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 Chapter 1: As Good As Gold

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Chapter 1: As Good As Gold Empty
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Chapter 1: As Good As Gold

It is two days past Midwinter and all of Faerun is feeling the chill of winter. Few wish to brave the wilderness during this bitter winter season. Several recent storms have left a foot of snow over Cormyr. Despite the cold, the lives of common folk continue as always, including their desire for luxury items. This fact has not escaped the minds of clever traders that wish that advantage of the market while the icy winds keep away their less ambitious peers.

In the eastern village of Hultail many of entrepreneurs have desire to travel to Wheloon, a southern trade city that sits on the river Wyvernflow. Normally these traders would simply charter a boat but the winter’s chill as frozen the Wyvernflow over! Now any traveler wishing to go south must take a tenday journey along the Thunder Way to reach the city of Wheloon.

Normally, this journey across the Thunderlands is often uneventful and offers about as much sightseeing as plain dinner plate. However, rumors have begun to spread that the road to Wheloon is not as safe as it appears to be. Bandits, Wild-men, and Monsters are the common whispers. It is enough to scare any trader with a love of life into paying any adventurer willing to tag along.

Each of your travels have brought you to Hultail but the hamlet offers very little for an ambitious adventurer. Hultail is a simple rest stop to greater things and you know that. As you ready your belongings to embark on your travels, the thought occurs that if you are going south anyway, why not get paid.

So here you are in market square looking for work. Despite the recently fallen snow the market as a lively atmosphere. If there is a merchant that needing bodyguards then this is the place to find them.

A note for players:

As agreed upon this is going to be a Fifth edition campaign. As such there will be a few changes to the way we game.  The first and biggest change will be the introduction and use of experience points to our game. Secondly we will be enforcing spell components for spells including experience points.  Thirdly, travel and exploration will be emphasized greatly in this campaign. This means that food stuffs, water, and sleep are going to be important!
All of these changes will require everyone to have a defined backstory and character.  In addition, if a player character is not meshing with overall party it will be acceptable for that PC to leave.  The changes to game overall are going to be a difficult adjustment but these changes will bring a down to earth feel to our games.

Player creation rules:

This adventure will have no alignment restrictions but good alignments are encouraged.

For ability scores roll 4d6 and take the three highest numbers. Keep 1s and no rerolls. Remember having negative modifiers make your character human not weak.

For starting equipment you have a choice to make. Regardless of your choice you have a blanket.

1: You may choose to keep the starting equipment that is provided by your class and background entries. This equipment ensures your character has the basics for adventuring but little else.

2: You may roll a starting gold amount via the chart in the PHB. (pp.143) This provides a high risk but also a high reward, as well as customization. If you choose this option you also have an explorer’s pack. (Cause I’m nice)
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Chapter 1: As Good As Gold
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