes of obviating the penalty for firing at an adjacent opponent.

Colt-Walther FMP-5 Folding Machine Pistol
A very compact weapon, designed for special forces and other covert agents, the FMP features a removable handle and simple folding action that allows it to be reduced to the size of a pistol and concealed. When folded, it is considered to be a Small size object for purposes of concealing with a Sleight of Hand check. It fires the 9x19mm cartridge.

Thay Corporation HG-8 Helix Carbine Rifle
A commando weapon developed by a Vietnamese defence company, the Helix Rifle uses the 5x30mm pistol cartridge, modified to be caseless and use an electric ignition system. It has gained its name due to the use of a helical magazine fitted above the frame.

National Fabrications K-3 Commando Carbine
Carbine designed to be used by special forces and other units needing a small, easily-concealed assault rifle. It fires the 6x42mm assault rifle cartridge.

Remington KR-7 Hunting Rifle
One of a few firearms widely available to the civilian market, the KR-7 is a classic-design bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in 7.92x57mm. It can take down most big-game animals.

Laser Sniper Weapon
Laser weapons can be optimised for long-range sniping and sharpshooting. The Laser Sniper Weapon is a modern nomenclature for such laser weapons, and comes in a variety of models. They essentially resemble lengthened, bulkier battle lasers and use an external power pack. Its shots are more powerful, and so its capacitors can allow fewer blasts. Laser weapons ignore any armour bonus to defence. The most common model in military use is the AN/PEQ-840 Sold State Laser Sniper Weapon.

Franchi M23B Combat Shotgun
A basic military and police shotgun, firing 10-gauge shells from tubular magazine, with a blowback system for semiautomatic fire.

Franchi M77 Automatic Shotgun
A military shotgun, made for combat and firing 12-gauge shells from a box magazine. Using a gas-piston system akin to most rifles, the M77 is capable of semiautomatic and automatic fire.

Hellfocker Arms M-150C Battle Rifle
This rifle, while large, is powerful and sports great performance. It is an enormously reliable and capable weapon, and has become the standard service weapon of the Union Army. It is chambered in the 7.92x57mm rifle round.
Variant: The M-150K Carbine is virtually identical to the M-150C, but is 0.25 kg lighter, 20cm shorter, and can be fired into an adjacent square without penalty.

Hellfocker Arms M991 Sniper Weapon System
Specialised modification of the M-150 battle rifle, the M991 is a dedicated sniper rifle for military and SRT units. It is modified for the best accuracy with its 7.92x57mm cartridge. This weapon comes equipped with a telescopic sight.

Remington MagShot
Civilian-market shotgun, advertised as a hunting weapon and for home defence. Fires 12-gauge shotgun shells.

National Fabrications Mark 9K Submachine Gun
The standard submachine gun used by military forces, this Mk.9 has served in this role for decades and has proven itself a reliable, simple weapon. With a removable stock, a grip-fed magazine, and a small foregrip, it lends itself to compact carriage and use. It fires the 9x19mm Parabellum pistol round.

Hellfocker MG-150 Light Support Rifle
A heavy-barrel version of the M-150C, designed for sustained automatic fire. It fires in semi- and fully-automatic from a 40-round extended box magazine for the 7.92x57mm rifle round. It includes a bipod, though it is not necessary for its use.

Muscovy Corporation MG-131 Squad Automatic Weapon
A compact squad automatic weapon, chambered in the 7.92x33mm assault round. Fires in full-automatic or a 3-round burst, and is designed for use by parachute infantry and other highly mobile forces. It includes a bipod, though it is not necessary for its use.

National Fabrications MG-404 General Purpose Machine Gun
Medium machine gun used as a squad support weapon, firing from a belt of 7.92x57mm ammunition. Fires only in full-automatic. Is equipped with a bipod and necessitates one for its use unless the wielder possesses the Monkey Grip feat.

National Fabrications MPK-81 Personal Defence Weapon
A highly compact PDW with a helical drum magazine loaded with 5x30mm high-velocity pistol cartridges. A favourite among government security troops and Special Response Teams, as well as vehicle crews, it is prized for both its small size and its incredible accuracy.

Pneumatic Rifle
Any of a variety of low-powered rifles using compressed air to project a pellet or a dart. A pneumatic rifle has a reservoir of compressed CO2 gas that allows it to fire 20 times.

BAe Systems PSG Precision Rifle
Made by a London defence conglomerate that prizes accuracy above all, the PSG is a remarkable example of control and precision in a weapon due to its old-fashioned bolt-action design. Firing the ultra-powerful 12.7x99mm BMG round, the rifle achieves better terminal ballistics than most sniper rifles and is the standard precision rifle of Marine Corps Scout-Snipers. This weapon comes equipped with a bipod, though it is not necessary for use, and a telescopic sight.

National Fabrications Retrorifle
Patterned after the lever-action "Winchester Rifle" of Earth's antiquity, the "Retro Rifle" is a deliberate anachronism designed to cater to history buffs, firearms enthusiasts, and ranchers on desolate agricultural colonies in need of a way to fend off predators--human or animal. It is modernized, chambered in the 7.92x57mm rifle round, fed from a box magazine.

National Fabrications SG60 Sporting Rifle
A semiautomatic rifle available to the civilian market, the SG60 fires the same standard 7.92x33mm cartridge as is used in military rifles. And while designed for sport shooting--both range targets and in hunting--the SG60 is capable to downing a living person in self-defence.

Benelli SKM Close Assault Weapon System
A combat shotgun similar to the Remington Express, firing 12-gauge shells from a tubular magazine. A foregrip is integrated to the charging pump for stability, affording a +1 bonus to attack rolls with this weapon.

Muscovy Corporation SR-38 Designated Marksman Rifle
A "sporterized" AR-38 service rifle made for designated marksmen in rifle squads, and for scouts and spotters. It makes for a light, easily-carried sniping weapon, using the 7.92x57mm round. This weapon comes equipped with a telescopic sight.

Holland & Holland Tyrannosaurus
This massive "elephant gun" is a hunting rifle for the civilian market designed for big game hunting, particularly for stopping a charging animal. It is chambered in the antimateriel 18.1x119mm cartridge, and earned its name both for its high power, and for its use in sport hunting of clone-descended dinosaurs. Due to its size, the Tyrannosaurus rifle must be either braced on a solid surface while firing from the prone position, or equipped with a bipod to be used properly without penalty.

National Fabrications VG-61 Defence Carbine
A simple, inexpensive rifle manufactured for two main purposes: home defence for those on colonies, and weapon training for reservists. It is a cheap but incredibly reliable weapon firing the 7.92x33mm intermediate round.

Hellfocker XM-309 Payload Delivery Rifle
An experimental firearm, the PDR is laid out like a large sniper rifle, but fires the 25x40mm smart grenade from a 5-round detachable box magazine in a bullpup configuration. This weapon comes equipped with a bipod, though it is not necessary for use, and a telescopic sight. It is also treated as having the Programmable Ammunition Chip modification, such that its shells are capable of airburst.

Thay Corporation XR-31 Caseless Rifle
A scaled-up version of the commando-use Helix Rifle, the XR-31 was an entrant in the Terran government program in the 3230s to develop a new service weapon for all branches. It lost out to the XR-38, which became the AR-38. Its use of a modified caseless version of the 6x42mm rifle cartridge was viewed as a reliability issue. However, its higher velocity allows for the smaller cartridge to deal as much damage as a larger round. Its compactness allows it to be considered a carbine for purposes of obviating the penalty for firing at an adjacent target.

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Better Alex

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons: Ranged   Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:26 am

Exotic Firearms. These require an exotic weapons proficiency to use without a -4 penalty to attack rolls. Weapon proficiencies are taken by type: Crew-Served Weapons (including crew-served machine guns, grenade launchers, and antimateriel rifles), Individual Launchers (including shoulder-fired rocket or missile launchers and individual grenade launchers), Vehicle Weapons, and Energy Weapons. Vehicle weapons are covered in a separate post.

WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
MG-99 Heavy Machine Gun (12.7mm heavy machine gun)2d1220x2Ballistic50 squaresA250 drumHuge30 kg22Mil (+3)
GMG-70 Automatic Grenade Launcher (25mm grenade machine gun)3d620x2Concussive/Slashing40 squaresA100 drumHuge20 kg23Mil (+3)
PF-35 Faustpatrone (66mm rocket launcher)Varies20x3Varies16 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalMedium2 kg15Mil (+3)
PF-67 Panzerfaust (66mm rocket launcher)Varies19-20x3Varies16 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalLarge3 kg18Mil (+3)
FGM-1200 SMAW (guided missile launcher)Varies20x4Varies50 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalHuge8 kg25Mil (+3)
FIM-1001 MANPADS (guided missile launcher)Varies20x4Varies50 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalHuge7 kg22Mil (+3)
L-19 Grenade Launcher (40mm grenade launcher)4d620x3Concussive/Slashing16 squaresSingle-Fire6 cylinderLarge5.3 kg18Mil (+3)
GrW-86 Individual Counter-Defilade Weapon (25mm grenade launcher)3d620x3Concussive/Slashing16 squaresSA6 boxLarge3 kg20Mil (+3)
GW-2 Hand Mortar (50mm grenade launcher)6d620x2Concussive/Slashing30 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalLarge4 kg22Mil (+3)
M20 Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon (66mm rocket launcher)Special20x2Fire16 squaresSingle-Fire4 internalHuge5 kg24Mil (+3)
M801A3 Antimateriel Rifle (18.1mm sniper rifle)3d1219-20x3Ballistic100 squaresSA10 boxHuge10 kg22Mil (+3)
M22G2 Special Application Magnetic Accelerator (5mm sniper rifle)10d619-20x3Ballistic100 squaresSA30 boxHuge12 kg24Illegal (+4)
LLK-305 Man-Portable Microwave Blaster (directed energy weapon)6d620x3Heat10 squaresSA5 internal cellLarge4 kg20Mil (+3)
LLK-779 Lightning Gun (directed energy weapon)6d6----Electricity15 squaresSingle-Fire5 shotsMedium3 kg20Mil (+3)
M7 Cryo Gun (directed energy weapon)6d6----Cold10 squaresSingle-Fire10 shotsMedium2 kg18Mil (+3)
Arc Thrower (directed energy weapon)6d6----Fire10 squaresSingle-Fire10 shotsMedium3 kg18Mil (+3)
National Fabrications MG-99 Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy machine gun equipped with a tripod, which is necessitated for its use, chambered for 12.7x99mm rounds. Used for area-denial, heavy covering fire, and platoon anti-personnel assaults. A very potent stationary defence tool, this is a crew-served weapon.

National Fabrications GMG-70 Automatic Grenade Launcher

This heavy weapon is a crew-served, fully-automatic grenade launcher. It fires 25x40mm grenades from a disintegrating-link belt. It comes equipped with a tripod, which is necessitated for its use, and a laser sight and rangefinder.

Rheinmetall PF-35 Faustpatrone
The Faustpatrone or "fist cartridge" is a cheap, disposable 66mm rocket-propelled grenade, fired from a shoulder-launched tube. Lighter and less expensive than the Panzerfaust, it is also less accurate. Backblast deals 2d6 damage in a 2-square line (Reflex 15 for half damage).

Rheinmetall PF-67 Panzerfaust
A light rocket launcher, largely replacing underslung grenade-launchers due to a shift in necessary hitting power. Launches unguided 66mm rocket-propelled grenades with high-explosive charges from a telescoping fibreglass tube fired from the shoulder. Backblast deals 3d6 damage in a 3-square line (Reflex 15 for half damage).

Bofors FGM-1200 Shoulder-fired Multipurpose Assault Weapon
Anti-tank and bunker-defeat guided missile launcher. Can be used against a variety of ground targets, despite its optimisation for anti-armour use. Backblast deals 3d6 damage in a 4-square cone (Reflex 16 for half damage).

Raytheon FIM-1001 Man-Portable Air Defence System
Anti-aircraft guided missile weapon, firing a light missile designed to take down low-flying and slow aircraft. Backblast deals 3d6 damage in a 4-square cone (Reflex 16 for half damage).

Denel L-19 Grenade Launcher
Semi-automatic revolver-style grenade-launcher, fed from a six-round drum of 40x46mm grenades. It uses a pump action to recycle the drum.

General Dynamics GrW-86 Individual Counter-Defilade Weapon
Semi-automatic grenade-launcher rifle, fed from a six-round box magazine of 25x40mm smart grenades. Operated by a gas-piston system, it is able to achieve a reasonable rate of fire. Unlike most grenade launchers, the ICDW is fired at specific targets rather than areas-of-effect. However, it is treated as having the Programmable Ammunition Chip modification, such that its shells are capable of airburst.

Remington GW-2 Hand Mortar
Single-shot grenade launcher firing high-powered explosive charges in the 50mm calibre. It uses a break-open breech-loading mechanism.

Colt M20 Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon
Assault rocket launcher equipped with four barrels, firing 66mm rockets. Firing one rocket at a time allows it to be used against particular targets, with a range increment of 16 squares. Firing all four rockets at once, however, can only be done as an area-effect weapon, each rocket striking in a 4-square grid before exploding, with a range increment of 32 squares. For damage, see Flammpatrone in the explosives table.

M801A3 Antimateriel Rifle
A heavy semi-automatic rifle designed to pierce heavy armour, the M801 can rip a human in half, puncture thick tank armour, and demolish a helicopter engine block. It is one of the most fearsome and potent weapons in the human arsenal. It fires the highly special 18.1x119mm round, and ignores up to 5 hardness. It comes equipped with a tripod and necessitates it for its use. Due to its size, it requires a two-person crew, composed of an operator and a spotter/loader, to use and to carry it.

M22G2 Special Application Magnetic Accelerator Rifle
A well-proven and simple coilgun designed for infantry portability, firing 5x99mm sabot darts. Can be broken down to be carried by a fireteam, like a pack artillery weapon, and is used by a 2-person crew of an operator and a spotter/loader. The M22 is used for combat antipersonnel use, wetwork, and other very-long range fire. Being an antimateriel magnetic accelerator, it ignores all hardness. This weapon comes equipped with a tripod and necessitates it for its use.

LLK-305 Man-Portable Microwave Blaster
A close-ranged particle-beam weapon firing high-intensity microwaves. Its main problems is that it is power-hungry and cumbersome, though it is portable by a single soldier. With its internal cell, it can fire up to five times with a recharge time of 1 round between each firing. It emits its radiation in an intense beam that functions like the autofire of a ballistic weapon. It strikes a 2 square by 2 square area which provokes a Reflex save, with a DC equal to the user's attack roll. Anyone struck by the beam is exposed to moderate radiation.

LLK-779 Lightning Gun
An electrolaser with a grip and trigger assembly. The Lightning Gun projects a stream of lightning in a line. A character caught in the line may make a Reflex save for half damage, DC 15. A character using this weapon non-proficiently has the Reflex DC lowered by -2.

M7 Cryo Gun
A wrist-mounted projector connected via a hose to a hip canister, projecting a beam of Bose-Einstein condensate particles, sprayed in a ten-square cone. A character caught in the line may make a Reflex save for half damage, DC 16. A character using this weapon non-proficiently has the Reflex DC lowered by -2.
A cryo gun's canister has hardness 2 and 4 hit points. When worn, the canister has a Defence equal to 10 + the wearer's Dexterity modifier + the wearer's class bonus. A canister reduced to 0 hit points ruptures and gushes its Bose-Einstein condensed material, dealing 10d6 points of cold damage to its wearer (no save allowed) and 3d6 points of cold damage to individuals and objects in adjacent squares (Reflex save, DC 16, for half damage).
A cryo gun can fire 10 times before its canister runs dry.

Arc Thrower
A plasma-arc flamethrower connected to a back- or hip-pack of fuel. The Arc Thrower projects a three-second blast of plasma in a space one square wide by ten squares long. Any individual caught in the line of plasma may make a Reflex save for half damage, DC 15. A character using this weapon non-proficiently has the Reflex DC lowered by -2.
An arc thrower's fuel pack has hardness 5 and 5 hit points. When worn, the pack has a Defence equal to 10 + the wearer's Dexterity modifier + the wearer's class bonus. A backpack reduced to 0 hit points ruptures and explodes, dealing 6d6 points of fire damage to the wearer (no save allowed) and 3d6 points of fire damage to individuals and objects in adjacent squares (Reflex save, DC 15, for half damage).
Any individual or flammable object that takes damage from an arc thrower catches on fire.
An arc thrower can shoot 10 times before the fuel supply is depleted.

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Non-Firearm Ranged Weapons. Some weapons require a proficiency feat. If so, the feat will be stated in parentheses next to the weapon's name.

WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Short Bow (archaic)1d620x3Piercing10 squaresSingle-Shot------Medium1 kg8Lic (+1)
Long Bow (archaic)1d820x3Piercing15 squaresSingle-Shot------Large1.5 kg9Lic (+1)
Compound Bow (archaic)1d820x3Piercing20 squaresSingle-Shot------Large1.5 kg10Lic (+1)
Hand Crossbow (simple)1d419-20x2Piercing10 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalSmall1 kg6Lic (+1)
Crossbow (simple)1d1019-20x2Piercing15 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalMedium3 kg9Lic (+1)
Repeating Crossbow (simple)1d819-20x2Piercing16 squaresSA5 internalMedium8 kg13Res (+2)
Grappling Crossbow (archaic)1d4-------Piercing24 squaresSingle-Fire1 internalMedium6 kg12Lic (+1)
Arbalest (archaic)1d1218-20x2Piercing24 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalLarge5 kg12Lic (+1)
Dart (simple)1d420x2Piercing2 squaresThrown------Small0.25 kg2Lic (+1)
Javelin (simple)1d620x2Piercing2 squaresThrown------Medium0.5 kg4Lic (+1)
Net (exotic)------------------2 squaresThrown--Medium3 kg11----
Bolas (archaic)special----special2 squaresThrown----Small1 kg3----
Blowgun (simple)120x2Piercing2 squaresSingle-Shot1 internalSmall1 kg4Lic (+1)
Shuriken (exotic)1d420x2Piercing/Slashing2 squaresThrown-----Tiny0.25 kg3----
Sling (archaic)1d420x2Ballistic10 squaresSingle-Shot----Smallnegligible3----


A simple, basic archaic bow. Using a string combined with an arched piece of wood, plastic, or metal, the 'short' bow can impel an arrow across great distances to deal damage.

A larger development of the bow, longbows appeared primarily in English and Japanese martial cultures on Earth. They are still widely honoured as a sporting item.

Compound Bow
Bow hunting remains a popular sport across human cultures, and the modern compound bow is the most popular practical archery weapon. Using a system of pulleys and strings, a compound bow alleviates the strain on the user's muscles, allowing for far greater draw weights--and rewarding more greatly those archers of great strength. A character’s Strength modifier applies to damage rolls made when using this weapon.

Hand Crossbow
This small weapon is common among spies and others who favor stealth over power. Assassins also use these weapons to launch poison-coated bolts at the target. You can draw a hand crossbow back manually. Loading a hand crossbow is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

An ancient weapon designed to extend archery to the masses, the crossbow is now commonly seen as a hunting item or for sports. A crossbow requires two hands to use. Pulling a lever draws the bow. Loading a crossbow is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Repeating Crossbow
The repeating crossbow holds five crossbow bolts. When loaded, you can shoot the crossbow according to your normal number of attacks without reloading. Loading a new case of five bolts is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Grappling Crossbow
This device helps in scaling unclimbable walls, chasms, and buildings. A grapple crossbow is loaded with a special hooked crossbow, with a 24-square length of light rope.
A successful shot at an appropriate target indicates that the grapple has hooked onto something, anchoring the rope firmly enough for a character to ascend it with a successful Climb check (DC 15). Failure brings one of three results: the grapple simply failed to snag anything, it has lodged but is not secure enough to support a character’s weight, or there’s simply nothing up there for it to catch onto. In the first case, the user can simply recoil the rope and try again. In the second case, a successful Intelligence check (DC 10) made before anyone tries to climb reveals the instability. The user cannot free that grapple but may try to fire another. (Should anyone try to climb the unstable rope, the grapple gives way after the climber has progressed 2d10 feet. Determine damage normally for the resulting fall.) In the third case, retries automatically fail.
A character can easily anchor a grapple-bolt by hand in a niche or use pitons to secure it on smooth stone. This provides the same aid for descent without the need to fire the weapon

An arbalest is essentially an oversized crossbow, with a steel prod and a windlass for loading a large bolt. Loading an arbalest is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. An arbalest requires two hands to use.

Though the name conjures up images of a "dart board" game, these are more akin to "lawn darts"--small, light javelins.

Essentially a spear designed for aerodynamic throwing, either by hand or with a throwing instrument. Javelins used to be a staple of ancient armies, are a popular sports equipment, and are deadly in the right hands.

A net is used to entangle enemies. When you throw a net, you make a ranged touch attack against your target. A net’s maximum range is 2 squares. If you hit, the target is entangled. An entangled creature takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls and a –4 penalty on Dexterity, can move at only half speed, and cannot charge or run. If you control the trailing rope by succeeding on an opposed Strength check while holding it, the entangled creature can move only within the limits that the rope allows.
An entangled creature can escape with a DC 20 Escape Artist check (a full-round action). The net has 5 hit points and can be burst with a DC 25 Strength check (also a full-round action).
A net is useful only against creatures within one size category of you.
A net must be folded to be thrown effectively. The first time you throw your net in a fight, you make a normal ranged touch attack roll. After the net is unfolded, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls with it. It takes 2 rounds for a proficient user to fold a net and twice that long for a nonproficient one to do so.

A bolas consists of two or more spheres connected by lengths of cord. The bolas is a ranged weapon that can be used to entangle a Small or larger opponent. First, you make a ranged touch attack against the target. The target must be at least 2 squares away, as the bolas cannot be used against adjacent opponents. If the attack roll succeeds, the target is entangled. A target can free itself from the bolas as a full-round action or make an Escape Artist check (DC 15) on its turn to escape from the bolas as an attack action. The bolas has 5 hit points and can be broken with a successful Strength check (DC 20) as a full-round action.
If you entangle a creature with the bolas, you may attempt to trip it on your next attack. A failed trip with bolas does not allow the target to make a trip attack against you.

The blowgun is a long tube through which you fire needles or blowdarts. A needle can deliver poison of either the injury or contact type.

A shuriken is a thrown, star-shaped projectile with four to eight razor-sharp points. A character may draw a shuriken as a free action.

The sling, commonly used by primitive people, hurls lead bullets to kill small game. It’s not as easy to use as the crossbow or as powerful as a bow, but it’s cheap and easy to improvise from common materials.
You can hurl ordinary stones with a sling. Stones are not as dense or as round as bullets, so you deal only 1d3 points of damage and suffer a –1 penalty on attack rolls.

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Weapons: Ranged
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